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Is APKPure Legit? [Complete APKPure Review]

We have downloaded apps and tested APKPure to ensure its legitimacy so you dont have to!

Published on Jan 03, 2023
Is APKPure Legit? [Complete APKPure Review]

Is APKPure Legit?

Yes, APKPure is a legit and generally safe APK Platform partnered with thousands of apps and companies to provide applications and games for mobile devices. Although there are many competitors, including APKMody, APKPure has generally been one of the platforms deemed safe to use. In our experience, this is also our opinion as well. Here are a few reasons we believe APKPure is legit:

  • APKPure was founded in 2014 and originated in Arkansas, USA. 
  • Many users have claimed not to have any issues or strange actions taken by APKPure.
  • We have downloaded APKPure and can safely say that the platform operates smoothly. 

Below are some of our other findings of APKPure that determine our ultimate opinion on its legitimacy and performance.

3.4 / 5

APKPure is a safe app downloading website for android devices as an alternative to google play store

3 / 5
4 / 5
Item Variety
4 / 5
User Experience
3 / 5
3 / 5

Reputation (3/5)

APKPure has a moderate reputation, although it is not the #1 pick for users looking outside of Google Play. Many competitors with APKPure have also proven their legitimacy, such as APKMody, APKMirror, and much more. 

APKPure Review

Other than this, many users and reviewers have tested the site and claim it is generally safe for users to download and use on their devices as long as the apk files do not ask too many personal questions that regard your privacy besides the general questions (camera, locations, contacts), which are optional.


Performance (4/5)

Overall, APKPure has a pretty smooth performance for our android device. From our point of view, we could download apps and remove android apps without any issues or problems arising. However, theregame apps, like COD, that crash on specific phones, lately being Huawei phones. Unfortunately, this has more to do with the app developer and the policies.

APKPure Review

As far as well have researched, the apps only request specific usage, such as camera or microphone, which has no connection with APKPure itself. Furthermore, APKPure, based on the performance and long-standing of the business, has not shown any signs of viruses or malware related to the platform.

Reading about any app, you may download, and the related Privacy Policy settings are good, especially with the potential of malicious apps. Malicious apps are dangerous and can invade your privacy.


Item Variety (4/5)

Item Variety is substantially high compared to its competitors, such as APKMody. There are also plenty of apps that are no longer available on Google Play. This makes APKPure a cool platform if you need a specific app that you may not find known.

APKPure Review

There are thousands of gaming apps in this app store that are the main focus of this website, from PUBG, GTA V, COD, Subway Surfers, and many more favorites for android devices.


User Experience (3/5)

The user experience, in our opinion, could be a bit more user-friendly regarding the frontal interface. For example, they input a lot of ads and some confusing phrases towards everyday things such as download APK (why not just download?)

APKPure Review

Due to the ads, finding the download links is a struggle and makes you go back and forth between many different windows unless you understand the interface. This can make the downloading apps confusing compared to google mobile services that do not have any of these issues.

Overall, the user experience of the APKPure app store could be better optimized for a smoother experience and also feel less sketchy.


Support (3/5)

The support for the APKPure app store is overall not terrible, and we sent an inquiry through email, which is the only way you can reach the company unless you use the contact us method through email. However, as a third party that thousands of people use, more accessible contact support could be helpful.

APKPure Review

The support responded to us within a 2-hour period, which could be a negative impact if someone struggles to download apps that are essential for communications or business purposes. Downloading android packages such as Whatsapp could be one of those scenarios.

Besides the negative impact, it is good news to know that this android app store offers customer support that responds, and it should be noted as a positive outlook for anyone looking into APK apps.


APKPure is overall a safe and decent platform to securely download high-demand mobile games and applications, although can seem suspicious with its outdated interface experience. 
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