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Is AppStation Legit? [Full AppStation Review]

We have tested and used AppStation to see if it is worth using!

Published on Jan 03, 2023
Is AppStation Legit? [Full AppStation Review]

Is AppStation Legit? 

Yes, AppStation is a legit app that collects points as you play mobile games. Although there is only a selection of games you can play to receive points, you receive legit points while playing and receive real money payouts. Here are a few other reasons we know AppStation is legit:

  • AppStation is originated in Germany and founded in 2015 as a long-standing app marketing business 
  • Many users have claimed to receive real money payouts from this app.
  • We have tested the app and received legit points toward our playtime!

There are many other opinions and facts that we have researched and found about the use of AppStation. Let's take a deeper look!

3 / 5

Offer wall for mobile gamers to earn money for hours playing games

2 / 5
Payout Options
3 / 5
4 / 5
Methos for Earning Money
2 / 5
User Exprience
4 / 5

Is AppStation Worth It?

If you enjoy playing mini mobile games on your phone for hours and hours, yes, this app is worth it. I mean, who doesn't want a few extra dollars just by playing mobile games? AppStation could not be worth it if you do not have the google play store (Android devices only). Otherwise, earning some extra cash from playing games is always worth it. Here are a few reasons we believe AppStation is worth it:

  • Free gift cards or payout into a Paypal account
  • Earn money by simply playing multiple games (or just having the game open while you do something else)
  • The app is free for anyone, and the games are also free to play.

Time/Money (2/5)

We tested this feature, and overall, you spend quite a lot of hours to receive enough coins, even for the minimum payout amount that is given, which is €0.25. We spent around 12 minutes on 100 coins earned. It also depends on the app you are playing. Some games make more than others.

AppStation Review

If you play a game that earned double what we achieved, you will make around €0.25 every 3 hours. Unfortunately, not all the games will reward as much as others, meaning eventually, you will have to move on to a cheaper paying app. Despite this, switching games should not be a problem for you if you enjoy playing games.


Payout Options (3/5)

Paypal is one of the best payout options for any offer wall. This makes the app easy to use and not full of payment complications. Something a bit frustrating is you are only given one to two options for how to be paid. For example, we are only given the option of Paypal or Decathlon (for the US would be Amazon). 

AppStation Review

The app will ask to identify you with a picture of yourself before receiving your first payment, which can feel a bit weird, but rest assured, this is only a safety precaution. 

Once you can be paid, log in to your Paypal account and then request the payment. Once AppStation pays you, you will receive a payment titled "justdice GmbH" in your Paypal account. Once the money is settled into your account, you officially receive your first payment!


Reputation (4/5)

Many people look forward to playing mobile games to earn money, especially if it is for free. There have been many people who love the Appstation app despite some negative reviews. A particular AppStation review we read was that you would eventually have to switch games constantly to earn more coins per minute.

AppStation Review

Besides this, receiving coins takes some time, making your phone run data and battery throughout the day, which is not very beneficial for the amount you get paid in the end.

However, you can earn a decent amount of money from this app if you use Wi-Fi and have a charger nearby.


Methods For Earning Money Available (2/5)

Only a few games are available to be played, and they must be featured through the AppStation platform to count toward your points. For those who like to play specific games, this can be a bit frustrating and a time waste towards games that you don't even find inspiring. 

AppStation Review

If you do not like the games that are offered, there are sometimes apps that are mentioned for other services, such as online shopping or delivery. These have been known to give a lot of coins if used. 

Other than this, there are not very many methods overall. It is played and earned from some generic games such as Solitaire or Chess. Although some games are randomized for each user. 


User Experience (4/5)

Overall, the user experience is relatively simple. They make it easy to payout and access all the apps you can download to earn through this rewards app. They will request in the beginning your email, age, and gender. 

AppStation Review

The frontal interface is overall smooth and appealing to use and look at. It gives a professional impression along with a very encouraging commentary. You have quick access to everything, which makes the app easy and accessible. 


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