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Is BabiBet Legit? [BabiBet Esports Review]

Enjoy our in-depth review for BabiBet & see if it's safe + Best Codes Included
Is BabiBet Legit? [BabiBet Esports Review]

Is BabiBet Legit?

BabiBet is a legitimate sportsbook and casino site. It might have its downsides, which we will touch on below, but BabiBet is legit, and here are four reasons why you could trust it:

  • Operated by Sprint Technologies N.V.
  • Licensed and regulated under the law of Curacao
  • BabiBet has been operating since 2015
  • Our testing found no issues with the site's functionality

We took a look at BabiBet for You, an online gambling site, which offers anything from betting on sports and esports to slots and live casinos, and even virtual sports. Is BabiBet any good, and should you consider registering on the site for your next Esport bet?

We'll try to answer that and more in our in-depth BabiBet review, where we take a closer look at how good BabiBet really is.

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5/ 5

BabiBet is an all-inclusive gambling site with sports and esports betting, but there are better alternatives.

Bonus & Promotions
3.5/ 5
Reputation & Safety
3.5/ 5
Odds & Features
3.5/ 5
User Experience
4/ 5
3/ 5
Deposits & Withdrawal
4/ 5
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Although there are some positive points about BabiBet, the online review sites have BabiBet rated relatively low, hovering around 3.5/5. Furthermore, there is a weird pattern with reviews, giving BabiBet either a five-star or one-star rating.

With over 60% five-star ratings and 25% votes giving BabiBet a one-star rating, it seems like the site is one of those where you either love it or hate it. From the huge discrepancy between the votes, it would be fair to assume that BabiBet may be faking positive reviews, but that doesn't seem to be the case, as there are plenty of good reviews from legitimate people.

Reviews of BabiBet

If you can look past the claims of some customers that BabiBet stole their money, which can neither be confirmed nor denied, there are no obvious red flags about BabiBet. Admittedly, the site is not as well known as some other prominent players in the esports betting world. Still, its recognition doesn't necessarily relate to the quality of the betting experience it provides.

So if you're wondering whether BabiBet is la legitimate bookie, we can safely say that it is. It's been operating for seven years now, and that alone should be enough to confirm it's not running a scam but instead a sustainable business.

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Best BabiBet Bonus Codes

If you're new to BabiBet, you're eligible for the welcome bonus, which you can pick up upon your first deposit with the site. To get the bonus, you simply need to use the code “WCTOBABI” before making your first deposit, and you will be eligible for the rewards. To use the code, you need to follow these three steps:

  1. Register on BabiBet.
    BabiBet Register
  2. Click on the big green button "Deposit" in the top-right corner.Deposit button on BabiBet
  1. In the pop-up window, input the code "WCTOBABI" and click "Activate."BabiBet bonus code.
  2. After that, you can pick your preferred deposit option and fund your betting account.

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BabiBet Bonus & Promotions (4/5)

BabiBet does not hold back with its promotions, and while they might not be the best in the industry, there are more than enough to choose from. Most notably, BabiBet will offer a welcome bonus of up to 100€ in extra cash on your first deposit, essentially giving you a free 100€ to bet with.

Welcome bonus on BabiBet

Besides that, you will also find an even more generous 125% casino welcome bonus, matching your first deposit by up to 500€. And it doesn't stop there. BabiBet also has ongoing promotions for slots, with monthly payouts from a €500,000 prize pool and daily cash drops, and weekly tournament drops from a prize pool of €1,500,000.

Promotions and bonuses on BabiBet

Although those are some of the most noteworthy bonuses on BabiBet, you will be able to find more promotions by navigating to the "Promotions" tab. The offers constantly rotate, but promotions like cashback, reload bonuses, and even free bets will regularly be available.

Overall, the bonuses and promotions on BabiBet are excellent and offer plenty of value to new and regular customers. The only thing we would like to see more of is more esports promotions since there are limited ways for an esports bettor to gain any value from an otherwise generous selection of bonuses. For that reason alone, we're giving BabiBet a 4/5 rating for its bonuses and promotions. It's not great, but easily comparable to 10bet.

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Reputation & Safety (3.5/5)

When it comes to BabiBet's reputation, we must mostly work from what people on the internet say about it. And as mentioned above, the site is rated as an average bookie. So if the reviews of the site are to be trusted, BabiBet is an esports bookie that is "good, but not great".

Gambling licence for BabiBet

Still, BabiBet is a licensed and regulated bookmaker, so you will be guaranteed at least some degree of security while using it. All of its gaming activity is regulated by the Government of Curacao, under license number 8048/JAZ2015-033, which isn't the most trustworthy betting license. Still, it’s safe and is also the same license as other big names in the betting industry, such as 20bet and 22bet own.

When we talk about the site's reputation, we must also touch on what the users had to say about their experience betting on BabiBet, and the most common claim is that BabiBet will limit winners. That is not something a bettor would like to hear, but realistically, it’s something you can expect from all bookies.

At this point, it's worth noting that Babibet is a sister site of 1Bet and 18Bet, which we put in the same basket – they might be a bit dodgy, but not a scam. As such, we're giving BabiBet a 3.5/5 rating for its reputation and safety – it's safe, but the brand's reputation is not the best.

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Esports Markets and Odds & Betting Features (3.5/5)

BabiBet's offer of betting markets is quite solid. It offers odds on everything from traditional sports to esports. It includes most major esports titles – from League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Rocket League, and more.

Besides the generous availability of different esports titles you can bet on, BabiBet also makes sure to offer you plenty of different bet types to explore - Moneyline, handicaps, totals, and in some cases, even proposition bets. The latter includes first blood and first kills in League of Legends, map selection, player ace betting in CS:GO, Roshan kills in Dota 2, and many more. However, we have to note that these bets won’t be available on all games and all the time, which is one of the issues with the site we will touch on below.

So if you're looking for a website to bet on esports with, BabiBet should have you covered. With it, you'll be able to bet on major competitions such as the LoL European Championship (LEC) or CS:GO BLAST events or some minor competitions such as the CS:GO Pinnacle Series.

Esports BabiBet

To reach the esports betting markets, you simply need to click on "Esports" in the top menu, and you will get redirected to the page dedicated to esports betting. Once entering the esports page, you will be presented with all live matches and live betting markets; however, you can explore all other available leagues and esports titles by scrolling down the page. Alternatively, you can use the menu on the left side and pick the esports title you want to bet on. 

One feature that we like on BabiBet is the live streaming of esports matches, taken directly from the official Twitch streams, and you can open them by clicking on the "Watch" button next to the betting lines.

BabiBet LEC betting markets

BabiBet's esports betting market seemed fine up to this point. But we have encountered a problem. We tested League of Legends betting markets two days before games in one of the major leagues were scheduled to start and found a very poor selection of betting markets - limited to only moneyline bets. 

Overall, BabiBet covers enough esports leagues – bigger and smaller – to receive our thumbs up for its market selection. However, we have to bring our rating down a bit due to the lack of offered markets - and let's not forget to mention that proposition betting is not as available as we would have liked.

BabiBet is miles from a five-star rating for its market offer and features, but we would consider giving it four if it was more efficient in providing more betting options than just moneyline (look FezBet, BetOnlineGG.Bet, and Duelbits). So a 3.5-star rating is a sweet spot for now – or at least until we see BabiBet improve in that department.

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Dota 2 Betting

If we ignore that BabiBet will occasionally fail to provide you with enough betting markets, it has done a solid job covering Dota 2. Not only are you able to bet on all bigger and even some smaller Dota 2 events, but it also accepts bets on streamers – which is not something you can’t expect to see on all bookies.

BabiBet Dota 2 markets

What's more, during our testing, BabiBet had markets open for all currently ongoing Dota 2 tournaments, which is quite impressive. Obviously, our praise comes with an asterisk – while it seems like you will be able to bet on any Dota 2 event, you might be limited to only moneyline bets.

Another minor thing that we did not like while checking through Dota 2 betting markets is that BabiBet decided not to separate the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) competitions by region but instead put them all under the "DPC" markets. Things like that won't affect your betting experience, but the lack of betting options definitely will.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Betting

BabiBet's offer of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive markets share the same pros and cons as Dota 2 – it covers all currently ongoing CS:GO events (from Tier 1 to Tier 3), but the games might be limited to only one bet type.

BabiBet CS:GO Odds

Furthermore, BabiBet might not have any odds available for games that are scheduled on the same day, which wouldn’t be a problem if it happened occasionally. That isn't the case here. And while we talk about betting odds, we have to touch on the quality and how good BabiBet's esports betting odds really are. 

For our testing, we took three games from the BLAST Premier: Spring Groups and compared BabiBet's offer to the market average.

CS:GO Odds BabiBet

What we found is that BabiBet's odds, while reasonable, are generally below what you would find elsewhere. Admittedly, for the most part, the differences were so minor that it could be the result of BabiBet's slow updating of the odds, but you should pay attention to the prices before you place your bets since the odds can be from 0.01 to 0.24 lower than elsewhere.

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League of Legends Betting

We don't want to repeat ourselves, but there's an ongoing theme across all esports markets. You can technically bet on all currently running competitions, but you might only be able to bet with moneyline. 

The limited selection of bets does not seem to be a problem for the Chinese (LPL) and the Korean (LCK) leagues, so if you're betting on either of those two, BabiBet will have you covered. But that's hardly a good excuse and only puts a bandage on the issue. On a more positive note, you can bet on streamers, which is a nice addition if you want to spice up your betting experience.

Besides LoL, CS:GO, and Dota 2, BabiBet also offers betting markets on other popular esports titles such as Rainbow Six, Valorant, StarCraft, King of Glory, as well as Esoccer and NBA2k matches. Unfortunately, there is no coverage of the Call of Duty League (CDL) like on and Vulkanbet, which is a letdown, given its popularity.

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User Experience (4/5)

The website is well made. It has a nice design and enough handy menus for you to navigate through it without any hassle. The white-blue color scheme works well, and it's easy on the eyes, although we would like to see an addition of a "dark mode".

BabiBet currency, view

BabiBet also allows you to change the odds format into Decimal, American, Malay/Hong Kong, Indonesian, or Fractional, which is an excellent addition. You can change the view layout between European and Asian – either by selecting between the two on the top right side of the page or by navigating to "Preferences" under the account settings. Unfortunately, the Asian view only seems to work for sports markets, so if you're exclusively an esports bettor, this feature is of no use to you.

BabiBetpreferences, asian view

When we talk about user experience, we also have to touch on the availability of mobile betting. Unfortunately, BabiBet does not have a mobile betting app currently. But that shouldn't concern you if you're a mobile bettor since you can access the BabiBet website via a mobile browser, which adjusts itself to work smoothly on your mobile device.

Preferences BabiBet

Overall, the user experience on BabiBet is solid, with only minor issues, such as the lack of dark mode and features that don't work on all betting markets. The lack of a betting app is a slight negative as well, but it won't affect your overall betting experience, which is why we're giving BabiBet a solid 4/5.

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Customer Support (3/5)

BabiBet's customer support meets most of our criteria, but there are some areas where the site could improve. If you encounter any issues while using the site, you should first visit the FAQ section, which is available on BabiBet at the bottom of the page, and it provides you with some basic information. Still, basic answers are all you can expect from it.

Customer support BabiBet

Overall, BabiBet's FAQ section is poor relative to other betting sites, so if you happen to encounter a problem, you're better off contacting the BabiBet support agents. And you can do so by clicking on the "Chat" button in the bottom right corner of the page, and you will gain access to the live chat function.

During our testing, we have found out that the agents are very quick to respond to our questions with valuable and professional answers. So you can rest assured that you will be able to resolve any issues you might have within minutes. Alternatively, you can also contact BabiBet customer support via email ([email protected]).

BabiBet contact

Unfortunately, BabiBet does not have a function to create tickets or a phone number to contact the agents. So although we don't demand betting sites to have either of the two, it makes it tough to give BabiBet a very high rating. In combination with the poor FAQ section, that brings our rating down to 3.5.

Note, however, that the live chat works flawlessly, and we did not get any problems getting answers from the agents quickly and efficiently. So BabiBet's customer is good, but not great.

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Deposits & Withdrawal Options (4/5)

Depositing money with BabiBet is very straightforward. You simply need to click on your username and select either "Deposit" or "Withdrawal", and a pop-up window will appear, allowing you to choose your preferred banking option.

But, the selection of banking methods is somewhat limited. Of the most popular banking options, it includes Visa/MasterCard/Maestro, Skrill, and NETELLER; however, it also accepts payments in crypto, which is a very welcome addition. Unfortunately, PayPal is not accepted as on some gambling sites such as Bandit.Camp.

Banking options on BabiBet

Furthermore, if you want to deposit money with cryptocurrencies (like on Stake), you will be able to choose between 17 different options. These include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether, Stellar Lumens, Ripple, Basic Attention Token, Civic, Bancor, Mithril, Chainlink, Metal, FunFair, Enjin Coin, OmiseGo, and Agur.

Furthermore, you can make your deposits in either Euro, US Dollar, British Pound, or Canadian Dollar, so overall, the banking options on BabiBet are solid. We would have liked to see more options, so it doesn't deserve a five-star rating, but after contacting customer support, we were told that BabiBet is working on adding more banking methods, so there's room for our rating to go up in the future.

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BabiBet Casino (3/5)

BabiBet is primarily a betting site, but it also has a nice selection of casino games. Those include slots from well-known providers such as NETENT, PlayTech, Red Tiger, Microgaming, and many more. There are more than enough casino slot games for you to explore, and they all work smoothly.

BabiBet casino providers

Besides the casino games and slots, BabiBet even offers a live casino, which you can find by clicking on "Live Casino" in the top menu. The selection of live casino games includes everything from baccarat to roulette and speed roulette, bac bo, Andar bahar, poker, blackjack, and much more. Furthermore, all live casino games work well, and there was no notable delay during our testing, so we have to give BabiBet a thumbs up for providing its customers with a place to enjoy casino games.

BabiBet casino

Admittedly, a solid selection of casino games, slots, and the availability of live casinos are not the primary things we're looking at when ranking an esports betting site. But it doesn't hurt that BabiBet has these options available for those who want to try out their luck.

However we don’t recommend using this section of the site due to the lack of a transparent, provably fair system which is a must today for online casinos because this is one of the only ways to prove its fairness. Other gaming-related gambling sites like CSGOempire, Bandit-Camp, CSGOPrime, and CSGO500 have this feature implemented. 

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BabiBet is a solid betting site with added features like a live casino that will satisfy anyone's gambling thirst. But there are some things it needs to improve, namely the offer of some esports betting markets, which is our main concern with this site. Nevertheless, BabiBet is worth a look - just remember that while gambling can be fun, you should always do it responsibly.
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