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Is BeastNode Legit? [BeastNode Review]

We spent countless hours researching BeastNode's Minecraft servers. We decided to rent one and test it so you don't have to.

Updated on Dec 10, 2022
Is BeastNode Legit? [BeastNode Review]

Is BeastNode legit?

Yes, BeastNode is a legit hosting plattform. Let's have a look at only some of the major reasons we believe they are legit:

  • BeastNode is a licensed and registered company located in California, United States
  • They are registered under "BeastNode LLC." since 2011
  • According to SimilarWeb, gets more than 35.000 monthly visitors

BeastNode is a Minecraft Server host with over a decade as a hosting service provider. They run dedicated servers for games like Minecraft as well as Terraria, Valheim and Rust.

We spent countless hours researching BeastNode's Minecraft servers. We decided to rent one and test it so you don't have to.

4.5 / 5

BeastNode is a reliable hosting solution that offers a wide range of services for gaming.

5 / 5
Server Features
4 / 5
4 / 5
5 / 5

Considering all the points above, it is clear that BeastNode uses good business practices and seem reliable and legitimate.

BeastNode Pricing (4.5/5)

BeastNode provides a large number of pricing plans. They have a great pricing model, made specifically to support all their users' needs. Both small servers and big ones can be hosted using BeastNode's services.

Their Minecraft server host plants are split into two categories, premium, and budget plans.

BeastNode's Premium Minecraft Plans start from 8.50USD and include 1Gb of Ram and Technical Support but can go all the way up to 12Gb of Ram for users looking for maximum performance.

If you are like me, and looking for something more affordable, then BeastNode's budget server plans will be more suitable for you. Those server plans are ideal for smaller servers.

If you would like to rent a budget server you can start with as little as 2.99USD per month. Of course, that low price only comes with only 1Gb of Ram and no modpack support.

While some may need more Ram, for the most part, smaller servers will not face any issues with 1Gb of Ram.

Lastly, BeastNode has a 5-day full refund policy. They also give a refund after those 5 days but only for

BeastNode's Payment Options

BeastNode uses two payment options, PayPal & Credit Cards. Other server hosting companies usually have more payment options but since these 2 are extremely famous, it shouldn't be an issue for most customers!

BeastNode Support Team (5/5)

It is important to note that Technical Support is not included in some plans. This may seem like a deal breaker but BeastNode provides three different support teams.

Apart from Technical support, which should help you with tech-related issues, BeastNode also has sales and billing support. The latter two are for users before their server purchase and users who may issue an error with their billing later on.

Testing BeastNode's Support Team

All in all, BeastNode's Support Team looked a lot better than other server hosts. That is why I decided to contact them to figure out how good they actually are.

I wrote them a generic email titled: "Which Minecraft Server should I rent?", where I asked them some questions about the needs of my Minecraft server. They replied:

Firstly, I would like to notice that their reply took less than 4 hours to be sent, which is great service from their Support Team. Other Minecraft servers providers could have taken more than 24 hours.

Moreover, their reply was very well written and to the point, leaving no room for misunderstanding. I believe they were extremely honest and did not try to sell me something I did not need since they suggested I purchase one of the cheaper options.

Lastly, they linked me to some articles to further help me understand what I wanted to which was super helpful.

BeastNode Server Features & Performance (4/5)

Like any other Minecraft server host provider, BeastNode has many features for its users. Let's highlight some of them.

BeastNode's Control Panel and Features

BeastNode seems to be using MultiCraft for their Control Panel. While it is not very beautiful, it is definitely one of the easiest Control Panels to use and browse around. It gets the job done without having to hustle too much, unlike some competitors' control panel.

BeastNode does not really differ from any other server host in features. While they have mod and plugins support, they do not really provide any unique features you cannot find in other servers hosts.

That does not mean using BeastNode will leave you extremely disappointed. They save files as they should, I never experienced any crazy block lag and their servers run good.

While they aren't very unique in features, as a hosting company, guys honestly rock!

BeastNode's Server Locations

Something I disliked about this server provider was the very few places you can rent a server from. Their servers are located in Arizona and Illinois in America and also Amsterdam, Netherlands.

While this is not a problem for me as a European player, others located in continents such as Asia and Africa may face some issues, for the most part, lag.

For some reason, when you actually order your server there are more location options included but they are all located in America too, so the original issue does not get solved.

BeastNode's reputation among gamers (5/5)

Checking online for posts and BeastNode reviews, you can clearly see the reputation amongst gamers and if their servers run good.

In an old reddit post titled "What is your experience with BeastNode?" users seem more than satisfied with their services!

One gamer commented, "I use beastnode and they've been great..."

Another one said "I have used them before. Their prices are decent for what you get. Support tickets have always been answered within 12 hours, often within 2 hours. Overall I have been satisfied with their services." which is exactly what our thoughts are!

Lastly, a 3rd gamer commented "I use them [...] I like the pricing and their customer support is pretty good. [...] never had any real issues. I'd recommend them."

And this is it for our BeastNode review! Do we think that this is a good server hosting service? It's definitely nice, but you might also want to check out alternatives such as Aternos or Apex Hosting. They are all pretty similar, and and the and of the day, it's uo to your needs,

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