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Is BetCoin Legit? [BetCoin Esports Review]

Check out our BetCoin review – is it safe? What about Promo Codes? Here are all the answers!

Updated on Dec 01, 2022
Is BetCoin Legit? [BetCoin Esports Review]

Is BetCoin Legit?

BetCoin is an online bookie and casino that checks all the marks of a legit betting site. Here are four key things you should know about BetCoin

  • Licensed by Dutch Antilles Management N.V
  • All casino games on BetCoin are provided and regulated by Gaming Services Provider, N.V
  • BetCoin owns a license 365/JAZ, issued by the Government of Curacao
  • BetCoin has been operating since 2013
4.2 / 5

BetCoin is a solid crypto gambling site with many great features, including casino slots and live casino games.

Bonus & Promotions
4.5 / 5
Reputation & Safety
4 / 5
Odds & Betting Features
3.5 / 5
User Experience
4.5 / 5
5 / 5
Deposits & Withdrawal
5 / 5

In this sportsbook review, we take a look at BetCoin, a crypto gambling site that prides itself as the “premier gaming destination for bitcoin & cryptocurrency gaming”. But is BetCoin as good as they claim to be, and most importantly, is BetCoin safe, and legit, and can it provide you with a solid esports betting experience? We’ll answer that and more in our in-depth BetCoin review!

According to similarweb, BetCoin has a fairly decent active customer base, with over 200,000 visits, while most of its customers hail from the United States, Germany, India, and the United Kingdom. So while BetCoin has some negative reviews online (which we will touch on below), it seems like it’s attracting players, so it has to be something right.


Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses are nothing new in the world of betting, and nowadays, almost every bookie has them, and BetCoin is no different. With BetCoin, every new user is eligible for a welcome bonus, which does not require any bonus code, but requires you to take an additional step before getting it. Here's how to grab your BetCoin welcome bonus:

  1. Register on BetCoin.
  2. Make your first deposit (Min 0.00001 BTC).BetCoin welcome bonus
  1. After you make the deposit, you need to create a ticket and ask for the bonus.BetCoin Ticket
  1. BetCoin will match your first deposit by 100% by up to 1 BTC


BetCoin Bonus & Promotions (4.5/5)

Besides the generous welcome bonus, BetCoin also has ongoing promotions and bonuses for customers to take advantage of. Most notably, BetCoin offers deposit bonuses on the first, second, and third deposits, giving you a bit more starting money before you start placing bets on your favorite esports titles.

It's worth noting that during our testing, the mentioned bonuses were not available, but after contacting customer support, that was only temporary. So if you're registering at BitCoin for the bonuses, we would advise you to first check whether they're available.

BetCoin deposit bonuses.

The deposit bonuses on the first, second, and third deposits are split into three tiers – 100%, 50%, and a 25% deposit bonus, respectively. Note that you must reach a Bronze Lvl II of BetCoin's VIP program before you are eligible for the prizes, but that should be pretty easy if you're actively betting on esports on the site.

As already alluded to, BetCoin has a VIP program called the VIP Player's Club, which works the same way as any VIP Program you would find on any bookies. By betting or playing BetCoin's casino games, you're earning points, which help you rise up the levels and grant you better rewards.

BetCoin VIP program.

The highest level – Master – will give you a 0.2% Betback and 20% Lossback when betting on sports, and a 0.35% Betback and 33% Lossback on all casino games. Meanwhile, all new players start at a Bronze III with a 0.01% Betback on sports and casino games and a 1% Lossback on casino games.

BetCoin VIP levels.

All in all, the promotions and bonuses BetCoin has are very solid; however, it would be nice to see more ongoing promotions and bonuses for esports betting or betting in general. Still, even though the available rewards aren't as generous as on GG.Bet or, they're still better than on Cyber.Bet. BetCoin still deserves a big thumbs up, so we're deducting only half a point.


Reputation & Safety (4/5)

BetCoin owns a betting license (365/JAZ) issued by the Government of Curacao, which isn't the most reputable betting license, but there are less trustworthy licenses out there. Admittedly, we would be far more excited to see BetCoin own one of the licenses with a better reputation, such as a license from a Malta Gaming Authority (BetHard), but that doesn't take away from the fact that BetCoin is a legal sportsbook with a real betting license.

Curacao Gaming licence

So while BetCoin is safe to use, the site's reputation is very mixed. Some bettors seem to enjoy betting on BetCoin, while others claim the site scammed them out of their money. Most notably, people claim that the site did not pay out their winnings or blocked their accounts without any legitimate reason.

We don't have a way to confirm or deny the authenticity of the site's online reviews, but given the sheer number of reviews claiming they got blocked, limited, or couldn't withdraw their winnings, we would proceed with caution. The average rating of the site online is below 3/5, with mostly reviews that complain about the aforementioned issues bringing the average rating down. After further investigation into the claims and a thorough look through reviews on respectable betting forums, we came to two conclusions.

BetCoin footer.

It's unlikely for BetCoin to be scamming its customers; however, they are known for limiting winning players - an industry standard across almost all bookmakers. So you don't have to be concerned about safety while using BetCoin, but since it owns a 365/JAZ license – which is not the most reputable betting license, we're bringing the rating down to 4/5.


Esports Markets and Odds & Betting Features (3.5/5)

BetCoin has a solid betting market offer, expanding beyond esports and including a vast range of traditional sports – from football, boxing, cycling, snooker, and more. You can navigate the betting markets by selecting "Sportsbook" in the top menu and picking what you want to bet on the left-hand side.

BetCoin betting page.

This sportsbook covers all the esports titles you would expect to see on an esports bookie, including League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Rainbow Six Siege, StarCraft II, Call of Duty, and Rocket League. Unfortunately, BetCoin does not seem like it covers VALORANT, and if you want to bet on Warcraft, you will be disappointed as well.

On a more positive note, BetCoin does indeed cover all of the major competitions and leagues for the big esports titles. But a closer examination of the site's offer unveiled that while you will be able to bet on any league, you might be limited to only moneyline bets, even if you’re wagering on games in the same tournament.

BetCoin esports markets.

Note that this is not a problem that persists across all esports titles and leagues, but it's still a very noticeable issue. Even some bigger competitions will lack betting options besides moneyline, which we simply can't look past and have to give BetCoin a lower rating for its esports market offer.


League of Legends Betting

If you like to bet on video games, primarily  League of Legends, you will be happy to hear that BetCoin has betting markets available and covers all the leagues you would expect – from the major four leagues in LEC, LCS, LCK, and LPL, as well as minor leagues in CBLOL, LLA, and more like Babibet and 1bet.

BetCoin League of Legends markets.

But as noted above, the generous selection of different esports leagues is a bit misleading – since you will be able to bet on anything, but you will be limited in your selection. For the most part, you can only bet on moneyline, and a few proposition bets (first kill, the first turret), yet there is a noticeable absence of handicap and totals bets, which is a problem. We contacted customer support to get more information on that and were told that it's only a temporary thing - so it might have something to do with BetCoin being unable to update the odds quickly enough.

Outright betting odds on LoL (LPL).

On a more positive note, it suggests that BetCoin does, in fact, have more than one bet type available on LoL – although not always. Another thing we noticed with BetCoin's LoL betting offer is that the esports odds are generally below the market's average but still higher than some other esports bookies. So the quality of the odds isn't the best, but it could be worse.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Betting

While conducting our testing of BetCoin, we found that the site has solid coverage of CS:GO betting markets. So if you're a CS:GO gamer and esports bettor, BetCoin will have you covered by offering odds on all currently ongoing tournaments and matches.

BetCoin Counter-Strike: Global Offensive markets.

Furthermore, the offer of different bet types for CS:GO matches seems to be much better than on LoL. The more significant matches are well covered, and you can bet on them with moneyline, totals, handicap, and even proposition bets. Even if you bet on games played in smaller tournaments, you will have more options – just remember to expand the market by clicking on the "+X" right of the moneyline odds.

So, all in all, you can rest assured that you will be able to bet on CS:GO at BetCoin. But be aware that some of the esports odds on the site are slightly worse than BetCoin's competition – so it's wise to check whether you're getting better odds on other bookies before you place your bet.


Dota 2 Betting

As we were moving down our list of esports titles BetCoin covers, the offer seems to get better and better. While BetCoin has a relatively limited offer of bets on LoL, it does an excellent job with Dota 2. During our testing, BetCoin was offering odds on all ongoing Dota 2 tournaments and a nice selection of bet types for you to choose from.

BetCoin Dota 2 markets

Again, the odds weren't the best in the industry, but we found that the offer was noticeably better than BetCoin's competition on some games. Interestingly, out of all the esports titles you can bet on at BetCoin, Dota 2 might be the best one. By offering betting odds that are up to 0.2 higher than on other bookies, BetCoin offers plenty of value for Dota 2 bettors.


User Experience (4.5/5)

The user experience on BetCoin is reasonably solid, as long as you don't mind using a website with a very simple layout that seems a bit outdated. That's not necessarily a bad thing since it does have all the features you need (and more), but if you're out there looking for a bookie with a more modern look, BetCoin might not be for you.

BetCoin betting markets dates

While searching through the betting markets, you will have to manually select the dates of the games since BetCoin only shows games from a specific date on a single page. This is, again a completely subjective thing since it won't harm your overall experience, but we would prefer to see all available odds on a specific esports title on one page rather than just games that are played on the selected date.

Now for the positives. BetCoin's website is very responsive, quick, and stable, and we did not encounter any issues while using it. Besides that, it has an elegant way of displaying your bet slip, which does not get in your way and is neatly on the right side – with options to pick between singles, combo, and system bets. Note that your bet slip will reset if you leave the page, and you will have to re-add your selections.

BetCoin bet slip and chat.

Another great feature on the site is the public chat option, which will automatically open on the right side of the page, allowing you to chat with other users. That won't necessarily improve your betting experience, but it's a nice addition, nevertheless. What will improve your betting experience is BetCoin’s community blog page, where you can find the latest news in sports, esports, and even esports betting previews.

BetCoin blog posts.

When we talk about user experience, we have to touch on the availability of a mobile betting app. Unfortunately, BetCoin does not have one; however, it does have a working mobile version of the site, so you can bet on the go.

All in all, the user experience BetCoin provides is solid, but it falls into the category of "good but not great". Still, there are no noticeable issues with the site, so we're only deducting half a point, bringing our rating to 4.5/5.


Customer Support (5/5)

Before we can recommend any betting site, we have to make sure it has solid customer support options, which BetCoin does. If you happen to encounter any issue while using the site, you can contact customer support with a simple click of a button – by accessing the live chat function located in the bottom right part of the page.

BetCoin live chat function.

We tested out the feature, and it works as intended. Furthermore, the agent got back to us with an answer within a minute, so the speed is not a problem, and we have to add that the agent we talked to was professional and helpful. So if you have any issue with the site, you can rest assured that it will be resolved.

Customer support options on BetCoin.

It's also important to note that the live support is available 24/7, which is a nice bonus that increases our rating. And besides all that, live chat is not the only way to contact BetCoin's customer support - you can also open a support ticket, contact customer support via email ([email protected]), and even open a Community Ticket.

BetCoin community support.

The Community Ticket is a unique feature and fascinating addition. Obviously, if you have a serious problem, you should contact customer support agents, but sometimes you will resolve minor issues by simply asking the community. And did we forget to mention that BetCoin also has a very useful FAQ section?

All in all, BetCoin's customer support does what it's supposed to do and more, which is why it deserves a five-star rating.


Deposits & Withdrawal Options (5/5)

As a crypto betting site, BetCoin focuses mostly on crypto deposits/ withdrawals, of which there are many to choose from. However, you can also deposit money with a credit card – by using it to buy USDT. Unfortunately, you won't be able to use any other methods to deposit your funds – such as PayPal, Skrill, or NETELLER, but if you register for an account with BetCoin, you should know that crypto is the main currency used on the site.

BetCoin credit card deposit

If you wish to deposit money into BetCoin, you need to click on the "Deposit" button in the top right of the page, and a new page will open up, showing all the cryptocurrencies that are accepted on the site. The list includes all the cryptos you would expect and more – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Dash, and even Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

BetCoin deposits.

As you might have guessed, you can withdraw the money only in crypto (like on ThunderPick) by navigating to "Withdraw", choosing the crypto you want to withdraw with, and providing your wallet address. As noted by BetCoin, the first withdrawals can take up to 24 hours, but they are usually completed within a couple of hours.

BetCoin withdraw.

Usually, we would deduct points if a bookie was offering only one method to deposit and withdraw money, but since this is a crypto betting site, you can't really expect it to offer more than just crypto banking options. On that note, you can even buy crypto on the site with a credit card, which is just an added bonus.


BetCoin Casino (5/5)

Besides accepting bets on sports and esports, BetCoin also has an excellent selection of casino games for you to explore. You can navigate to the casino games, you need to click on the "Casino" in the upper menu, and you will get presented with a generous selection of slots and games to explore. You can also filter it by Popular, New, Slots and Table Games, so there is something for everyone.

BetCoin Casino

We also like the addition of the "Recent Bets" feature, which shows how much other users have made and lost on their recent bets. And while we talk about the added features, BetCoin has a provably fair system, allowing you to verify your wagers and ensuring that BetCoin can not manipulate the outcomes of a randomly generated roll.

BetCoin Slots

And if you're someone who likes live casino, BetCoin has got you covered as well. Its live casino offer includes everything you would wish for, from roulette, baccarat, blackjack, wheel of fortune, poker, sic bo, and much more. While we wouldn't say that the offer of casino games brings the value of a betting site up, it certainly adds more ways for gamblers to enjoy the site.

BetCoin Live Casino

Moreover they have a provably fair system which is a must in today's online gambling world, in our opinion. So if you're an esports bettor that enjoys an occasional spin of roulette or someone who wants to test his luck on the wheel of fortune, BetCoin is the place to be.


All in all, BetCoin is a solid crypto sportsbook we would recommend anyone to check out. Just remember to approach betting with caution and be aware of the risk associated with gambling.
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