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Is BetOnline Legit? [BetOnline Esports Review]

We took a close look at BetOnline and tested it and checked for you if it's safe and legit and included the best Bonuses!

Updated on Dec 23, 2022
Is BetOnline Legit? [BetOnline Esports Review]

Is BetOnline Legit?

BetOnline is a legitimate sportsbook and one of the industry's most trustworthy online betting providers. There are many reasons why it has earned that tag, and if you don't believe us, here are four reasons why you should trust BetOnline:

  • The company behind BetOnline (Blue High House S.A) has had a significant presence in online gambling for over two decades.
  • Is widely considered as one of the premier brands in the online (and esport) betting world.
  • BetOnline has been operating since 2001.
  • Owns a Panama Gambling licence.
4.5 / 5

BetOnline is a top-of-the-line gambling site and one of the industry’s leading betting platforms for sports and esports.

Bonus & Promotions
3.5 / 5
Reputation & Safety
5 / 5
Odds & Betting Features
5 / 5
User Experience
4.5 / 5
4.5 / 5
Deposits & Withdrawal
5 / 5

BetOnline is widely known as one of the best online betting sites in the industry and can easily be compared to other big names such as Bet365, William Hill, and Unibet. But unlike most other bookies, BetOnline is a privately owned online gambling brand that has been operating since 2001.

Throughout the two decades of its operation, BetOnline emerged as one of the premier bookies and is one of the leading sportsbooks by overall traffic received. According to similarweb, BetOnline is ranked as one of the top-5000 websites globally, with over 14 million monthly visits, ranking it as one of the top-eight gambling websites in the world. Moreover, BetOnline acquitted in 20012, berging the two brands into one.

BetOnline, more than just a betting platform.

That alone is a strong indication of how popular BetOnline is, and, consequently, that it’s easily one of the best bookies you can choose – for either betting on sports or esports. Furthermore, the site holds a highly reputable Panama Gambling licence, ensuring that it's completely safe and, most of all, a legit bookmaker.


Welcome Bonus and the best Promo Codes

For a reputable site such as BetOnline, it only makes sense that it offers excellent welcome bonuses, and you shouldn't be surprised to learn that it does. But not only does BetOnline have a welcome bonus, but it also offers a plethora of different promotions for new and already existing users alike, similar to 1bet.

What’s the Bonus Code, and how to use the Code?

To collect the welcome bonus on your first deposit, you need to follow four simple steps and note down the bonus code “BOL1000”.

  1. Visit BetOnline and click on "Join" in the top right corner.BetOnline join.
  1. Complete the registration and activate your account.BetOnline account registration.
  1. Click on "Deposit" in the top right corner and pick the preferred deposit method.BetOnline deposit.
  2. Input Our Bonus Code "BOL1000" and complete your first deposit.BetOnline bonus code.

Alternative Codes

BetOnline also offers alternative codes, which you can find by clicking on "view promo codes". That includes a 50% welcome bonus and a 25% life bonus guarantee. The latter will award you with a 25% bonus for wagering on esports and sports – up to a maximum of $1,000 in free plays per qualifying deposit.

BetOnline bonus codes.

So if we draw a line, BetOnline might have one of the most inviting welcome offers in the industry, which further explains why it's widely known as one of the best online sportsbooks.


BetOnline Bonus & Promotions (3.5)

BetOnline has done a superb job with its welcome bonus, but the freebies you can expect to receive on this site don't stop there. Not only does BetOnline have many promotions and other bonuses for you to take advantage of, but also has very versatile options.

BetOnline promos.

Once you visit the promo page by clicking on "Promos" in the top menu, you will get greeted with a list of currently available bonuses/promotions. We conducted our testing of BetOnline ahead of the 2022 Super Bowl, so most of the bonuses were tied to the NFL game. However, other excellent bonuses were available even for esports bettors who don't wager on the NFL.

Selection of promotions on BetOnline.

Besides the promotions and bonuses, BetOnline also has contests, which are not a unique feature, but definitely something you won't find on most other bookies. To access the contests, click on "Contests" in the upper menu, and you'll get presented with a generous offer of various competitions currently available and contests that have recently finished.

Unfortunately, we could not find a currently running esports contest, but fear not! After looking through finished contests, we have found a $5,000 esports contest that finished in July, so while most of the offers will be related to traditional sports, BetOnline takes care of its esports bettors as well.

Esports contests on BetOnline.

To say that BetOnline has done an excellent job with its bonuses, promotions, and other offers would be an understatement. This is possibly one of the best bookies when it comes to offering its users added rewards, and it deserves nothing less than a five-star rating from us.


Reputation & Safety (5/5)

BetOnline is one of the most reputable and biggest online betting providers globally that checks all the marks of a reputable sportsbook. It owns a Panama Gambling license, has been operating since 2001, and boasts over 14 million monthly visits.

Footer BetOnline.

When we talk about reputation, it's only fair to see what online reviews and other esports bettors have to say about BetOnline, although we usually take the reviews with a grain of salt. BetOnline has a mediocre rating on review sites (just under 3.5), suggesting that it's an average sports and esports betting site – which we don't quite agree with. And our doubts about the legitimacy of the reviews were confirmed while looking through what people had to say about BetOnline and what was the reason behind their negative reviews.

Negative review of BetOnline casino.

Some of the most interesting negative reviews claimed that BetOnline's casino games were rigged since the person was losing money on them (shocking, right?). Others complained about having to play with the bonus money to be able to withdraw it, which is just another example of a negative review that makes no sense. The third kind – and possibly the most interesting – of negative reviews simply claimed that BetOnline is a scam and not a good site for esports betting. Why? We don't know either.

Online rating of BetOnline.

While we take negative reviews of betting sites seriously, not a single negative rating on BetOnline made us think that BetOnline is actually doing anything wrong. Of course, you will lose money on casino long term, and there are always rollover requirements on bonuses, and if anyone believes a bookie is a scam because of that, then so be it.

As already alluded to, BetOnline is a safe, reputable, and legitimate sports and esports betting site that will not scam you out of money and won't engage in any fraudulent activities against its customers. We would prefer if it held a more reputable license like MGA (10bet), but we don't see any reason why BetOnline would scam its users.


Esports Markets and Odds & Betting Features (5/5)

BetOnline is, first and foremost, an online sports betting site, but that doesn't take away from the fact that it provides excellent coverage of esports. In fact, its offer of various esports markets is surprisingly good (better than on CloudBet and just as good CSGOPositive) for a bookie that does not advertise itself as an esports betting provider.

Esports markets on BetOnline.

To access the esports markets, you need to click on "Esports" in the top menu, and you will get redirected to a separate page that covers only esports. Here you will be able to find odds on all major eSportsesports titles, including Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rainbow Six, Dota 2, Rocket League, League of Legends, Halo, StarCraft, and Valorant.

It's also worth noting that BetOnline covers major competitions and smaller leagues across all esports titles, so as far as the availability is concerned, BetOnline deserves a big thumbs up. Finally, talking about options, BetOnline has a superb selection of bet types for you to choose from that goes well beyond only moneyline markets.

BetOnline esports alternative markets.

To access other bet types, you will need to click on the "+X" next to the game you want to bet on, and you'll find everything from map/kill handicaps, totals, map betting, and even prop bets. During our testing, we found that BetOnline did not offer many options on certain matches, but you're reading a review written by someone who regularly uses BetOnline, and I can tell you that that's a rare occurrence.

BetOnline future markets.

What's more BetOnline also has live betting and future (outright) betting markets on all esports tournaments. And not only that, but BetOnline tends to put up outright odds faster than most other betting sites, which is just another massive positive. Lastly, we must talk about the betting odds, which are simply excellent. More times than not, BetOnline will have better odds than other esports betting sites, such as Babibet, Vulkanbet, FezBet, or Rivalry – especially on the outright betting markets.

BetOnline live esports betting markets.

Live betting on BetOnline is a solid experience, with a stable live stream of the match and a decent number of bets you can place on the game. During our testing, we took a look at a live Tier-2 match between Ungentium and 777 Esports, and still, we had 14 different markets available for it. Impressive.

Comparing BetOnline's offer of esports betting markets to the likes of 1bet is like night and day – even though BetOnline is not only an esports bookmaker. For that alone, it deserves a high rating, but even compared to the industry standards, BetOnline sits well above the average line.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Betting

BetOnline has an excellent selection of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive betting markets, and it covers all tournaments – big and small. While testing the site, we have not found a single CS:GO tournament that was missing, and we can't say that we were disappointed with the availability of bet types either.

BetOnline Counter-Strike: Global Offensive betting markets.

Excluding some minor tournaments – such as the ESEA Advanced and Icelandic League – all fixtures had at least 12 betting markets on offer, including moneyline, handicaps, map betting, and more. You will even be able to bet on pistol rounds on some bigger games, so there are definitely options for you to look at.


League of Legends Betting

League of Legends is well covered on BetOnline, and there are more than enough betting markets available. Unfortunately, the LoL markets were surprisingly scarce, and there was coverage for only the LEC and NA Academy Leagues. Although that might suggest BetOnline does not cover other competitions, such as the LPL and the LCK, that's not the case.

BetOnline LoL early markets.

Us finding the void in BetOnline's offer of LoL odds was purely due to a visual bug that does not display all odds. However, you can still access them by clicking on "Early Markets" and searching for other matches there.

Furthermore, we have found a visual bug with the LEC odds, where the main page displayed only the moneyline bets – even though there were more available by expanding the markets.

BetOnline League of Legends betting markets.

Lastly, we have to touch on the odds quality, which is excellent. Compared to other esports betting sites, BetOnline was offering LoL odds that were up to 0.40 higher, and in some cases, the odds were even better than on Bet365. So, all in all, if you're an LoL punter, BetOnline has got you covered with everything you would want, including solid market selection and great odds.


Valorant Betting

While some esports betting sites have yet to fully accept Valorant, BetOnline does, in fact, accept bets on Riot Games' FPS title.

BetOnline Valorant betting markets.

While checking BetOnline's offer of Valorant betting markets, we found odds for both Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) events that were currently running. However, we were surprised to see that the odds were available for only the games on that day, and we couldn't bet on matches scheduled for the next day. That, however, is just another instance of a visual bug that can be fixed by visiting the "Early Markets” section.

Early betting markes on Valorant at BetOnline.

So far, we have touched on only four esports titles, but know that BetOnline covers more than just CS:GO, LoL, and Valorant. The bookie also accepts bets on CoD, Dota 2, King of Glory, Warcraft, and StarCraft – all with excellent odds and plenty of betting markets.


User Experience (4.5/5)

BetOnline has recently rebuilt its website, which now sports a more modern look with a black-white-red color scheme which makes it very easy on the eyes. If you're looking to change how it looks, you can always switch back to the "Classic Website" with a simple click of a button at the top.

BetOnline classic look.

The Classic website looks better in our book, but realistically there aren't that many differences between the two. The only noticeable change is that the classic website is more compact. But no matter which look you choose, you will get the same features that will make browsing through the site more enjoyable.

BetOnline Features

Some of the most notable features on BetOnline include the option to change your timezone and the odds format - between American, Decimal, Fractional, and Hong Kong. Besides that, we like the filter that allows you to sort the esports (and sports) betting markets while the bet slip is neatly located on the right side, helping you track the games you’ve picked.

As already noted above, BetOnline also accepts futures (outright) bets, and it even has a special section dedicated to the results. While not a unique feature, BetOnline's results page also shows which bets have hit, which is a lovely addition.

BetOnline Results

Unfortunately, BetOnline does not have a mobile betting app, but it's possible to use the site through your browser, which is a massive advantage. The mobile website works well, is stable, fast, and has all the features you would find on a desktop app, so we can hardly deduct a point for the lack of an app.

All things considered, the user experience on BetOnline is superb (and significantly better than on CSGOPrime), but we have to take half a point away from the rating due to the ongoing visual bugs which do not display all the betting markets and odds.


Customer Support (4.5/5)

BetOnline has a solid customer support department, which you can access by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and selecting one of the four available options. If you encounter any issue, you can either contact BetOnline's agents via a live chat, send an email, or browse through the FAQ section or Help Center, with the latter two essentially two sides of the same coin.

BetOnline Customer Support

From our testing, the live chat works well, and you will receive a quick and professional answer. Meanwhile, if you're contacting BetOnline's customer support via email, you might need to wait 24 hours to get a response. Still, before you should choose either of the two options, it would help to browse through the FAQ and Help Center, which is well-made, significantly better than on most other betting sites - such as CSGOPolygon, Luckbox or CSGOPolygon - and will likely have the answer you're looking for.

BetOnline FAQ

All in all, BetOnline's customer support is very solid, and while you won't be able to call one of the agents via a phone, you can rest assured that the live chat will be just as effective. Still, to be fair to the esports betting sites with call options, we have to deduct half a point.  


Deposits & Withdrawal Options (5/5)

If you want to deposit money with BetOnline, you can do so with various different payment methods. Know that the options that will be available to you will vary depending on where you live, but no matter the location, you will be able to deposit money with crypto, even though this is not a crypto gambling site like Stake or ThunderPick.

BetOnline Deposits

We tested BetOnline’s banking options from Germany and got offered to deposit money with credit cards, Bitcoin, Altcoins, and a nice variety of alternative methods, including Moneygram, Wire Transfer, AstroPay OneTouch, Ria, and Interac Online.

BetOnline Alternative Deposits

All deposits and withdrawals are secure and are processed within 48 hours, while some deposit methods will have minimum and maximum limits – from $20 to $500,000.Those are some of the best limits and one of the fastest processing times in the industry. That, on top of the fact that BetOnline accepts various deposit and withdrawal methods, make up for an excellent banking experience.


BetOnline Casino (4/5)

BetOnline is more than just a betting platform; it’s a complete gambling site that also offers casino games and online slots, which you can access by clicking on “Casino” in the top menu. During our testing of BetOnline, the site had many excellent casino promotions running – most notably a $100,000 Super Bowl giveaway.

BetOnline Casino

That is just one of many promotions that BetOnline has on its casino games, which there are plenty to choose from. What’s more, BetOnline also has a live casino and specialty games, which are essentially online jackpot slots, with prizes that can go into millions. Unfortunately, one thing we found missing is demo versions of the games that would allow you to test the slots before you risk your money. Nevertheless, that’s a minor problem that won’t affect your overall experience.

BetOnline Casino

While we talk casino, it’s only fair to mention that BetOnline also has a Poker Room with tournaments, competitions, additional bonuses and promotions, and a separate poker software that players can download for free for Mac and PC.

The overall design of BetOnline casino and its offer is excellent, and we can’t complain about the variety of the games either. Admittedly, casino games are not the most important thing you should look for on an esports betting site, but with a solid casino, BetOnline undeniably deserves a tag of a complete package for any online gambler.

Unfortunately, we have to take a point from our overall rating. BetOnline claims it has a provably fair system - which we believe they do since it’s unlikely BetOnline would like to risk their reputation - but there is no way for you to verify it on your own. So while the games are (likely) fair, we have to deduct one point due to the lack of manual verification.


BetOnline is offers everything an online bettor would like, with a surprisingly solid offer of betting markets, and is a site worth checking out also for Esports. While we recommend BetOnline to everyone, remember to bet responsibly and within your limits!
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