Bitskins Review | Legit | Promo Code | Alternatives

We check if Bit Skins is safe to use, if there are better trading alternatives and even source exclusive promo codes!

Bitskins Review | Legit | Promo Code | Alternatives

Is BitSkins legit?

BitSkins is a completely legit buying and selling website. We also read many discussion posts on the official Steam Community and we didn’t find any issues with the website. After reading a lot of reviews and conducting our tests, we can say that BitSkins is a legit trading platform. We found a lot of reviews about the BitSkins on YouTube. The popular YouTuber “Anomaly” who has more than 2.7 million subscribers also reviewed and recommended BitSkins even though he pointed out that the site has relatively high fees compared to its competitors.


Buying and selling experience

BitSkins is one of the first Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skin buying and selling sites to ever be released. The buying and selling experience is smooth, but the interface isn't as modern as on other marketplaces.

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BitSkins comes with a comprehensive inventory that features items from many popular games such as CS: GO, DOTA 2, Team Fortress, Z1 Battle Royale and Rust. When it comes to the CS: GO Items, you can buy and sell many CS: GO in-game items on the platform including skins and knives.

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Which payment options does BitSkins have?

The company offers the following payment options: PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Bitcoin and Ethereum. It offers a 2% Bonus when you deposit via Bitcoin.

Is BitSkins safe to use?

BitSkins comes with a valid Padlock (SSL) and it means that the communication between your server and the BitSkins Server will be completely encrypted. It also has Cloudflare protection. The website is protected from DDoS Attacks and other online attacks. Considering this and the payment providers they've integrated into the platform, your payments should be safe.

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Refund policy

The Refund Policy is a bit complicated. The company only offers a refund for the “Purchased but unconsumed items”. The company states its refund policy in the FAQ Section. It states that “Funds from Transactions that have been partially spent, may not be available for refunds. Refunds for cryptocurrency deposits are unavailable at this time. All items purchases, once executed, are non-refundable. Deposits can only be eligible for refunds if it was caused by an error on the site’s end”.

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To summarize the whole refund policy, BitSkins doesn’t offer any refund on crypto deposits. The company does offer refunds on non-crypto deposits but there are a lot of Ifs and Buts.

User interface

The User Interface of BitSkins is good. It comes with a black and green theme which looks pleasant and it also follows the dark theme trend which is loved by many out there in the gaming world.

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The site is well-optimized and you can easily use it for buying and selling skins. However, the deposit process can get a bit complicated and the company can surely work on the website to streamline the whole process of depositing the funds.

Best way to reach the customer support

Customer Support is not the strongest part of the BitSkins’ service. The best way to get their attention is to directly tweet them at @bitskins. The company offers email-based customer support and you can contact them at

Final Thoughts

BitSkins is a great marketplace and it comes with a big inventory. However, the website charge a high fee, and customer support is not very reliable. Considering these points, we can say that there are better alternatives available out there. If you are looking for the best buying marketplaces, then make sure to read our post about the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive buying websites. If you are looking to make some money by selling your skin then our list of the best Counter-Strike selling websites in 2021 will help you get you the best deal.

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