Is Buff.Bet Legit? [Buff.Bet Esports Review]

We tested Buff.Bet for you to see if it’s safe and researched the best Codes and Bonuses.

Is Buff.Bet Legit? [Buff.Bet Esports Review]

Buff.Bet is one of the leading esports betting sites in the industry, with a generous selection of casino games and sports betting markets. But is it worth checking out, and is it legit? We will answer that and more with our Buff.Bet review, providing you with all the information you need about this online esports bookie.

Is Buff.Bet Legit?

Buff.Bet is a legitimate bookie and casino site and one of the most recognisable names in the esports betting world. Here are four key things you should know about it and why you should trust Buff.Bet:

  • Buff.Bet is licenced and operated by XB Entertainment Group N.V.
  • Authorised by the Government of Curacao.
  • Buff.Bet operates under the Master Licence of Gaming Service Provider N.V. 365/JAZ.
  • The site has been operating since 2015.


Buff.Bet is one of the most recognisable names in the esports betting world, often featured on prominent esports sites. Although it doesn't own sponsorship deals with major esports organisations such as GG.Bet and other big-name esports betting sites, Buff.Bet is still a major player in the esports betting scene.

Buff.Bet main page.

As a highly recognisable brand that has been operating for three years, Buff.Bet is undeniably a legitimate esports bookie. Still, the online reviews of this site are mixed and average at around (3.1/5), suggesting that Buff.Bet is a solid esports bookmaker, but not a very good one.

We will touch on whether the reviews paint a clear picture of the quality of the service Buff.Bet provides below. But despite what some online reviews suggest, we can confidently say that Buff.Bet is a legit and safe betting site.

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Welcome Bonus & Promo Codes

Every esports betting site will have a bonus ready for new customers and Buff.Bet is no exception. But not only does Buff.Bet have welcome bonuses; it has many to choose from, including a 150% matched deposit!

To get ahold of the Buff.Bet welcome bonus; you need to be a new customer and follow three simple steps:

  1. Register on Buff.Bet
Buff.Bet register.
  1. Click on "Deposit", fill out the form and continue to the next page
Buff.Bet deposit form.
  1. Pick your preferred deposit option, and don't forget to use one of the available bonus codes!
Buff.Bet bonus codes.

Buff.Bet's bonuses constantly change, so don't forget to check which bonus codes are available to you. But you can always use the “GET150” Bonus Code for a 150% matched deposit on your first deposit!

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Buff.Bet Bonus & Promotions (4.5/5)

When it comes to bonuses and promotions, very few esports betting sites do it as well as Buff.Bet. To access the available offers, click on "Bonus&Promotions" on the upper right side of the page. There you will find all the ongoing promotions, which are divided into sportsbook and casino bonuses.

Buff.Bet access bonuses.

During our testing, we have found six sportsbook and two casino bonuses. The former included three welcome – from a 100% to 150% matched deposit bonus – and three other bonuses in the form of a free bet, accumulator bonus, and a Mystery Jackpot.

The Mystery Jackpot is a unique promotion on Buff.Bet, giving you a chance to win a random amount of money for every esports or sports bet you place on the website. The rewards begin at €50 and can go as high as €50,000, which is a nice addition to the site.

Buff.Bet mystery jackpot.

Alternatively, you can also take advantage of Buff.Bet Casino bonuses, but during our testing, we have found only two – a first deposit bonus and welcome bonus, the latter of which is essentially a second deposit bonus. So while Buff.Bet's casino bonuses aren't the best, we have to give it a high rating due to all the promotions that are available for esports bettors.

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Reputation & Safety (4/5)

When we talk about reputation, we have to consider what other people say about Buff.Bet and how well does this esports bookie perform on online review sites. As noted above, the online reviews of Buff.Bet aren't excellent, but if you read through the complaints, you will meet the generic negative reviews you can find on any other esports betting site.

Buff.Bet rating.

Mostly, the reviews claim that Buff.Bet is a scam without providing any explanation as to why that might be. Then there is a small sample size of people who claim that the bookie did not allow them to create an account. However, that might sound worse than how it is – any bookmaker can decide against accepting you as a customer, and there is nothing you can do about it, nor is it particularly wrong.

After reading through all the reviews and verifying which information is true and which is not, we have come to a conclusion that Buff.Bet's reputation is lower than how it should be. This is a legitimate website that runs a legitimate business and has a betting licence.

Buff.Bet Curacao licence.

Admittedly, Buff.Bet has a Curacao betting licence, which is not the most reputable licence in the industry. Nevertheless, it has a betting licence, and you can verify that it's valid, so as far as safety is concerned, Buff.Bet is a safe esports betting site. Still, since it has a less-reputable licence, we're bringing down our rating to 4/5.

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Esports Markets and Odds & Betting Features (4.5/5)

Unlike most other bookies, which seem to primarily focus on sports and offer esports betting markets as a bonus, Buff.Bet seems to put a lot more focus on its esports betting markets and actively promotes them. As such, Buff.Bet is first an esports bookie and only then a sports bookmaker and online casino.

On Buff.Bet, you will be able to find a nice selection of esports betting titles to bet on, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Dota 2, Valorant, Call of Duty, StarCraft II, King of Glory, and FIFA. So the coverage of all major esports titles is guaranteed, granted we could not find any markets on Halo, which was disappointing.

Buff.Bet outright markets.

Nevertheless, the esports that are available on Buff.Bet are covered well, including all major and smaller tournaments across LoL, Dota 2, CS:GO, and other esports. You can even access outright bets, which is always a positive, as is the accessibility of results of all finished matches.

Buff.Bet results.

And did we mention live betting? Buff.Bet has that as well! You can access all available in-play odds in the top menu, but know that the in-play page shows esports and sports together, so you will have to manually select "esports" to check the live odds on your favourite games.

Buff.Bet live markets.

The offered esports betting odds are also fairly competitive with other esports betting sites, rounding up an excellent esports betting offer. Because Buff.Bet is missing Halo; we have to deduct half a point from our rating. Still, the offer that is available on Buff.Bet is very solid.

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Dota 2 Betting

If youre a Dota 2 bettor, Buff.Bet won't leave you disappointed with its coverage of all major and minor Dota 2 tournaments. During our testing, we have found available markets for all ongoing Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) tournaments, as well as smaller competitions in ESL Meisterschaft and the Champions League.

Buff.Bet Dota 2.

The quality of the odds is also very solid compared to other esports betting sites. We compared the odds on Buff.Bet to Rivalry, and found that it had a better offer. That isn't too surprising, knowing that Buff.Bet is partnered with Odds.GG, one of the best esports betting odds providers in the industry.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Betting

Unsurprisingly, Buff.Bet's offer of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive betting markets is just as good – if not better – than its coverage of Dota 2. As one of the largest esports titles, CS:GO has more tournaments than any other game, so while no esports bookie is able to cover them all, Buff.Bet comes very close to it.

Buff.Bet CS:GO.

While testing the site, we have found CS:GO betting markets on 15 different events + outright betting markets, which is more than most of Buff.Bet's competition is capable of providing. Furthermore, the offered betting odds were surprisingly good, but there is one minor issue we can't look past.

Buff.Bet CS:GO markets.

Even though Buff.Bet does an excellent job covering as many games as possible, don't expect to see a large selection of betting markets on minor league fixtures. For example, minor-league matches will only have moneyline and simple handicap bets available. Still, the more well-known tournaments will offer anything from handicaps, props, totals, correct scores, and many more.

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League of Legends Betting

Even for an esports betting site, Buff.Bet deserves a big thumbs up for its offer of League of Legends betting markets. During our testing, Buff.Bet had available odds on all major and minor, as well as academy LoL leagues, which is impressive.

Buff.Bet League of Legends.

The quality of the odds varied from game to game, so we can't say that Buff.Bet will provide you with the best prices across all leagues. Still, all the offered odds were very competitive, so there is definitely some value to be found betting on League of Legends at Buff.Bet.

Unfortunately, the outright betting markets on LoL weren't available during our testing, which was disappointing, knowing that other betting sites had them. Nevertheless, we conducted our testing mid-season, when outrights are rarely available, so we can give Buff.Bet some slack for that.

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User Experience (4/5)

Besides the surprisingly good offer of esports betting markets, we also like all the features Buff.Bet offers. The site is well made, with a nice colour scheme and a simple yet efficient menu.

On Buff.Bet you will find all the features you would expect from a reputable betting site and more. It has a filter that allows you to shuffle through the betting markets, a neatly located box with the current live games, as well as live streams of esports matches taken from the official Twitch channels.

Buff.Bet features.

Beyond that, it has features that will make your experience more convenient, including an option that allows you to change the website's time zone, odds format, and language.

While we talk about user experience, we must also touch on one more key element – the availability of a mobile betting app. There is, unfortunately, no mobile app for Buff.Bet, but the site works extremely well on mobile browsers, so if you're a mobile bettor, your betting experience won't suffer.


At this point, it's also fair to mention that Buff.Bet has a so-called "BuffHub", which is a separate website with esports news, stats, results, roster news, and everything you would expect from an esports blog site

It is a nice addition, but we wouldn’t give Buff.Bet a higher rating because of it. Overall, the user experience on Bufff.Bet is solid, but due to the lack of betting options for smaller leagues and the lack of a mobile betting app, we have to give it a 4/5 rating.

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Customer Support (3/5)

Even though Buff.Bet has done many things right; its customer support offer is somewhat disappointing. Usually, you would expect an esports betting site to have three options to contact customer support – email, live chat, and mobile phone, with an optional addition of tickets - unfortunately, Buff.Bet does not meet these criteria.

Suppose you happen to encounter any issues while using Buff.Bet and need to contact customer support via email ([email protected]) as the only available option. That is far from optimal, especially knowing that it can take at least one day to get a response.

Buff.Bet FAQ.

On a more positive note, Buff.Bet has a FAQ section, which is well made and filled with valuable information. Interestingly, some parts of the FAQ include video answers; however, don't be surprised if you find a video that doesn't work.

Buff.Bet FAQ video issues.

There are many problems with Buff.Bet's customer support. It has only email compact, and its FAQ section is sloppy. That, combined with the fact that there is no phone contact or live chat brings our overall rating down to 3/5.

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Deposits & Withdrawal Options (3/5)

Depositing and withdrawing money from Buff.Bet is very straightforward. Once you're logged in, click on your account name and select "Deposit". A new window will open up, and if it's your first time making a deposit, you will need to input your personal information but note that you have to do that only once and that you're required to provide accurate information and verify your identity to comply with Buff.Bet's anti-money laundering rules

Buff.Bet anti-money laundering.

After that, you can select which deposit method you want to use, and there are plenty to choose from. But know that the options may vary depending on where you live and which methods are available in your country. Still, you will be able to find all the deposit/withdrawal options you would expect, such as bank deposits, credit/debit cards, Skrill, NETELLER, PaySafeCard, EcoPayz, Moneta, as well as crypto deposits.

But while Buff.Bet offers a very generous selection of banking options; there is one thing you should know about Buff.Bet – once you deposit money, you are not able to withdraw it without placing a bet. This bizarre rule benefits no one and is conveniently hidden under the FAQ section, making it very easy to miss.

Buff.Bet deposit rule.

On a more positive note, there are no added fees for depositing and withdrawing money from Buff.Bet, but know that deposits have a minimum limit of €10. Unfortunately, there is no information on the site about minimum withdrawal thresholds.

Overall, the banking department on Buff.Bet falls into the same category as the banking options on 1bet - it's good but far from great, so we cant give it a higher rating than 3/5.

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Buff.Bet Casino (3/5)

Even though Buff.Bet is an esports betting site; you shouldn't be surprised to learn it also offers casino games and even a live casino. Admittedly, the casino is not Buff.Bet's primary focus, but it does a good job providing a nice range of casino games for esports gamblers to explore.

Buff.Bet casino.

We have found nearly 2800 different casino games of +15 categories during our testing, including anything from card games, baccarat, roulette, craps, poker, and the usual slots, which further divide into jackpot games, instant win games, and many more. We could list all the available games, but the main thing you should know is that there are enough options to keep any gambler happy.

Buff.Bet provably fair games.

There's even a nice selection of provably fair games such as crash, HiLow, Minesweeper, and more. All in all, if there is a game you're looking for, there's a good chance Buff.Bet has it available.

Buff.Bet live casino.

We must also touch on the live casino offer, which is very poor. We have found only four different available games, so this is definitely an area where Buff.Bet could improve. 

The live casino offer on Buff.Bet could be better, but the overall offer of casino games on Buff.Bet is solid - still, the site does not have a provably fair system in place, which is a problem.

Admittedly, it has “provably fair” games, but don’t let that mislead you into thinking that you’re able to verify your bets and check whether they were fair. There is no provably fair system on Buff.Bet and for that alone we have to take away 2 points.

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Buff.Bet is an esports bookmaker, sportsbook, and online casino that does many things right, and while it has its flaws, Buff.Bet checks all the marks of a solid esports bookie. It's definitely worth a look, and we would recommend anyone try it. But remember to be careful when approaching betting and be aware of the dangers of gambling addiction.