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Is Legit? We tested it for +3 months [A Review]

Check out our unbiased review of and find out whether it’s worth your time or not.

Updated on Nov 11, 2022
Is Legit? We tested it for +3 months [A Review]

Would you believe us if we told you there was a way to earn some money playing video games? Sounds phony, right? Well, it ain't, because can do precisely that on your PC and mobile device.

Is legit?

Yes, is a legit service used for rewarding gamers with coins, which can then be exchanged for all sorts of gifts.

Although many players have been concerned that something sinister was hiding behind the Buff, like crypto mining or worse, we are here to set things straight and show that there's no doubt about the legitimacy of Buff.

Buff Game
4.4 / 5 is worth using, but only if you remember that it can't offer you much but a few skins or other rewards after a lengthy period.

Payout Rate
4 / 5
Reputation & Safety
5 / 5
User Experience
4 / 5
Reward Options
4 / 5
5 / 5

First of all, we tried and tested it ourselves because we wanted to learn whether Buff is legit or not, and there were no surprises here. (AKA Buff) is a legit company founded in 2018 in Israel. It's registered officially as BUFF Technologies Ltd., a private company with a team of around 50 people

buff dashboard after using it for a month
After 2-3 months we already earned about 1900 Buff Coins (however we are playing a lot)

It has over 100 000 daily active players, with an increasing number of new members each day.

Buff is also partnered with professional players, YouTubers, and streamers who endorse this company and vouch for it.

Some of the featured partners of Buff.

Furthermore, Buff supports SSL encryption, allowing secure transactions and protecting all sensitive data.


What is

Buff is a loyalty gaming rewards platform and virtual economy service that allows players to earn various rewards by playing video games on PC and mobile devices.

While other matching services require players to complete specific tasks, is more oriented towards passive income while offering special bonuses for completing particular match goals.

Some of the specific game goals.

To start using Buff, players have to register and download the program or app, depending on the device, and allow it to run in the background and just play video games supported by Buff. The program then scans the gaming performance, using the power of Overwolf API, on which Buff is developed.

For instance, a decent KD ratio and general success in playing games will reward more coins and vice-versa. After accumulating enough coins (the main currency of Buff), players can then exchange them on Buff's marketplace for digital goods or services, various gift cards, electronic gift cards, and much more.


What Games Are Supported On Buff?

When it comes to the list of available titles for both PC and mobile devices, you'll find some of the most popular PC games (and maybe your favorite PC games) on 

buff available games

The games available for PC include Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League Of Legends, Dota 2, Fortnite, Minecraft, PUBG, Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege, Splitgate: Arena Warfare, Overwatch, Call Of Duty Warzone, Teamfights Tactics, Apex Legends, Rocket League, and Hearthstone. 

All the major multiplayer games are included.

As for mobile games, the list of supported games is quite limited, and the supported games include Brawl Stars, Clash Royale, and Clash Of Clans. 

Even though Buff hasn't been around for a long time, they are continuously expanding the game list, which means we'll see many additions in this section in the future. 

Payout Rate [4/5]   

One of the most important things you'll read in this article is this, so pay attention: It takes lots of grinding and time to earn Buff coins

Even if you're really successful and win every single match, you can only get around ten coins per match, and since many of these previously mentioned rewards require over 1000 Buff coins, you do the math. 

If you look closer, you'll notice that some of these gift cards are available for premium users only.

Evidently, Buff games can't be used as an income source, but it can offer a convenient way to get some extra rewards for free while you're playing games, which is still better than earning nothing.

It’s still the best service we know of where you can earn skins, in-game currency or real money just by playing it!

After using the Buff for a while, we discovered that it takes a blue moon to collect sufficient coins and get the well-earned rewards. If you set realistic goals and focus on playing games instead of making Buff coins, you'll even forget how many coins you have accumulated, only to realize one day that they have accumulated so you can exchange them for rewards. Otherwise, the entire experience can get frustrating.

buff premium subscription test

Another noteworthy feature is the Buff Premium, which comes as a monthly subscription, starting from $2.99 to $7.99 and unlocking various perks. We tried it out.

Depending on which premium subscription you get, some of the perks you can get are:

  • Monthly Buff Points
  • Increased game earnings
  • Special raffles and challenges
  • Access to a Premium Discord channel
  • Access to premium items
  • And so on. 

Take a look at the screenshot for more details on the Buff Premium subscription.

Three available Premium subscription tiers.

In our opinion, Buff Premium is money down the drain since 50-200 Buff coins per month is a ridiculous amount, and even if you accumulate plenty of coins with the game earning bonus, many rewards won't be available. Plus, what good will a dedicated Discord channel do?


Reputation & Safety (5/5)

To begin with, Buff has been developed on the Overwolf platform, making it credible and genuine, mainly because Overwolf only associates with legitimate businesses.

Overwolf is very picky when it comes to selecting the partners.

When it comes to data and privacy concerns, Buff only requires gaming and performance history, which is then kept anonymously on the cloud to provide coins and rewards. 

Furthermore, according to the Trust Pilot, Buff has a very high rating with a few thousand reviews and the status of a verified company

Yes, some of these reviews are probably paid, but most of them seem legit.

So far, nobody could find any concrete evidence that could make Buff suspicious of some illegal or disreputable activities, although there have been speculations from many Reddit users and Youtube comments.

According to the Buff official statement, the only way they are profiting is through ads and monthly subscriptions. So that's why you see all these ads (which are not that annoying, btw) in the program and app. 

Furthermore, Buff does not sell your data to any third parties, which would be very illegal and destructive to their reputation. 

Not to mince words, but is a genuinely legitimate and safe service, which anyone can use without worrying about losing data, money, or their device being used for crypto mining. 


User Experience (4/5)

In regards to the user experience of, there are two categories: desktop and mobile

The PC program has a modern, user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and doesn't seem overwhelming to new users.

buff points overview

Also, since Buff runs through the Overwolf, it doesn't take much of the PC's power to run so that you won't experience any FPS drops and it won't negatively impact in game performance

We tested the program on a non-gaming (office) PC just to prove our point, and here are the results.

Task manager shows that Buff doesn't impact your PC almost at all.


This is crucial for those PC gamers with a low-end computer, as the program runs in the background all the time, so the expensive gaming hardware isn't necessary for Buff.

The program itself is very responsive, and after testing it for a while, we haven't experienced any bugs, crashes, or anything that would be worth mentioning. 

These colors. Seriously, they can blind someone.

Design-wise, the icon placement is decent, and users can find everything in just a few clicks. However, we really disliked the Buff PC software's color choice, as there's no consistency, and they could definitely work a bit on the design. Still, the program is quite functional, and that's the most important thing.

As for the mobile Buff app for iOS and Android, oh boy. We tried both iOS and Android versions, and they seem fantastic on the surface. But the more we tested them, the more we realized how unfinished they were, and they seemed like alpha versions. 

The mobile apps weren't responsive, they lowered the FPS in the games, and most importantly, there were not enough mobile games to choose from, making the Buff app useless for most mobile gamers. 

If there were no iOS and Android versions of Buff, we would definitely rate the user experience 5/5. But, this way, it gets 4/5, and the main culprit for that is the Buff app for iOS and Android.


Reward Options (4/5]

Over time, gamers can play games and earn Buff coins accumulated and deposited into the accounts. Buff coins are the main currency and are used to buy miscellaneous rewards, such as digital goods/services and even physical goods. 

Depending on your geolocation, you can exchange Buff coins for:

  • Game keys
  • In-game skins
  • In-game premium currencies
  • Gift Cards (Amazon, Uber Eats, Target, Sephora, Nike, GameStop, and so on)
  • Video Games (in the digital form)
  • And much more!
Some gift cards are geo-locked.

Although there is a wide variety of available reward options here, sometimes they can be out of stock for a while, meaning you'll be stuck with the limited options in that case. Whether this is done intentionally or not is unknown, as one would assume that some of these "out of stock" options are only included to attract more people. 


Customer Support (5/5)

There are only four ways to reach Buff: the email contact form on their website, through social media, or via Discord. Although this is far from ideal, every single gamer knows how well Discord servers are organized, so perhaps this is the best bet when it comes to seeking assistance through customer support on Buff. 

Discord is an instant option, while you have to wait for the email contact form.

We joined their official Discord server and found out that there were Support channels in English and Spanish, which is not bad, but additional languages would be great.

We tested the support anonymously, pretending that we had a particular issue, just to see how fast and helpful the staff was. All we can say is "hats off," at least when it comes to Discord support, as they were pretty accommodating and prompt.

A very friendly and active Discord community.

Still, not everyone has Discord, and we can't say how long it takes for Buff staff to reply through the email contact form or Facebook and Twitter messages, so whoever gets stuck and needs any help will probably have to download and register on Discord to reach them. 

Another great addition to is the FAQ section, which can undoubtedly answer most of the questions people would ask on Discord or other previously mentioned ways. That being said, we still give Buff a 5 star rating because if you are a PC player you should have discord and the support is fast and reliant. 


Despite some of Buff's issues, we believe it's worth using but only as a free version. All in all, download and try Buff for yourself and see how it goes. You can't lose anything, and if you don't like it, you can always use some alternatives. 
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