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Is The BuffPay Card Worth it? [BuffPay Review]

We have tested the BuffPay Card and verified its authenticity so that You make the right choice!

Updated on Dec 04, 2022
Is The BuffPay Card Worth it? [BuffPay Review]

Is the BuffPay Card Legit?

Yes, the BuffPay Card is great to triple your chances towards discounts on real-life gaming gear, Steam game keys, and other in-game cosmetics. BuffPay is a feature that was added by Buff.Game and is secured through trusted banks and partnerships. A few reasons we believe BuffPay is legit:

  • Created from BuffGame which is a proven legitimate website.
  • Card can be used anywhere worldwide as a Visa Debit Card.  
  • Owned and operated from the United States, making it safer and more authentic for US residents.
  • We have tested the BuffPay Card ourselves and it definitely makes a difference if gaming purchases. 
Card AvailableAnnual FeesPoints Per $1
BuffPay Debit Card0%4
4 / 5

We think that BuffPay is the best Card for gamers available where you can earn and redeem gaming rewards for your favorite games.

4 / 5
4 / 5
4 / 5
Reputations Among Gamers
3 / 5

Is BuffPay Card Worth It?

Yes, the BuffPay Card hosted by Buff Game is in our opinion worth using. This is one of the best gaming debit cards to use to earn points towards great game discounts. Here are a few reasons we believe this:

  • High Points Rewards. Unlike many cards, the Buffpay card offers a lot of points per purchase used towards gaming technology or even in-game purchases.  
  • Free Debit Card. As a debit card, it is completely free with no risk of credit score issues. Along with no APR fees. 
  • Great Features. This card offers many great features such as online purchases, direct deposit, and much more
  • Useable Worldwide. Anyone can use this card anywhere in the world as it is associated with VISA, the world's #1 banking card. 

There are many other reasons we believe the BuffPay card is worth it. Make sure to check out our review points below!

Rewards (4/5)

Compared to other debit card competitors such as the UGami Card, BuffPay is definitely one of the best cards when it comes to rewards and earning more for each dollar spent. You also have the option of merging "Buff" points with your account from Buff.Game to earn more and overall have better discounts. 

Buffpay Review

A few rewards that are worth mentioning would be:

  • 3% cash back on each purchase.
  • Free Welcome Bonus gift cards from $5-100 when you spend with the BuffPay Card.
  • Worldwide purchase eligibility 

Including these rewards, along with the ability to merge Buff Points, this gaming debit card is worth trying. Especially since it is free!


Fees (4/5)

There are no fees as of now that are included in the sign up of the debit card from BuffPay. Unless you are paying for the premium of, the only "fees" you will be paying are country taxes when you purchase an item.

Buffpay Review

Once we logged in to receive the 100 points, they claim you receive when you sign-up, we noticed they want you to link a Buff Account to spend the points. Considering they only give you a limited number of days to unlock these bonuses that they give to new users, this could be frustrating. 

Buffpay Review

Unless you are certain you are going to actually fund money into the BuffPay card and use it, it's best to make sure to sign up only when you are ready to purchase something. Otherwise, you could be convinced to purchase up to $1000 into the account only to receive the welcome points. This is a marketing strategy to convince you to spend more money than you intended. So, make sure you are paying for what you wanted. 

Buffpay Review

Of course, this is only if you are wanting to spend solely to earn points. If you are looking to buy a few in-game items here and there, spending over $1,000 may not be on the agenda. 


Features (4/5)

BuffPay offers a few great features that are great for those looking to get a debit card for gaming discounts. Some of the best features of the BuffPay Card Includes:

  • Direct Deposit (Instant)
  • 0% transfer fees
  • Pay anywhere for anything
  • Visa Card
  • Customizable Card
  • Merge Buff Points from BuffPay and BuffGame transactions. 
  • Mobile and Website Access

The mobile app is one of the better features of the BuffPay card. Although it is nice to also have access to our personal portal on the computer, having access on mobile is essential. From here, you are able to add funds and view the remaining balance. Along with access to the BuffMarket. In order to join the BuffMarket, you must first also download the buff app.

Merging your BuffPay debit card with your Buff Account allows you to earn buff coins by playing games while also having the ability to purchase real-life items to earn even more buff points.

Buffpay Review

Along with this, the loyalty program also allows players to have Buff premium. Buff Premium users are only eligible if they have an actual buff account. This has no connection with BuffPay. Collecting buff points and playing pc games is essential to gaining the most to purchase free gift cards, in-game rewards, etc.

Buffpay Review


Reputation Among Gamers (3/5)

Unfortunately, the BuffPay Debit Card is only available to own in the US. Even though you can purchase from anywhere worldwide, BuffPay is not available yet for other countries. You can still you BuffGames to earn points towards your account, regardless of country. 

Buffpay Review

Since BuffPay is a fairly new addition to the platform, not very many gamers have yet to experience the BuffPay Debit Card. Although, there are many sponsors of BuffPay through notorious Streamers. A couple of examples would be here:

Professor Akali: Akali Profile on Youtube

JMeyels: JMeyels Profile on Youtube

Along with this, there have been a few reviewers who have actually had some good experiences with Buff and have earned legitimate rewards. In almost every gaming category. 

Buffpay Review


BuffPay is great for those looking to add more buff coins to their Buff account, along with being a safe and secure option among gaming fintech.

The card can also be a good alternative if you are looking for a good credit card for your gaming activities.

How Does Buff Make Money?

As a gaming rewards platform, Buff Game and Buff Pay make money from advertisements, premium subscriptions, and interchanging fees. Although players can play games and collect buff points for free, earning buff points on a larger scale is much more exciting, thus the premium feature. 

Once you download buff, they immediate start advertising for the tranfering of money from your personal checking account, spending more to earn more, and all of the marketing schemes to get you to start contributing to the company's earnings.

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