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Is CollectSkins Legit [CollectSkins Review]

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Updated on Nov 27, 2022
Is CollectSkins Legit [CollectSkins Review]

Is Collectskins Legit?

Collectskins is an entirely safe offer wall website. It has been in operation since 2015 and is associated with a legitimate business registered in the UK called Noscar Digital Limited. Collectskins only works with verified offer wall and survey providers, so you can rest assured that you will get paid for every task you perform


Not to mention that the website comes with security features like a Cloudflare DDoS protection or a valid Padlock (SSL) which means that the communication between the browser and the web server will be totally encrypted.

Collectskins Legit


Collectskins Promo Code

Start your earning adventure with Collectskins with a 10% bonus using our referral code "TheGlobalGaming". Note that this bonus is only available to new users and works for 24 hours after registration. Here’s how to claim it:

  1. Register to Collectskins (top-right corner of site).
  2. You will be redirected to the welcome page. Scroll all the way down to access your personal information. 
  3. Enter our promo code "TheGlobalGaming" in the "referral information" field and select “Next”.
  4. Finish your registration process. 
  5. Done! From now on, for the next 24 hours, all your earnings will come with a 10% bonus.
Collectskins Promo Code


Payout options (2.5/5)

Currently, you can withdraw your Collectskins funds through:

  • PayPal
  • 1-Month Discord Nitro Subscription
  • Gift Cards
  • CSGO skins (CS.Deals Voucher)
Collectskins Payment

This offer would be quite interesting if not for the fact that there are super high fees associated with it (up to 30%). Collectskins clearly admits that the withdrawal system is designed so that the site takes up to 30% of our total earnings, which seems unacceptable to us. 

Collectskins Fees

We understand that they also need to make money, but cutting 20-30% of our profits is just too much – at the end of the day, we care about earning money for ourselves, not for the offer wall site. 


Reputation (4.5/5)

Collectskins has a first-class reputation. Not only does it have thousands of positive user reviews on the internet, but it has also built a huge community and developed social media profiles.

Collectskins Community

The site is also trusted by Trend Micro, a browser extension that checks the authenticity of the site based on various data. Moreover, if you look at their Discord server, it’s clear to see that the Collectskins has tons of returning users every month and people generally enjoy it. During our tests everything worked fine as well, however there are sites with a even better reputation. That’s why we gave it 4,5/5. Still it is - in our eyes - slightly more reputable than Gain.GG.


Coin Exchange Rate (5/5)

The coin exchange system at Collectskins is super simple – 100 points equals $1. Generally speaking, the smaller the numbers, the better, and it would be best to see exactly how much you earn. 

However, offer wall websites like to have their own currency operating on large numbers to "trick" users into thinking they have more money than they actually do. 

Collectskins Tasks

Still, we like the fact that when we see a task for, say, 10 points, we know that it exactly equals 10 cents – it just makes things clear for anyone, and that's why we'll give it a 5/5 rating.


Methods for earning money available (5/5)

Collectskins offers a variety of earning options. The website has partnered with as many as 19 offer walls and survey providers, plus also has some unique earning options like:

  • Raffles (up to $50 in prizes)
  • Sending game clips ($0.10 per clip)
  • Roulette (with a provably fair system, like on most gambling websites)
  • Watching video ads 
Collectskins Money Making

We especially like the option to earn money by sending game clips. Imagine just playing games, scoring some clean frags and aces from time to time, recording it, and getting paid! 

User Experience (5/5)

The site works just great, and this may be the best offer wall we have tested so far in this aspect. No pop-ups, weird ads – nothing! A nice, clean and fast user interface is not so common on offer wall websites, and Collectskins definitely provides that.

Collectskins UI

It is also worth mentioning that Collectskins offers a mobile app for Android. Most of the time, such apps do not reflect what we can get in the web version of the site – but that's not the case with Collectskins! The app is a faithful copy of the original website, and you can fully use all the available features there.


Customer Support (2/5)

And finally, something we are not really happy about – Collectskins's support. So, we have only two options to contact customer service, and these are E-mail ([email protected]) and Discord. Collectskins has no chat or ticket system, and their FAQ section is also pretty undeveloped. Unfortunately, we received most of the answers to our questions after only several hours, which is not what we would expect from stable customer support.

Collectskins Customer Support

We're quite surprised that a website operating for more than half a decade hasn't taken care of such an important aspect. After all, often on offer wall sites, various problems such as not getting paid for performing different tasks tend to happen. That said, we think that having a stable support system should be their priority, and we really hope that this will change soon.


Overall, we can say that we enjoyed using Collectskins. Sure, the site has its downsides which may be unacceptable for some, but we generally had positive impressions while testing it.
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