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How Good is CreeperHost? [Honest Review]

We tested and honestly reviewed Creeperhost, a Minecraft server hosting provider.

Published on Dec 10, 2022
How Good is CreeperHost? [Honest Review]

Creeperhost is a server hosting company that provides servers for Minecraft as well as other games. Today we rented a Minecraft server and decided to do a little bit of research.

Are they a legit and reliable company you should spend your money on? Do they provide the greatest game server hosting services and is their support team decent? Let's find out!

Is Creeperhost Legit?

Yes, CreeperHost is legit! For a plethora of different reasons, Creeperhost seems like a legit and reliable company. Let's see a few major reasons they seem so trustworthy:

  • Creeperhost is a company registered as "CREEPERHOST LTD" in London, England. They have been operating since 2013.

  • Their site has been running since 2011.

  • According to similarweb, Creeperhost gets over 60k visitors per month on their site.

All in all, Creeper Host is a legit game server hosting company. They have multiple reasons to back that up, including those written above. Their negative reviews online are minimum and they do not have to do with how legit they are.

Creeperhost Control Panel

Creeperhost has a great control panel. Everything is nicely organized and the navigation is made easy with a navigation bar on the left side of their website.

Overall the user interface is great and Creeperhost developers have done an amazing job of providing a smooth configuration in their custom built panel.

The control panel on their website will not be hard to understand even with less tech savvy customers.

Creeperhost Pricing (4/5)

While having a look at their different pricing plans for Minecraft servers I realized something. The 10-player plan had no extra cost when compared to the 5-player plan. Both offered the same hosting service for the same amount of money.

I decided to contact their support team to find out why that was happening. Usually, when features such as the players the server increase, the customers have to pay extra.

Their support team basically replied that since the 5-player and 10-player plans use the same resources (Same Ram and CPU usage) there is no need to have different pricing.

That is amazing because, for the most part, you can choose the 10-player option to play with more friends without having to worry about spending more money!

All in all, their Minecraft servers are affordable and their pricing is relatively competitive.

Different Pricing Model after server purchase

While slightly bizarre, Creeperhosts gives you the option to downgrade your server to a cheaper one with fewer resources after you have made your purchase.

While I paid 12.55 USD for my server, the cheapest option, Creeper host now offers me the option to downgrade to only 4.61USD per month.

Of course, the server resources are different, however, I was not given that cheapest plan when I initially purchased my server. This may be something to keep in mind if you are on a low budget and need a Minecraft server.

Creeperhost Payment Methods

Something I found really interesting is the number of different payment options CreeperHost has. Other providers have only 1 or 2 payment methods while Creeperhost has 6.

You can pay for your dedicated game server using PayPal, Creeperhost Gift Card, Cryptocurrencies, Direct Debit, Credit or ClanPay. Having the ability to choose so many methods can only benefit the user experience!

Creeperhost Support Team (3/5)

Since I contacted CreeperHost's support team to figure out how their pricing system works, I can tell they have a relatively fast support team. While their reply took a couple of hours to be sent, in less than 24 hours I had an answer to my question.

Their reply was short but to the point and while they did not answer super fast, they did solve my tiny issue. Other more crucial matters should have been replied faster and that is why I decided to give their support a 3.5/5. Still, it's a bit better than on services like BeastNode, where some plans don't even have a customer support plan.

Features and Performance (4/5)

Creeperhost provides game servers with all the main features users may expect to find. You can upload a custom world or export the world the server is currently using. You also seem to have access to all the server files on their site.

Mods, plugins, and datapacks can be manually uploaded by the users but Creeperhost does not provide many "one-click" installs, unlike other providers.

Creeperhost server performance

After playing for a little while on my Minecraft server it is safe to say that their performance is great. I did not face any lag or unpleasant connection issues.

Moreover, I never seemed to be using more than 50% of the server's RAM or CPU.

If you do not need to install too many mods or plugins, CreeperHost is a safe option as your server host.

CreeperHost's reputation among gamers (2.5/5)

Let's have a look at what some internet users have to say about their experience with Creeperhost. On the official Minecraft subreddit, I found a post from a user complaining about their server crashing regularly.

The user seems to be playing on their server with 5 to 7 players at the time. They are using 4Gb of Ram which could be too low for this number of players.

Even though I had a great experience with their support team, it seems like in this case the user is not satisfied. They claim that Creeperhost have not replied to them for a couple of days which for a repetitive crashing issue sounds pretty terrible from their end.

A user suggests they may switch to a different hosting service such as G-Portal or Apex Minecraft Hosting.

This Reddit post may help you understand that while I personally had a great experience with their server hosting, not everyone has.

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