Is CS.Deals Legit? [CS.Deals Review] | TGG

Is CS.Deals Legit? [CS.Deals Review]

Is CS.Deals worth it? Or maybe it's just another scam? We tested it very thoroughly for you!
Is CS.Deals Legit? [CS.Deals Review]

Is CS.Deals Legit?

CS.Deals is a legit trade bot marketplace for CS:GO, Dota 2, Team Fortress and Rust items. The website has been in operation since 2016, and today it has nearly half a million visitors every month.


It is also worth mentioning that the site is associated with a legitimate business called VirtuTrade registered in Finland. 

And on top of that, CS.Deals is also featured on CSGO Trading Subreddit's whitelist, which is the "icing on the cake" of its legitimacy.

Is CS.Deals Legit

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CS.Deals Promo Code

There is currently no working promo code on CS.Deals. However, we still prepared something for you! By clicking on the button below, you will be automatically  redirected to the best promotional offer or bonus currently running on the site (Christmas, Black Friday, etc.)

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Reputation (5/5)

CS.Deals has an almost exemplary reputation for a CSGO marketplace. Its Trustpilot profile is filled with positive user reviews, and it all comes with sky-high website traffic (which you can check on similarweb). CS.Deals is also known to be used by well-known CSGO traders such as Gergely Szabo

CS.Deals Reputation

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Price (5/5)

CS.Deals is a great place for both buyers and sellers. Every item you find here has no hidden fees, and the discounts can go super high (especially for Dota 2). Sellers only have a 2% fee which is also incredibly low – in comparison, one of the most popular gaming marketplaces out there, Dmarket, has a whopping 7% fee, not to mention Skinport, where fees go up to 12%. 

CS.Deals Prices

However, while mostly CS.Deals will have more attractive prices compared to those on the Steam Marketplace, it's worth remembering that this won't always be the case.

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Item Variability (5/5)

On CS.Deals you will find various items for CSGO, Dota 2, Rust, and Team Fortress. And usually, on marketplaces with "cs" in the name, these extra games are some kind of filler sections that nobody uses – well, not this time.

CS.Deals Item Variability

Obviously, the CSGO section is the most developed, but honestly, we were surprised at how many items there are even for Rust; CS.Deals here definitely wins out over sites like Bitskins and CS.Trade, and it's not even close.

And honestly, while testing the site, we didn't feel that any of these sections were neglected in any way. With all that said, you already know that it's one of the easiest 5/5s in the history of our reviews.

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User Experience (4/5)

There's no denying it, CS.Deals' user interface is not the most modern. Still, that's pretty much it when it comes to drawbacks in terms of user experience user experience

Making any trades on this site is much more comfortable to use, even when compared to other marketplaces operating on trading bots such as CSGOEXO. While testing the site, the average trade execution time was about 58 seconds; doesn't that sound awesome already? If that isn't fast enough, Skinswaps's average transaction takes just 42 seconds!

CS.Deals Screenshot

CS.Deals also has the feature of generating a 3D screenshot of the item you are interested in, known from CS.Money, which is very helpful and still not that popular on gaming marketplaces.

It is also worth mentioning that CS.Deals is available in 11 different languages, which makes it even more accessible for many users.

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Customer Support (2.5/5)

CS.Deals works on a ticket system that is somewhat outdated and, from our experience, super slow.

When we wrote a support ticket, we had to wait 2 days for a reply, which is far too long. However, when we texted CS.Deals on their Twitter profile, we got an answer in just 5 hours, and that is a much better response time. But still – should Twitter be a foundation of a customer support system? We don’t think so, and that’s why our rating is so low here. CS.Deals could learn from SkinCashier.

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Payment Methods (4/5)

CS.Deals supports many popular payment methods such as Skrill, MasterCard, and Bank Transfer. Of course, we also have access to cryptocurrency payments, and although it's still a pretty niche payment option, countless CSGO trading enthusiasts are using it.

CS.Deals Payment Options

But you already know that we miss PayPal hard here. Theoretically, there is one option to use it, and it will be through special gift cards from Kinguin. However, from our experience, they are often out of stock, so we wouldn't even count this method as available.

CS.Deals Gift Cards

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CS.Deals is, in our opinion, one of those marketplaces you want to have in the back of your mind if you often buy, sell or trade items in games like CSGO, Rust, Dota 2, or Team Fortress. It is definitely one of the better sites of its kind out there.

Is CS.Deals Legit?

CS.Deals is a legit trade bot marketplace for CS:GO, Dota 2, Team Fortress and Rust items. The website has been in operation since 2016, and today it has nearly half a million visitors every month.

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5/ 5

CS.Deals is a great marketplace that you should have in the back of your mind if you are into trading your in-game items.

5/ 5
5/ 5
Item Variability
5/ 5
User Experience
4/ 5
2.5/ 5
Payment Methods
4/ 5
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