CSGOatse Review | Legit | Promo Code | Alternatives

Review of Csgoatse: we check if the site is safe, compare alternative gambling sites and offer promo codes to get you the best deal possible!

CSGOatse Review | Legit | Promo Code | Alternatives

Is CSGOatse legit?

CSGOatse is a trusted gambling platform and it has been around for more than 4 years. The company also has a huge following on social media and also enjoys a good reputation among the community. We tested the website and didn’t find anything which questions the legitimacy of the gambling site. Considering these facts, CSGOatse is a legit platform. Popular Streamers such as “Sparkles” and “Juicy”  have featured CSGOatse on their channels. Since these popular streamers have used CSGOatse, it is another proof that the platform is legit.


CSGOatse Promo Code

CSGOatse offers some free coins which are geared toward new users when using the Promo Code/Referral Code. However, if you are interested in gambling you can use our Promo Code “TGGATSE” to get 1000 coins of balance which will help you get started on the platform.

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Available Games

CSGOatse offers a variety of games from which you can pick one according to your personal preferences.


It offers games such as Versus (previously called Match Betting), Wheel, Crash, Twenty-One, Mine, Dice and Jackpot.

User interface

When you launch the website for the first time, it asks you to confirm your age and also ask for your agreement to terms of condition. Once you pass it, you will land on the official website which looks modern.


The website itself is really easy to use, you get the games on the top side of the display and you can simply click them and you can start playing them.

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Which payment options does this CSGOatse have?

CSGOatse allows you to deposit the funds using G2A Pay. It is a trusted payment gateway and it supports more than 200 payment options including VISA, MasterCard, and other popular payment options. CSGOatse also allows you to use Bitcoin and Litecoin for deposits.


Refund policy

CSGOatse offers refunds but there are some terms and conditions which apply to any given case. For example, if you somehow lose your funds due to an error or problem on your end then you won’t get any refunds. Similarly, the company has the right to refund any bets placed at the time of removing or restricting a specific game.

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Best way to reach the customer support

CSGOatse comes with a Web-based ticket system and you can only submit a ticket if you are logged into the website using your Steam Account. You can also contact the customer support on Twitter as they are pretty active and responsive there.


You can consult the FAQ section as well which answers some frequently asked questions.

Is CSGOatse fair?

Just like any major CSGO Gambling site, CSGOatse also uses the Provable fairness algorithm which ensures that all the games are transparent and fair. This system ensures that CSGOatse can’t manipulate the results themselves. Users can also verify their results by using Hashes. You can verify the result & fairness for each game by using hashes and seed keys.

Is CSGOatse safe to use?

CSGOatse uses Cloudflare DDos Protection to ensure that the website is protected from DDoS attacks and you get a safe gambling experience. Moreover, all the communication on CSGOatse is also encrypted so your activity can’t be monitored by any spying entity. Considering these security features, we can say that CSGOatse should be completely safe to use and your payments are safe considering the payment providers they have.

Final Thoughts

CSGOatse is a trusted platform and it has been around for a long time. It is also recommended by popular streamers as well which shows that it is a legit platform. However, we would recommend you to be careful when using the platform and always understand the game before playing it. You can check the complete list of our best Counter-Strike Skin Gambling sites and best Skin Case opening websites. By redeeming the CSGOatse Promo Code “TGGATSE” you get 1000 free coins.Our review of CSGOatse is aimed exclusively at visitors to whose current location it is legal to play online games of chance or online casinos and does not violate the current legal situation. All games of chance are prohibited for children and young people under the age of 18.

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