Is CSGOCASES a legit case opening website? We tested it for You in this review!

Updated on Dec 01, 2022


CSGOCASES is a safe and legit CSGO case opening website. It has been in operation since 2018, and since then, users managed to open about 6 000 000 cases and withdraw over nearly 1 million skins.

3.1 / 5

CSGOCASES is a decent case opening website, but we think that they’re better alternatives.

Provably Fair
1 / 5
3.5 / 5
Coin Exchange Rate
4 / 5
Games Available
3 / 5
User Experience
4.5 / 5
Customer Support
2.5 / 5

CSGOCASES is also registered as a legitimate business in Poland, founded by Polish entrepreneur Jarosław Ptasiński. Moreover, according to similarweb, the website has more than half a million views per month, and that’s a really good number for a CSGO gambling site.


Unfortunately, are no bonus codes for CSGOCases you can use. However, we will keep an eye out and provide them to our users once they are available.


Provably Fair (1/5)

Unfortunately, CSGOCASES does not have a provably fair system (Like G4Skins,, CSGO500, and Ezy). And this is really very unfortunate because the existence of such a system is one of the essential features that a gambling site should have if it wants to create a sense of fairness among its users. 

CSGOCASES Provably Fair

That said, even though we believe that no third parties can interfere with the outcome of our case openings, we have virtually nothing to prove that, which is a huge downside.


Reputation (3.5/5)

We don’t know how we should feel about CSGOCASES’s reputation. It has very few user reviews on services like Trustpilot, and although most of them are quite positive, a big part of them was added in very short intervals, and that's quite suspicious.

CSGOCASES Reputation

But what's a plus – it's hard to find any bad reviews or scam accusations, and CSGOCASES's website traffic is still pretty high, so we kind of have to conclude that the site has a pretty good reputation

Still, we don't have enough material on this issue, plus these strange reviews added in short intervals... this kind of forces us to take at least 1 rating point from our rating.


One thing worth mentioning is that it looks like the whole project is managed by just one person. That's a bit of a concern for us, considering how big this website is, especially when it comes to the stability and authenticity of the entire project. 

Overall, the reputation of CSGOCASES can be compared to LootBear - it's ok, but not good.


Coin Exchange Rate (4/5)

CSGOCASES doesn’t have any coins system, and we operate with real money (like DaddySkins), specifically US dollars – and we love it! Moreover, CSGOCASES supports G2A Pay, a payment gateway that allows you to access over 250 deposit methods.

CSGOCASES Coin Exchange Rate

The only downside is that you can only withdraw your funds with CSGO skins you get off your cases, and for that, we’ll deduct 1 point from our rating.


Games Available (3/5)

CSGOCASES is a case-opening website, so we shouldn't expect too many gambling games (like on CSGOFast and CSGOEmpire). Even the addition of such an innocent gambling mode as a coinflip could result in the site being blocked in various countries, including Poland (the headquarters of CSGOCASES), where gambling and its promotion are heavily restricted by law. 


However, even case-opening websites have some extra game modes like case battles, skin contracts, etc., and we don’t have it here. Unfortunately, CSGOCASES is limited to this classic case opening mode, although we must admit that it works really well, and we have a vast selection of various cases in different price ranges. 


User Experience (4.5/5)

CSGOCASES is like "I am speed". Not only is its UI super fast and efficient, but also the withdrawal system. 

The site claims that you can get your skins in just 30 seconds. Too good to be true? Well, we tested it, and it actually happened almost instantly – we received an invite from the trading bot the second after we asked for a withdrawal. 


One pretty unusual thing for a gambling website is that all of your skins are automatically sold 31 days after you drop them, for which you get site currency. Keep this in mind when you want to withdraw some skins.

CSGOCASES weapon skins

One thing we would also like to point out is the availability of only two languages – Polish and English. It is not that big of a deal because opening cases is not that complicated a process, so we will take away only 0.5 points from our rating for that.


Customer Support (2.5/5)

As mentioned earlier, it seems that CSGOCASES is managed by only one person (probably the owner), in which case it is obvious that you cannot count on a working ticket system, let alone live chat support. However, in such a case, it would be good to have a very (!) extensive FAQ section, and unfortunately, after four years of operation, the website still does not have such a thing


All we essentially have is information that you should try to contact CSGOCASES's customer support via e-mail ([email protected]) or Facebook, which is not even linked to (but here it is). We tried both options and got a response in just a couple of hours, but still, these are not the standards we’d expect from a gambling website, which is why we'll give it 2.5/5.


All in all, CSGOCASES is not a bad case opening website, and you might want to keep it in mind. However, we think that they're better alternatives such as Hellcase, which we also wrote a review about.

Whichever site you decide to use, keep in mind that there are risks involved in gambling and that whether you get AWP Dragon Lore or a cheap skin for SSG 08 is not really in your control.
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