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Is CSGOEmpire legit? [CSGOEmpire Review]

We took a look for You at the oldest and most popular CSGO gambling site — CSGOEmpire [best promo code included].

Updated on Dec 26, 2022
Is CSGOEmpire legit? [CSGOEmpire Review]

Is CSGOEmpire Legit?

CSGOEmpire operates completely legally and is legit; it is a business founded by Monarch, who started this project in 2016 in his bedroom!

Today the service is affiliated with Moonrail Limited, a company registered in Curaçao, although the team works from different parts of the world (mainly in Europe).

4.7 / 5

CSGOEmpire is a fair and legit CS:GO gambling website that boasts excellent user review scores, a classy UI and reliable customer support.

Provably Fair/Hash System
5 / 5
5 / 5
Coin Exchange Rate
4.9 / 5
Games Available
4 / 5
User Experience
5 / 5
4.5 / 5

Moreover, CSGOEmpire comes with SSL, which ensures that the connection is encrypted and has stable protection against DDOS and, more importantly, a provably fair system. 

CSGOEmpire Safe

That said, whether you want to play roulette, throw a coinflip, or place a bet on your favorite team — you can rest assured that you are safe and can do so without much risk.


CSGOEmpire Promo Code

Another way to collect free cases is to use our CSGOEmpire referral code "TGGEMPIRE". All you need to do is enter the CSGOEmpire website using this link or the button below and then log in through your Steam account (via Steam ID) or create a new CSGOEmpire account.

By using our CSGOEmpire referral code, you will get a bonus case and, therefore, free coins that you can use for the gambling game of your choice.


How To Claim A Free Case/free Coins On CSGOEmpire?

CSGOEmpire offers a daily free case for playing one of their gambling games (skin betting/coinflip/roulette). 

To claim your free bonuses and cases, just click on "Bonus cases" at the top of the CSGOEmpire website. The higher your CSGOEmpire level is on this gambling site, the better the rewards you can get in your daily case. 

CSGOEmpire Free Case

Note that you do not get the actual CS:GO skins are shown in the case (sorry to all of you who wanted that AWP Dragon Lore), but rather free coins, which you can then convert to real money or use to play the gambling game of your choice. 


Provably Fair/Hash System (5/5)

CSGOEmpire uses a hash system that determines the outcome of the game before the bet is placed (this obviously does not apply to match betting), which is a must for any CS:GO gambling sites, and available on many, including and CSGO.Net but less so on CSGOCases.

CSGOEmpire Hash System

Everything is purely random and coded in such a way that no one can predict the outcome. However, the script works differently for each game — whether it's case opening, roulette, or coinflip. 

It’s worth mentioning that Monarch (founder of CSGOEmpire) is constantly fighting for the implementation of provably fair hash systems on other CSGO gambling sites, so the field can grow even bigger.

Thanks to his efforts, for example, Hellcase, the largest case opening website, decided to implement a hash system in early 2021 so that users could safely use the site without fear of being scammed. CSGOEmpire is generally very open about their RNG system.


Reputation (5/5)

For a gambling site, CSGOEmpire has a surprisingly good reputation (even better than Gamdom) for an international site with very few negative reviews, and it’s currently the biggest site in the CSGO gambling field. 

Reliable user score on Trustpilot, more than a million unique views per month, and active Twitter profile of its founder — all adds up to its credibility. It is also worth mentioning that CSGOEmpire has been repeatedly promoted by YouTubers and content creators. 

Furthermore, the site has been running for 5 years now, so it must be enjoying constant interest, and you can be sure that CSGOEmpire is not just one of many scam sites you will come across while searching for a legitimate site.


Coin Exchange Rate (4.9/5)

The only withdrawal methods on CSGOEmpire are cryptocurrencies (such as bitcoin cash) and CSGO skins.

This may be caused by law regulations in various countries (mainly European) that restrict earning real money from gambling on betting sites. And that's actually the only downside. Apart from that, the coin exchange rate on CSGOEmpire is super fair and quite attractive

In fact, we can say that one coin is equal to one dollar, and the skins that we can get in our withdrawal offer are pretty similar to those on the Steam Marketplace. Compared to most other betting sites, CSGOEmpire knows what it's doing and can definitely compete with the likes of Ezy.


Games Available (4/5)

Okay, but what can you actually play at CSGOEmpire's casino? The choice is limited to three games — Roulette, Match Betting, and Coinflip.

So, if you're a jackpot, crash (Rush crash), or slots player, CSGOEmpire might not be for you, and you might want to look for other betting sites. The limited number of games can be linked to gambling regulations in Europe; just the existence of Slots Mode could limit the site's operation in Belgium, Slovakia, or Poland. 

However, the game modes that are there are really polished. Let's look a little deeper into them.



The classic roulette game on CSGOEmpire consists of selecting a bet on one of the three sides — Counter-Terrorists, Terrorists, and CSGOEmpire. 

CSGOEmpire Roulette

CSGOEmpire is the least likely to win, but the bonus on winning is increased by as much as 14 times. This is the most popular game mode on this site, and there are usually between 100 and 200 bets placed during one roulette.

Moreover, you can play it 24/7, and you are not dependent on match schedules or players who want to join the coinflip queue with you. That's quite impressive, considering very few sites offer the same gambling experience, but that is not the only game on this site.


Match Betting

CSGOEmpire’s betting system is probably the closest option to good old CSGO skin betting on the market today, but instead of skins, we use CSGOEmpire's coin currency (which actually shows up as skins in your bonus cases) for esports betting.

This is an approach many betting sites use, and it's definitely a welcomed one.

Also, the esports betting options aren’t limited to just Counter-Strike, but they cover esports games like:

  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2
  • Valorant
  • Rocket League
  • Call of Duty
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Overwatch
  • King of Glory

Of course, there aren't as many options to bet on as on trading sites that focus specifically on this feature, but some odds can be really attractive, and for the most part, you will find fair odds, so if you're deep into the betting game — keep CSGOEmpire in mind.

So whether you want to bet on Counter-Strike or any other popular esports game, CSGOEmpire is the place to be! Alternatively, you can also use CSGOFast.



CSGOEmpire’s coinflip game mode works exactly as it does on other CSGOCoinflip websites. In the coinflip game, you compete with a player for a certain amount of credits, flip a coin, and the winner takes it all — it requires virtually no game knowledge to play this coin bet game. 

CSGOEmpire Coinflip

The equivalent of Heads and Tails are the Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists badges from CSGO. 

Your chances of winning are statistically always 50%, although, as we already know, the outcome of the game is already known before it starts. We don't really have any influence on the coinflip outcome, but that's what this mode is all about. Everything works smoothly, and the interface should also be easy to use for anyone, so we can't say a single bad word.


User Experience (5/5)

User Experience on CSGOEmpire offers the highest standards. Every game mode is straightforward to use, and the site also offers community chat in 15 different languages! 

The login process itself is super simple; you just need to link your Steam account, and that's it. Besides, CSGOEmpire has a very eye-pleasing design that encourages you to stay for longer gambling sessions.


Support (4.5/5)

Unfortunately, support is the weakest part of CSGOEmpire

CSGOEmpire Support

The live chat function doesn’t work too well, and they tell you upfront that you may wait up to a few hours for a reply. We tested this on two different days; on the weekend and the other time in the middle of the week at noon. 

On the weekend, we didn't get a response from the support team at all, while in the middle of the week, the wait time was about 15 minutes. 

This deviates from all standards of online marketplaces and gambling sites (like CSGO500), so our rating cannot be so high. You can also try contacting support via the CSGOEmpire Twitter account, but if you're dealing with some big issues that need to be described in detail, we recommend you try reaching them out by email at [email protected]

However, the answer we got was excellent, even if our request wasn’t easy to solve. That’s why we rated it 4.5 in the end.


All in all, CSGOEmpire is one of the best CS:GO gambling websites. Please be aware of the risks associated with gambling.
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