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Is CSGOEXO Legit? [CSGOEXO Review]

Is CSGOEXO a safe platform to trade your skins at? We tested it for You in this Review!
Is CSGOEXO Legit? [CSGOEXO Review]


CSGOEXO is a safe & Legit CSGO bot trading platform that has been established in 2020. The website comes with security features such as Cloudflare DDoS protection and a Valid Padlock (SSL) which ensures that the communication between the server and the device is encrypted.

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5/ 5

CSGOEXO is an interesting trading platform, but it still needs numerous improvements to become our main one.

3/ 5
Item Variability
3/ 5
User Experience
2/ 5
3/ 5
Payment Options
3/ 5
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Although CSGOEXO is a relatively new site, it's not hard to find good user reviews about it on the internet, such as on various Subreddits dedicated to CSGO trading. 

is csgoexo legit

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CSGOEXO Bonus & Discounts

For now, CSGOEXO doesn't have any available promo codes. The only thing you can do to receive some sort of discount on this website is to join CSGOEXO's Steam group to get a 1% bonus on all of your trades.


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Reputation (4/5)

Even though CSGOEXO is a relatively new trading platform, all the user reviews we found on the Internet suggest that the site has a pretty good reputation. There may not be a lot of website traffic, but other than that, there is no reason to believe that there is anything wrong with the site.

CSGOEXO reputation

If there were more user reviews and YouTube videos about CSGOEXO, we could give it 5/5, but for now, we think 4/5 is fair enough.

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Prices (4/5)

The prices on CSGOEXO are very attractive, and we would say even better than some popular marketplaces (such as CS.Trade). However, one big minus is that you have virtually no influence on the price of your skins because it is always determined by the trading bot. That said, some of your skins may be undervalued, especially if you have some valuable stickers on them. 

csgoexo prices

Still, CSGOEXO's trading bots are doing excellent at calibrating these prices, and it is not hard to find a good deal on this site. It is also worth mentioning that CSGOEXO offers attractive trading fees that can be as low as just 2% (like on CSGOFloat).

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Item Variability (3/5)

Because CSGOEXO is not yet such a popular trading platform, its item variability aspect does not look the best. Most skins sold on this site are cheap skins that are "fillers" in official CSGO cases. 

There is no access to stickers, sprays, agent skins – nothing like that. Basically, all we have on CSGOEXO are weapon skins, knives, and gloves.

CSGOEXO Rare Skins

Still, you can often find some good deals here, but the chance that you will find exactly what you are looking for is much smaller than on other marketplaces such as CS.Deals.

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User Experience (2/5)

CSGOEXO's user interface is way out of line with current standards and might just be one of the worst sites we've tested in this regard. We have already mentioned that due to the limited availability of items on CSGOEXO it is tough to find the specific skin you are looking for, and with the way, the search feature works on this site, it is even more difficult to find anything

Moreover, the site is also frequently down or suspended for a few days due to frequently changing prices, and that's what we really don't want to see in a place where we leave our CSGO skins. 

csgoexo user experience

However, the trading process is quick and efficient – as soon as the person you are trading with accepts your offer, the trade happens almost instantly. But still, how long you will wait for a trade to complete depends solely on the other person, and in such a situation the lack of some kind of rating system that would display traders' reliability is a bit disappointing.

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Support (3/5)

CSGOEXO operates on a ticket system, but you can also contact them by email ([email protected]). We have tested both of these methods, and in both cases, we got a response after 2 days

csgoexo customer support

This is another aspect where CSGOEXO falls short of our expected standards. The process of creating a ticket is easy enough, but because of how long it takes to get a response, we can't give it a higher rating than 3/5. A similar situation as with CSGOFast.

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Payment Options (3/5)

CSGOEXO is just a trading platform, and you can't deposit or withdraw any money on the website (like on Skin.Cash). All you operate with is your CSGO items from your Steam account

csgoexo payment withdrawal

On the one hand, this severely limits the site's functionality, but on the other hand, this was exactly the intention – to make CSGOEXO a trading platform, not a buying/selling one. That said, we think that 3/5 is a reasonable rating for this aspect, and any lower rating would simply be unfair.

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To summarize – we would not use CSGOEXO as our main trading platfor, but it's still worth keeping this site in the back of your mind because of how many good deals you can find there.
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