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Is CSGOFloat Legit? [CSGOFloat Review]

Is CSGOFloat a safe trading site? Is it even good? We tested it for You in this review!

Updated on Dec 01, 2022
Is CSGOFloat Legit? [CSGOFloat Review]

Is CSGOFloat Legit?

CSGOFloat is a legit bot-based trading platform that has been founded in 2016. The website is associated with CSTech Software Inc., which is a legitimate business registered in Canada.

3.8 / 5

CSGOFloat is a really good trading platform and if it improves its weaknesses it will be able to confidently compete with the biggest CSGO marketplaces

5 / 5
5 / 5
Item Variability
5 / 5
User Experience
5 / 5
1.5 / 5
Payment & Cashout
2 / 5

Moreover, according to similarweb, CSGOFloat has over half a million views per month, which is quite a high number for a trading platform. 

Still not enough to make you trust them? So, how about the fact that CSGOFloat's browser extension has over 200,00 thousand downloads? Plus, anyone that wants to buy or sell items there needs to have an active Steam Mobile Guard for at least 7 days.

CSGOFloat Legit

We found nothing to suggest that CSGOFloat is a scam throughout our testing, and in our opinion, it is absolutely a safe website to use. Still, you should always make sure that you’re using the right URL, as there are some scammers that try to impersonate the website. You can do it by clicking on the button below:


CSGOFloat Promo Code

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Reputation (5/5)

CSGOFloat may not have the most user reviews in the world, but pretty much all of them are positive. It’s clear that CSGOFloat has a reputation as a legit and safe marketplace, if only by its presence on CSGO Trading Subreddit's whitelist.

CSGOFloat CSGO Trading Whitelist

The combined value of all items listed on CSGOFloat is almost $3 million ($2,808,917 at the time of writing this review), which adds to their credibility. Plus, CSGOFloat and its browser extension have been tested by various YouTubers such as ohnepixel.

CSGOFloat Reputation

All in all, this is a very reputable website, and belongs in the category of trusted skin trading sites alongside Skinwallet and


Price (5/5)

Prices on CSGOFloat are just great, thanks to a very low seller fee (only 2% - like on CSGOEXO CS.Deals). Because sellers don't lose money on their trades, they can still offer a relatively low price and profit more than on competing marketplaces, let alone the Steam Community Marketplace.

CSGOFloat Price

2% fee is super low; like, just compare it to CS.Trade (10%) or Bitskins (15%) which has been around for the same amount of time and is almost as popular. Actually, one marketplace that has a relatively similar seller fee is BUFF.Market but CSGOFloat still beats it by 0.5%! You can find discounts on pretty much anything, but especially on very rare knives and gloves, so you can save up to several thousand dollars.

CSGOFloat Knives

But can we say that CSGOFloat offers the best prices on the market in general? That would be a slight exaggeration; in fact, there is no single marketplace that provides the absolute best prices. Still, we believe that CSGOFloat is one of the places where you can find good bargains on CSGO skins.


Item Variability (4/5)

CSGOFloat only allows you to buy weapon skins – no stickers, cases, etc. However, you will find almost all skins in various wear states and patterns. The website even has a "Unique Items" section where you can find all skins with rare stickers (such as those from Katowice 2014). 

CSGOFloat Unique Items

So, CSGOFloat has something for everyone – casual gamers will find nice skins at reasonable prices, while more avid collectors will be able to invest in some rare items. Still, because the selection is limited to weapon skins, we will take away 1 point from our rating.


User Experience (5/5)

During our testing, CSGOFloat provided us with a top-notch user experience (much better than on LootBear). The site has many features that we really wish were on every CSGO marketplace. For example, you can add items to a watchlist and see how many people have done the same

CSGOFloat Watchlist

Moreover, you can check an in-game screenshot for any item you want. This feature is provided by CS.Money, and is especially useful for more expensive skins with unique patterns that are crucial to the price. Sometimes, one additional dot or shade can increase the item's value by several hundred dollars.

CSGOFloat Inspect

And the last feature we love is the CSGOFloat browser extension available for Chrome and Firefox. It gives you an option to see the float value right from your Steam inventory, which is outstanding; honestly, if we were super hard into CSGO trading, this extension would be our must-have. 

CSGOFloat Extension GitHub

If you’re more curious about this, you can check their GitHub page for it.


Customer Support (1,5/5)

CSGOFloat has neither a live chat nor a ticket system; everything they have is a FAQ section, which is actually quite extensive. 


But still, other than this FAQ section, CSGOFloat has virtually nothing, and the user is virtually on their own. You can also try to reach CSGOFloat’s staff at their Discord as they have some admins there, although, in our experience, their response time is very long.


Payment Options / Cashout Options (2/5)

And here’s another disappointment – deposit and withdrawal methods are very limited on CSGOFloat. It’s not that bad to deposit as you can actually use credit cards, but apart from that, you have to use Alipay, and if that doesn’t suit you, you’re left with cryptocurrencies. PayPal is not available here, as it is on SkinBraon.

CSGOFloat Deposit Options

It looks even worse for withdrawal; they are only three cashout methods on CSGOFloat, and these are:

  • Tether
  • Stripe
  • Payoneer

Super niche payout options that are not so popular among the CSGO trading community, so well, that’s another low rating for us. 


So, is CSGOFloat worth it? We think that this is a really nice marketplace and if it wasn't for the lack of customer support and limited cashout options, we would really consider it one of the better CSGO trading platforms out there.
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