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Is CSGO.Net Legit? [CSGO NET Review]

Look into our review & find out if it is the right & safe place for case openings!
Is CSGO.Net Legit? [CSGO NET Review]

Is Legit? is entirely legit – it’s one of the safest CSGO case opening platforms out there. It is a Russian website that started under the name It operates on a provably fair system that completely eliminates the possibility of third parties interfering with your game outcomes.

3.4 / 5 is not the worst CSGO case opening website, but it lacks simplicity and can be confusing for fresh gambling enthusiasts.

Provably Fair
5 / 5
5 / 5
Coin Exchange Rate
2 / 5
Games Available
4.5 / 5
User Experience
2 / 5
2 / 5

Furthermore, the website comes with numerous security features like DDoS protection and a Valid Padlock (SSL) which ensures that the communication between the server and the device will be encrypted. 

However, this reliable reputation is also an excellent tool for scammers who impersonate the site under similar URLs. 


That said, always make sure to use the right website URL to avoid the slightest chance of getting scammed. Be sure to land on the right website and click on our link:

VISIT CSGO.NET Promo Code currently does not have any active promo code. However, the site offers a daily rewards system where you can earn really interesting bonuses such as discounts on your cases or free skins – find more information on the bonus section of their website.

CSGONET Promo Code


Provably Fair (5/5)

Every single random outcome on is backed up by a provably fair system (like CSGOLiveGamdom,, and Hellcase). You can check the authenticity of any random action, and there's no way to miss third-party interference with such a system. Having such a provably fair system is crucial, especially when considering the mental health risks involved in gambling. 

CSGONET Provably Fair

By the way, the site didn't have this feature until recently. After a little argument with Monarch, a person who fights hard for implementing provably fair systems on CSGO gambling sites, the owners decided to add it at the end of 2021.


Reputation (5/5)

The website has a decent reputation, and there are plenty of positive reviews about on the internet. At the time of writing this review, their Trustpilot profile has nearly 4,000 consumer reviews, with 98% of them being positive

CSGONET Reputation

This is quite a remarkable result for a gambling website, especially since this is the kind of place where people tend to feel "cheated" by randomness and are often determined to write that the site is an absolute scam. Again, if you want to avoid getting scammed, remember to always use the right website URL, and you’ll be good.


Coin Exchange Rate (2/5) has its own currency, but it works on super strange and counterintuitive principles. First of all, before using the site, you must select your primary currency out of three available – Russian Ruble, US Dollar, and Euro. 

Note that it is not possible to change your primary currency in any other way than creating a ticket on their support mail ([email protected]). 

CSGONET Primary Currency

And this is where things start to get weird.’s website currency has no specific name and looks like this

CSGONET Currency

On top of that, this currency has a terribly strange coin exchange rate. Like, $0.139 for one coin? Not only is this confusing, but it can also make users feel like they have more money than they actually do, and we don't like it at all. Preferably, CSGO.Net should be using money (like DaddySkins) or a currency with a 1/1 exchange rate.

CSGONET Payment Options

It’s also worth mentioning that you can deposit your funds in more than 250 ways thanks to G2A Pay support, but you can only withdraw them through CSGO skins. Unfortunately, if there was an option to withdraw real money on the site, it could not operate in Russia, where it has the most users.


Games Available (4.5/5) offers 4 game modes (less than CSGORoll):

  • Classic case openings
  • Case battles
  • Skin contracts (aka Tradeups)
  • Skin upgrades
csgonet game modes

This may not seem like much, but adding more gambling games runs the risk of restricting the site in different countries due to law regulations. Plus, covers hundreds of cases (like CSGOCases) for every budget, so everyone should find something for themselves.


User Experience (2/5)

Unfortunately, we cannot rate our user experience too highly. Let's start with the fact that you don't see the quality of skins when opening cases, which is quite ridiculous. 


Skin quality is a critical factor in the final price of any CSGO skin; the difference between a Battle-Scarred and Factory New skin can be as much as hundreds of dollars. From our experience (but well, maybe we were super unlucky), with, you will always get the cheapest version of the skin, so keep that in mind when calculating the value of the case you’re about to open. 

There is also no "test spin" feature, which is increasingly common on CSGO and Rust case opening websites, and with how expensive some cases can get on, we think that such a feature is a must here.


Moreover, many of the cases' themes are random and have nothing to do with CSGO, and when they do, they are mostly done wrong. For example, a case that is supposed to be themed after CSGO pro player Kenny "kennyS" Schrub only contains one AWP skin and random skins that this particular pro is just not using.

At least the site doesn't randomly crash like FarmSkins, but that hardly improves our rating.



Support (2/5)'s support is another thing we can't rate too highly. It operates on a live chat in two languages – English and Russian. However, every time we tried to reach them, we got no response, and all we saw was the message "Please wait. At the moment all operators are busy." Every single time! Not the best experience, even worse than on CSGOPolygon.


Their FAQ section is also not the most developed one in the world. Although there are some answers to questions that can often be asked when using a gambling website, the answers are super short (1-2 sentences each) and may not be helpful enough for fresh gambling enthusiasts.


With all that said, we personally are not big fans of Although the site is safe and has a legit provably fair system, its features are simply impractical, making the website confusing for many, and the lack of good customer support makes it even more miserable. 
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