Is CSGOPoints legit? [CSGOPoints Review] | TGG

Is CSGOPoints legit? [CSGOPoints Review]

Are CSGOPoints offer walls a legit way to earn some free skins? Let’s find that out!
Is CSGOPoints legit? [CSGOPoints Review]

Is CSGOPoints Legit?

CSGOPoints is a safe offer wall website, but we still have mixed feelings about its reliability.

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5/ 5

Until CSGOPoints gets an update, we cannot recommend this site.

Payout Options
3/ 5
3/ 5
Coin Exchange Rate
4/ 5
Methods for earning money available
3/ 5
User Experience
2.5/ 5
Customer Support
2/ 5
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Although CSGOPoints has been around since 2015 and was one of the first sites where we could exchange points from completing surveys for CSGO skins, we get the feeling that the project has been somewhat abandoned. Since 2019, a considerable part of users have constantly complained about not getting their rewards, and the site's traffic has dropped significantly. 

CSGOPoints Legit

Still, the site has security features such as DDoS protection and a Valid Padlock (SSL) which ensures that the communication between the server and the device is encrypted. 

CSGOPoints Safe

So, we are far from calling CSGOPoints a scam website, but keep in mind that some features may not work as stably as they should.

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Payout Options (3/5)

You can exchange all of your earned points for gift cards and all kinds of CSGO items (from weapon skins to Steam Trading Cards) that you can later exchange on However, the gift card offerings are somewhat limited; for example, at the time of writing this review, G2A gift cards are not available.

CSGOPoints Gift Cards

As far as skins are concerned, there is quite a limited amount of them compared to CSGOPoints' competitors (try out Eneba,, or csmoney for example), and there are no skins from the latest Operations

One good thing about the site is that the minimum withdrawal starts from just 1 point ($0.01), so you can test the site by starting to withdraw cheap items such as graffiti or a Steam Trading Card.

CSGOPoints Skins

Still, it looks like the website hasn't been updated in a while when it comes to the available rewards, which is why our rating is pretty low here. 

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Reputation (3/5)

User reviews for CSGOPoints are mixed. Some people are satisfied with the site's services, others complain about its slow performance and long wait time for rewards.

CSGOPoints User Reviews

CSGOPoints does not have very high website traffic either. According to similarweb, it barely has 50,000 views per month, while some of its competitors that are relatively new in the game (like Freecash) have several million per month. 

That said, we have to admit that CSGOPoints doesn’t have a reputation as a reliable offer wall website.

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Coin Exchange Rate (4/5)

CSGOPoints' coin exchange rate is actually pretty straightforward to understand, and it works on similar principles as other offer wall websites – 1000 points is worth $1 (like on CSGOFast). And honestly, collecting those 1000 points is no problem; you can easily do it in an hour, and for $1, you can get yourself a couple of some cheap weapon skins. 

CSGOPoints Cheap Skins

However, as the site doesn't get frequent updates, many skins are kind of overpriced, so before claiming your rewards, make sure to double-check if you're not losing on value

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Methods for earning money available (3/5)

CSGOPoints cooperates with six task providers, although only two are really noteworthy in our opinion (AdGateRewards and OfferToro). 

Most of these providers were quite decent just a few years ago, but now it's tough to find profitable tasks there. So, if you decide to start earning on CSGOPoints, prepare for a lot of grinding

CSGOPoints Tasks

It's also worth mentioning that some providers (like AdscendMedia) have better offers in specific locations, so you may think, "alright, I'll just use VPN and double my profits". Don't do that! Using any kind of VPN software on CSGOPoints can result in losing all your funds and getting banned permanently and the same will happen with any other similar website like vLoot.

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User Experience (2.5/5)

When you enter the site, the first thing you notice is the reasonably outdated user interface. CSGOPoints has not changed its design since the beginning, so the website has looked the same for 7 years. 

csgopoints user interface

Virtually every action on this site takes place at a not-so-fast pace, especially when it comes to withdrawals. Many users complain that they do not get their skin withdrawals, where in practice you have to wait a long time for them. We have noticed that it is a matter of a few hours for cheap skins and items, but when it comes to more expensive items, the process can take up to a month for some reason.

csgopoints knife

Let’s say it out loud – this site needs an update. Desperately. It's clear that the website is not supported by its developers as it was just a few years ago, and you can feel it in terms of user experience. It's really a shame because the site has some potential, it just kind of stopped in 2015. Perhaps CSGOPoints could learn a thing or two from Skinport.

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Customer Support (2/5)

CSGOPoints' customer support operates on a ticket system that does not work very well. We have been waiting 4 days for their answer to a simple question, "does a website have any withdrawal fees?" (the answer is no if you're curious), and we still have not received a reply. The whole experience reminded us of BuffMarket.

CSGOPoints Customer Support

Moreover, the site owners are not responsible for not awarding points and say users themselves should contact task providers themselves, which is also below current standards. it's still better than Lolga, but that's hardly something to celebrate. CSGOPoints could learn from other websites with great customer support, like

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So, would we recommend CSGOPoints? Until the site gets an update, unfortunately not. But still, the site has really great potential, so all it takes is just a little bit of attention from its owners.
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