Is CSGOPolygon Legit? [CSGOPolygon Review] | TGG

Is CSGOPolygon Legit? [CSGOPolygon Review]

Is CSGOPolygon a safe place for Gambling? We tested it for You in this review!
Is CSGOPolygon Legit? [CSGOPolygon Review]

Is CSGOPolygon Legit?

CSGOPolygon is a legit gambling website that has been operating since 2016. Every random action on the website is backed up by a provably fair system, which ensures that no third party can interfere in the outcomes of your games.

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5/ 5

CSGOPolygon is an okay CSGO gambling website with a variety of Slots games and a pretty good match betting feature.

Provably Fair
3/ 5
3/ 5
Coin Exchange Rate
3/ 5
Games Available
5/ 5
User Experience
2.5/ 5
3.5/ 5

Furthermore, the website operates on a legitimate gambling license and has numerous security features like a valid padlock (SSL) and Cloudflare DDoS protection, which you can also find on other similar websites like WTFSkins.

Is CSGOPolygon Legit

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Provably Fair (5/5)

As we mentioned earlier, CSGOPolygon runs on a provably fair system that allows us to verify the authenticity of each game and eliminate any suspicion that the outcome was rigged. 

CSGOPolygon Provably Fair

This is an absolute must for any gambling website, as it is actually one of the few tools that allow players to make sure that everything is legit, and they are not getting scammed. 

And as we mentioned earlier, CSGOPolygon operates under the popular Curacao eGaming gambling license, and that kind of forces them to have features like a provably fair system. This not only allows the site to operate in various countries legally but is also a testament to its authenticity. For that, CSGOPolygon -just like CSGOEmpire - deserves a 5/5 rating.

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Reputation (3/5)

CSGOPolygon has a pretty average reputation, but after doing a bit of research and testing the website, we can guess why. So, CSGOPolygon had some issues with withdrawing players’ funds in late 2020/early 2021. And unfortunately, this situation has been etched in the minds of many users, who will certainly not return to this site because of it. We have not encountered such problems, although we must admit that the withdrawal process on CSGOPolygon is not one of the fastest in the world.

csgopolygon scam

Moreover, CSGOPolygon also dealt with many scammers who tried to impersonate the site using other URLs and copying their user interface. That said, always make sure to use the right website URL, which is

csgopolygon reputation

But generally speaking, it is not hard to find quite a few positive user reviews about CSGOPolygon, and it seems like a good portion of players are satisfied with their services.

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Coin Exchange Rate (3/5)

CSGOPolygon operates on a coins system, where 1000 coins equal one dollar

CSGOPolygon Coin Exchange Rate

Overall, we would like the coin exchange rate numbers to be as close to the real currency as possible, and unfortunately, that's not the case here. Many users may think that they spend less than they actually do, and this does not really support healthy gambling, for which we will deduct 2 points from our rating.

CSGOPolygon Cryptocurrency Wihdrawals

However, something that we really appreciate is that you can deposit as well as withdraw your CSGOPolygon funds with real money (Visa/MasterCard, Qiwi) cryptocurrencies and CSGO skins

The lack of PayPal support kind of hurts but still, it's a good offer for a gambling website available in so many countries.

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Games Available (5/5)

CSGOPolygon is an excellent site for any gambling enthusiast – apart from case opening, we have pretty much every game mode we could possibly need. Besides CSGO gambling games (Dice, Coinflip, Crash, Roulette) we also have access to a full-fledged online casino where we can play Blackjack, Poker, and dozens of Slots. 

CSGOPolygon Casino

It is also worth mentioning that CSGOPolygon has a match betting section for Counter-Strike Dota, FIFA, and Rocket League. Although we didn't expect much from it, it supports a variety of events, and we have to admit that some odds can be pretty attractive. 

CSGOPolygon Match Betting

Of course, there is no point in comparing this section to the big bookmakers. However, it’s still worth checking out, especially since betting sites are often blocked in many countries, which might make CSGOPolygon an interesting alternative for some of you.

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User Experience (2.5/5)

All CSGOPolygon games run smoothly, just as we would expect from a gambling website. The site also has a pretty accessible User Interface that is really hard to get lost in and is available in both white and dark mode.

CSGOPolygon White Mode

However, there is one thing we don't like at all, and for which we will deduct 2 rating points – extremely slow withdrawals (during our tests as well), especially when it comes to CSGO skins.

CSGOPolygon doesn't own any skins, and all skin offers you see come from independent traders. That said, the site has absolutely no influence on the integrity of traders and when they decide to send you a trade offer.

CSGOPolygon Skin Withdrawals

Another downside of CSGOPolygon is its availability in only two languages – English and Russian. 

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Customer Support (3.5/5)

CSGOPolygon recently implemented a 24/7 live chat that works quite smoothly – from what we tested, you'll usually get an answer within 2-3 minutes. Although we suspect the operators of this live chat to be using a translator (English to Russian specifically), their answers were reasonably quick and clear, which we really appreciate.

CSGOPolygon Live Chat

For more extensive problems, CSGOPolygon has a ticket system, where it usually takes them a little longer to respond. However, this ticket system is somewhat “hidden” as you cannot see it on the listed features, but we can confirm that it works, and you can access it here.

CSGOPolygon Ticket System

We also tested their support email ([email protected]) and after waiting a week for a reply, we still haven't received it, so it seems like they’re not using it anymore. Plus, CSGOPolygon has a small FAQ section with only 5 issues covered, which is a big minus for us. CSGOPolygon's support isn't the best, but it's better than CSGOPositive.

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So, is CSGOPolygon worth it? It's a decent gambling website, although it has its downsides, and now the question is how much they bother you. Also, don’t forget about the risks associated with gambling, and try to keep it all as healthy as possible!
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