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Is CSGOSelly Legit? [CSGOSelly Review]

We reviewed CSGOSelly for You to see if it's safe and searched for the best discounts.
Is CSGOSelly Legit? [CSGOSelly Review]

Is CSGOSelly legit?

CSGOSelly is a safe and legit CSGO skin trading platform. The website marketplace was founded in 2021, so it's still relatively fresh. However, it has been tested by many users during this time (including us), and we can hand on heart say that CSGOSelly is not a scam.

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5/ 5

CSGOSelly is a decent website to turn your CSGO skins into real money.

2.5/ 5
2.5/ 5
Item Variability
3.5/ 5
User Experience
5/ 5
2.5/ 5
Cashout Options
5/ 5

Moreover, CSGOSelly comes with security features like a valid padlock (SSL) and Cloudflare DDoS protection, ensuring that all the data between the website and web browser is encrypted, and the website is protected from any DDoS attacks.

is csgoselly a scam

However, always make sure that you’re using the right website URL, which you can also do by clicking on the button below:

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CSGOSelly Bonus Code

Use our promo code “TGGSELLY to claim a nice bonus (try it out and see it for yourself and be surprised). This is currently the best bonus you can get on this site. 

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Reputation (3/5)

CSGOselly doesn't have too many user reviews on the internet because of how new the site is, but if there are any, they are positive. Unfortunately, it is not yet present on CSGO Trading Subreddit's whitelist, but we think it's only a matter of time. 

CSGOSelly Reputation

Still, because of how few user reviews CSGOSelly has on the internet, we have to give a relatively low rating in terms of reputation.

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Price (2.5/5)

Estimated prices on CSGOSelly are usually a little lower compared to those on the Steam Market. Moreover, we’re not going to lie – its more popular competitors such as Skincashier or Tradeit have much better prices, even though these websites have a little higher fees. When you add that the withdrawal fee is 5%, you can really lose tens of dollars on large trades, which we'd obviously prefer to avoid.

csgoselly fee

Plus, CSGOSelly's trading bot does not consider any rare patterns and stickers that you have on your skins, which may result in significant value underestimation when pricing your items.

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Item Variability (3.5/5)

Unfortunately, on CSGOSelly you can only sell weapon skins worth more than $2, some more expensive stickers and music kits; cases or sprays won’t even appear in your CSGOSelly inventory. 

CSGOSelly Item Variability

However, even though the number of items we can sell is so limited, it's still not too bad and will meet the expectations of many.

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User Experience (5/5)

User experience is one of the best things about CSGOSelly; its UI is super straightforward (like on CSGOFloat), and everything runs so smoothly. The site doesn't have too many features; in fact, there are only two – log in, sell, and cashout


Still, minimalism is definitely what helps in using the site and makes it so enjoyable to use. And not every minimalist interface is good; for example, CSGOEXO, one of CSGOSelly's competitors, could do it much better.

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Support (2.5/5)

So, in theory, CSGOSelly works with live chat, but in practice, it looks like no one is operating it. The website also has a brief FAQ section and is actually quite helpful, so we won't deduct points from our rating for that. 

CSGOSelly Support

Still, if the FAQ section is short, then live chat support is a must, especially since Steam bots like to randomly malfunction, which is why we'll give it a 2.5/5 rating here.

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Cashout Options (5/5)

CSGOSelly covers 10 cashout methods, including PayPal, Bank transfer, and cryptocurrencies

CSGOSelly Cashout Options

Actually, this is probably the best part of this site – that we can turn our skins into real money quickly and transfer them in different ways.

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If you want to maximize value on your skins using CSGOSelly, it's probably not worth it, but if you need some money as soon as possible, then yeah, why not.
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