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Is Legit? [CSGOTrades Review]

csgotrades is closed or will be closed soon!

Updated on Nov 30, 2022
Is Legit? [CSGOTrades Review]

Is CSGOTrades Legit?

CSGOTrades is a legit skin trading platform owned by iNSTINCT, a CSGO content creator


The website was founded in 2020 and is associated with a legitimate business registered in Germany. Plus, it runs on a secure SSL-encrypted connection and comes with Cloudflare DDoS protection. 

Is CSGOTrades Legit

However, to make sure you're not going to get scammed, always check if you're using the correct You can also access the website from the button below:


Reputation (3.9/5)

CSGOTrades is still a relatively new trading platform, so there are not many user reviews on the internet, and their website traffic (according to smilarweb) is super low. 

CSGOTrades Reputation

However, if we come across some user reviews, they are primarily positive, and it's actually hard to find any bad reviews about them. Moreover, CSGOTrades boasts a Steam group with over a thousand users and an active Twitter profile. 

CSGOTrades Steam Group

Still, while everything looks great, we have to take away a little from our rating to be fair, as there is simply not enough information about their reputation to give a 5/5.


Price (5/5)

One thing we really like about CSGOTrades is the transparency in pricing. First of all, buyers don't have any hidden fees, and the listed price is the final price you have to pay. And second, sellers pay only a 5% fee, which is much less compared to big marketplaces like Skincashier or Dmarket, but still higher than on CSGOEXO.

CSGOTrades Prices

Another aspect in which CSGOTrades is very transparent is whether the item is worth buying. Their bot compares the prices of listed items to those on the Steam Marketplace and shows you exactly how much cheaper or more expensive the skin is, making it much easier to find a good bargain.

However, it is worth remembering that you will not always find the best prices just on CSGOTrades. Sure, there is a good chance of that, but you should always check out what the competition offers (especially if you are making a trade worth more than a few hundred dollars). We personally recommend checking out sites such as Dmarket, CS.Money or Skinwallet.


Item Variability (2.5/5)

When it comes to item variability, most of the problems result from the low popularity of the site.  Even though you’ll find most of the CSGO items that cost up to $300, it’s not yet a marketplace where you go to buy more expensive skins with rare patterns. Moreover, as the website is not so popular yet, it might be quite hard to find a buyer for your items

csgotrades item variability

Although sites like Bitskins are less functional than CSGOTrades, they still generate a lot of trust because of how long they have been on the market, and they are still places where players may want to sell their skins. If CSGOTrades does not build that trust, they may have a tough time competing with other marketplaces.

CSGOTrades's item variability isn't the best and even worse than on CSGOSelly, which already has a fairly limited item offer.


User Experience (5/5)

We are incredibly positively surprised how a website that has been operating for so short a time has a fast and easy-to-navigate UI. Honestly, this is probably one of the better website designs for trading platforms we've seen.

CSGOTrades Items

Every process happens within seconds – you get a trade offer from the CSGOTrades bot requesting your selected items almost instantly. Plus, just like on other CSGO marketplaces, you can check out the skin pattern in-game, which is awesome; maybe this feature is not as developed as on BUFF.Market but it’s still good enough. 

CSGOTrades Inspect

So, in terms of user experience, we can’t criticize CSGOTrades much – that’s an easy 5/5 for us


Support (3.5/5)

CSGOTrades has a very efficient ticket system, although we would obviously prefer live chat. Still, every time we wrote to them, we got a response in less than 2 hours and sometimes even in less than 15 minutes.

CSGOTrades Support

We also have access to the brief FAQ section, but actually, it's not as helpful as we'd want it to be. However, because the site doesn't have a complicated User Interface, this quick ticket system will be good enough for many, so we won't give it a super low rating, although some things could be improved. At least CSGOTrades does a better job than


Payment Options / Cashout Options (1.5/5)

And here's the disappointment. So, theoretically, CSGOTrades offers a lot of payment methods, including PayPal, Skrill, Bank Transfer, Credit Cards, and so on. But in practice... it only features cryptocurrencies

CSGOTrades Payment Methods

The only option to top up your CSGOTrades account with some funds is to buy a special gift card on And unfortunately, it happens that none of these gift cards are out of stock.

CSGOTrades Gift Card

This is the absolute worst part of CSGOTrades. Cryptocurrencies are still quite a niche form of payment, and for many, it's kind of like there's no payment option. Unfortunately, CSGOTrades doesn't have enough payment options for a good rating - like CSGOFloat.


Honestly, CSGOTrades have positively surprised us. Rarely do we expect such high quality from new marketplaces, and we hope this site will grow because it really has great potential.
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