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Is CS.MONEY Legit [CS.MONEY Review] & Code?

Is it safe to buy/sell/trade skins at CS.MONEY? We tested it for You!
Is CS.MONEY Legit [CS.MONEY Review] & Code?

Is CS.MONEY Legit?

CS.MONEY is a legit CSGO skin trading platform that operates on trading bots. It has been in operation since 2016 and is one of the safest sites where you can trade skins out there, which is confirmed by its presence on CSGO Trading Subreddit's whitelist


CS.MONEY earned recognition not only among traders but also among large companies that organize official eSports events like PGL, BLAST, or ESL.


When it comes to the website itself, it’s worth mentioning that CS.MONEY only accepts offers from traders who have their Mobile Steam Guard set up, significantly reducing the chances of coming across scammers. It also boasts brilliant website traffic, which you can check on sites like similarweb.

And on top of that, CS.MONEY comes with security features like Cloudflare DDoS protection and a Valid Padlock (SSL) which ensures that the communication between the server and the device is encrypted. 


With all that said, it’s clear to see that CS.MONEY is safe, legit, and it has nothing to do with a scam. Just make sure that you always use the right website URL!

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CS.MONEY Bonus Code

CS.MONEY doesn't really have a bonus or promo code. However, if you have an Amazon Prime subscription, there are several features waiting for you at CS.MONEY such as lower fees or improved 3D skin viewer; learn more here

csmoney prime

Do not waste your time trying to find coupons in the internet. Trust us, there is not one.

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Reputation (5/5)

CS.MONEY has the perfect reputation for a trading website. Honestly, during our google searches, it was hard to find negative reviews on the internet. To maintain such a good and stable reputation among CSGO skins traders for 6 years of operation is a gift, but well, they earned it. 

csmoney user reviews

And as we mentioned earlier, CS.MONEY has also earned an excellent reputation among big companies that work directly with Valve to organize eSports events. 

Here are the words of Oliver Clarke, Creative Director at BLAST, on the current collaboration with CS.MONEY: “Extending the sponsorship into the fourth year is testament to the belief and satisfaction CS.MONEY has shown in this partnership that we’ve built up from 2019. The result of this hard work is shown by their skin trading platform becoming synonymous with our Counter-Strike tournament, and we hope to build on this further in 2022”.

csmoney blast partnership

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Price (4/5)

Prices on CS.MONEY are generally much better than those on the Steam Community Market (and other trading sites like CS.Trade), although that's not always the case. Honestly, considering its huge selection of items and how popular this website is, it is much harder to find some super attractive deals here as hundreds of traders are constantly watching for all the upcoming offers. Still, it’s not bad for a site where you can trade skins (even for Dota 2) easier, and you can definitely find some good deals to buy or sell skins on CS.MONEY

csmoney prices

And what about the buy and sell fees? Well, fees are probably the best part about pricing on CS.MONEY. There are no hidden fees for buyers, and the seller fee is a maximum of 7% (it depends on what type of item you want to sell), and that’s superb compared to other skin trading sites, including BitSkins.  But it's still higher than on BuffMarket and CSGOEXO.

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Item Variability (5/5)

CS.MONEY has a very rich offer when it comes to available weapon CSGO skins and CSGO items in general, so you can be sure that you'll be able to buy or sell any skins you wish. You can easily find everything here! We’d even say that the huge selection of skins is even better than on most other sites and even Steam Marketplace, for real; especially when it comes to the knives and gloves. Best of all – you can buy and sell really rare eSports stickers, ones that are almost 10 years old. While we’re at it, CS.MONEY is one of the few websites that takes stickers into account when calculating the final value of weapon skins you want to sell.

csmoney items stickers

Alright, due to its huge selection of items that is an easy 5/5 rating, we don't actually know if any online marketplace for CSGO skins can match these standards, not even CSGOSelly. Perhaps Skinwallet can.

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User Experience (5/5)

We tested CS.MONEY for weeks, and honestly? We haven't found a single thing to complain about its service quality; everything works as it should! 

csmoney filters

The user interface is straightforward, everything works fast, there are no ads, and the trading process on the site is a pure pleasure – a trade offer from the website's trading bot comes within seconds. Everything on this site happens almost instantly whether you buy or sell skins, and we truly love the quality service it provides!

Moreover, the registration is also super straightforward – you simply click "log in through your Steam account" at the top right of the site, and you are basically good to go. No KYC Verification or that type of shenanigans; just one click, and you’re in.

CSMONEY 3D Skin Viewer

The site also comes with unique features like skin details and 3D skin viewing for virtually every item and a Wiki website where you can learn about the history of CS weapon skins and track their prices. Both of these fairly unique features are great for new traders that are still learning the basics of the CS economy. But you can also visit the site just to check out how the skins look.


In short – speed and simplicity are two qualities that describe how CS.MONEY works. Whether you want to buy, sell, or trade skins, this is a great site that deserves nothing less than a 5/5 rating.

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Customer Support (5/5)

Customer support is another aspect where CS.MONEY is second to none, seriously. The site support service includes live chat support that works 24/7 (we especially recommend kava, super patient and helpful person) and a super extensive FAQ section. 

csmoney support

And honestly, CS.MONEY gave us the best live chat support experience out of all CSGO skin marketplaces we ever had a pleasure to visit; we never waited more than 30 seconds for our answers

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Payment / Cashout Options (4/5) 

And this is the only aspect where CS.MONEY, unfortunately, doesn't look that great but well, you can't have everything. When it comes to deposit methods, there are only 6 options available, which is a little less than DMarket, Skin.Cash, and SkinBaron for example, and almost each one of them has maximum purchase limits applied. 

  • Credit Cards ($3000 max)
  • Bitcoin ($5000 max)
  • Google Pay ($3000 max)
  • PayPal ($10000 max)
  • Neteller/Trustly/Safepay ($750 max)

And that means that when buying a more expensive skin, you are almost forced to use PayPal (also available on due to low limits on other deposit methods. However this is one of the most used payment methods, so it isn’t that bad.

CSMONEY Payment Methods

And when it comes to cashout methods... they don't exist, as CS.MONEY does not have a real-money cash-out system implemented yet. All of your money from item sales goes into your account balance, which you can use to buy more skins. 

csmoney balance

We asked customer support about it and were impressed with the fast response time. But the main point of the conversation was that CS.MONEY is working on a cashout feature, but we do not have any information on when it will be available on the site, so we can't include it in our cs money review.

csmoney cashout

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Honestly? If it weren't for the limited payment methods and lack of cash-out option, we'd think CS.MONEY was the best CS:GO skin marketplace out there. That said, if you don't mind these two aspects, be sure to check out this website.  

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