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Is CS.TRADE Legit? [CS.TRADE Review]

How good is CS.TRADE? Is it safe? We tested it for you!
Is CS.TRADE Legit? [CS.TRADE Review]

Is CS.TRADE Legit?

CS.TRADE is a legit trading platform that has been around since 2016 (formerly known as Over 6 years of its operation, the site has hosted over 2 million trades, which is quite a good result. Plus, it can boast quite decent website traffic, which you can see using tools like similarweb.

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5/ 5

CS.TRADE is not the best trading platform out there and definitely loses out to its competitors in many aspects.

2.5/ 5
2.5/ 5
Item Variability
4.5/ 5
User Experience
2/ 5
2.5/ 5
Payment & Cashout
2/ 5
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On top of that, the website comes with security features like an SSL-encrypted connection and DDoS protection. It's also worth noting that to perform any action on CS.TRADE you need to be logged in with your Steam Mobile Authenticator for at least 15 days, which is great protection against potential scammers.

CS.Trade Safe

However, always make sure that you’re using the right website URL, which you can also do by clicking on the button below:

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CS.TRADE Promo Code

Unfortunately, we searched the entire internet for the CS.TRADE bonus code and found nothing. However, we have an interesting deal for you! By clicking on the button below, you'll be redirected to the best time-limited offer that CS.TRADE has now.

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Reputation (3/5)

CS.TRADE doesn’t really have that many user reviews on the internet. We also searched very hard on sites like Reddit and found absolutely nothing, plus we are concerned about the lack of CS.TRADE presence on CSGO Trading Subreddit's whitelist. Plus, CS.TRADE's Trustpilot profile is pretty empty for a trading platform that has been running for more than half a decade. If you're after a more reputable option, CS.Deals or CSGOFloat might be the website for you. reputation

However, we have to consider two additional factors. First – the majority of CS.TRADE users are from Eastern Europe, and they are unlikely to use the same social media profiles as Westerners. 

And second – CS.TRADE's Twitter profile is actually quite active. This is also where they organize various giveaways, the authenticity of which has been confirmed by multiple independent users.

CS.TRADE Giveaways

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Price (2.5/5)

It's not so bad for CSGO, but when it comes to other supported games like Rust or Dota 2 it's terrible compared to sites like Dmarket, SkinBaron, BitSkins, and Skincashier

CS.TRADE Rust Items Price

CS.TRADE also does not take the float of your CSGO skins into account when calculating their value; your unique patterns or even expensive stickers mean absolutely nothing to the website's bots. On top of that, there's the fact that fees can get up to 10%, which forces us to give an even lower rating than we normally would. 

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Item Variability (4.5/5)

Actually, we can't complain much about the item variability aspect of CS.TRADE. The platform covers almost all types of cosmetic items you can imagine for CSGO, Dota 2, Rust, and Team Fortress

CSGO.TRADE item variability

The slight downside is that some of the absolute cheapest items are not supported at all, but well, with how high the fees are on CS.TRADE, it's not a big surprise. Still, besides cheap items, you can sell pretty much anything, which is great. All in all, CS.TRADE's item variability is solid, better than on CSGOEXO, but it's still lacking behind Skinswap.

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User Experience (2/5)

We wouldn't say that CS.TRADE's user interface is one of the most modern in the world; it definitely falls short of current standards, especially for a 6-year-old website. Even CSGOTrades, which has only been around since 2020, offers a much better user experience. The site can lag, and when you want to make big trades, lags and any slowdowns are the last things you wish to see.

CS.Trade Trading Experience

Plus, the only option to actually inspect skins and see their pattern is to check it in-game, which is impossible for people who use mobile devices or just don't have CSGO installed. And trust us, this actually happens very often, as not only gamers invest in CSGO skins.

CS.Trade Skin Inspect

It clearly deviates from current standards; websites like CS.Money have an option to generate a screenshot or check the skin in their third-party app (which you can read more about in our CS.Money review).

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Customer Support (2.5/5)

CS.TRADE operates on a ticket system, where you will usually get a response within a day, which may not be ideal, but it is still acceptable. However, it is still below expected standards, so our rating can't be too high there. In many ways, CS.TRADE's customer support is comparable to

CS.TRADE Customer Support

Well, how about some good FAQ section? So, there is a FAQ section, but it could have been a lot better. Most of the covered issues are pretty basic things that the average trading platform user will figure out on their own.

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Payment Options / Cashout Options (2/5)

CS.Trade only covers skin trading, so there are no deposit/withdrawal methods other than in-game items

CS.TRADE Balance

However, though there’s no option to add any balance, It is also worth mentioning that any excess trade funds stay in your site balance for your future trades.  

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So, do we like CS.TRADE? Not really and honestly, we'd advise you to use different skin trading platforms. Not only will trading there often not be profitable for you, but the trading experience itself is not good enough to use it.
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