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Is Daddyskins Legit? [Daddyskins Review] + Promo Code

Is Daddyskins a good case opening site? Best Promo Codes? We’ve tested it for you!
Is Daddyskins Legit? [Daddyskins Review] + Promo Code

Is Daddyskins Legit?

Daddyskins is a legit CSGO case opening website. It has been around since 2017 and is associated with a legitimate business registered in the UK. Moreover, any random outcome is backed up by a provably fair hash system, which ensures that no third party can interfere in your case openings.

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5/ 5

Daddyskins is definitely one of the best case openings websites out there, so any enthusiast of that type of gambling should check it out.

Provably Fair
5/ 5
5/ 5
Coin Exchange Rate
4/ 5
Games Available
5/ 5
User Experience
4/ 5
4/ 5
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We also can’t forget about the fact that Daddyskins runs on a secure SSL-encrypted connection and comes with security features like Cloudflare DDoS protection. That said, you shouldn’t worry about it being a scam at all, and you can safely open some cases there. Now, let’s consider if it’s worth it!

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Daddyskins Promo Code

But wait, before we get into the specifics of Daddyskins, let's provide you with a nice bonus! With our promo code "the_gaming" you will get 10% on all your deposit. Here is how you can use the coupon code: 

  1. Click on the “+” in the top right of the website
  2. Scroll down to the “Payment Details
  3. In the “Promo Code” section, just type in “the_gaming” 
  4. Click “Apply” and you’re good! Enjoy a 10% bonus on all deposit. 
Daddyskins Promo Code

“the_gaming” is actually the most profitable promo code you can find for Daddyskins this year, so go use it while it’s still available!

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Provably Fair (5/5)

As we mentioned, Daddyskins runs on a provably fair hash system - similar to CSGO500 - that allows you to verify the authenticity of each RNG outcome that happened on the site. It’s working on almost identical principles to the one we can find on Hellcase, another very popular case opening website or CSGOempire.

daddyskins provably fair

With such a system, no one can predict or influence the outcome, and you can rest assured that everything is 100% random. Whenever you're using any type of gambling site, always make sure that it comes with this specific feature.

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Reputation (5/5)

Daddyskins has just an excellent reputation; you can find hundreds of positive user reviews about them on the internet. Moreover, Daddyskins is constantly working with content creators who have even worked with Valve before (such as Sparkles).

Daddyskins Sparkles

The website has also recorded over 1,500,000 users registered, and that’s a sky-high number for a gambling website. 

Daddyskins Reputation

Daddyskins also has active social media profiles such as Twitter and Facebook, where they often organize interesting giveaways, so you should definitely check them out there.

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Coin Exchange Rate (4/5)

What we also love about Daddyskins is the transparency about the money we’re spending, as there’s absolutely no coin system there – we operate with US Dollars Like G4Skins). Usually, gambling sites implement some sort of virtual currency to make us feel that we spend less than we actually are, and that's against healthy gambling, so we're happy to see Daddyskins taking a different approach. 

Daddyskins coin exchange

However, we have to mention that the only way to withdraw your Daddyskins funds is through CSGO skins or Ethereum, so no real money withdrawals, folks. Still, this is actually a reason why such a website can work in so many countries, but we still have to take one point from our rating for it.

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Games Available (5/5)

Daddyskins focuses on case openings, so we won’t compare it to CSGO casino-like websites (like Bandit-Camp or CSGO500) or skin trading website (like CS.Trade and SkinBaron). And for a case opening websites, the standards are pretty high. Like, if we would compare it to other case opening sites like CSGOLive, it’s superb.

Daddyskins Classic Cases

So, for the case opening – not only we can open custom cases, but also the ones we know from the game. Besides classic case openings, Daddyskins also covers case battles (aka “Arenas”) and skin upgrades, and that’s really more than we would expect from a website available in so many countries. 

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User Experience (4/5)

Using Daddyskins has been a pure pleasure for us. Not only is the user interface modern, easy to use, and similar to the top case opening websites, but every process happens there so fast! Both deposits and withdrawals happen virtually within seconds, and the offer from the website's bot comes almost instantly.

Daddyskins Gift Card

Speaking of money, if you are not comfortable depositing funds on a gambling site, you can always buy a gift card through Kinguin, and you might even save some cash!

Daddyskins Cases

Despite the fact that we have access to only 3 game modes, it is hard to get bored – each of them is so well refined. The value of each skin is described in detail, so there is absolutely no inaccuracy in the quality and float of the skins you open (which is not the case on sites such as

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Customer Support (4/5)

Unfortunately, Daddyskins has no live chat support and operates on a ticket system, which is quite an outdated solution. Still, we personally got a response to all our tickets within 5 hours, and that’s a pretty good result. We even got an instant reply to one of our tickets, so it certainly looks better than on sites like CSGORoll or Bandit.Camp which also uses a ticket system.

Daddyskins Support

What about a FAQ section? It’s also super helpful – it covers dozens of issues, some of which are really niche

Honestly, we miss a bit of that live chat support, but since everything really works as it should, we'll only take 1 point from our rating for that. Overall, a solid experience - much better than on CSGOSelly.

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With all that said, we think Daddyskins is one of the top CSGO case opening websites out there. We have tested many of them, but here you can really see the hard work of the whole team on the functionality of the site.
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