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Is DatDrop Legit? [Datdrop Review]

Looking for a legit case opening website and considering Datdrop? Find out if it’s safe!

Updated on Dec 25, 2022
Is DatDrop Legit? [Datdrop Review]

Is Datdrop Legit?

Datdrop is a legit case-opening site; it has nothing to do with a scam. It’s been around since 2016, and it’s associated with a legitimate business registered in the United Kingdom. Every case opening is testified by a provably fair system, which we’ll discuss many later in this review.

4.4 / 5

Datdrop is one of the better and more accessible sites for case opening games specifically.

Provably Fair
4 / 5
4 / 5
Coin Exchange Rate
5 / 5
Games Available
5 / 5
User Experience
4 / 5
Customer Support
4 / 5

According to similarweb, Datdrop also boasts pretty good website traffic for a case-opening site, which shows that they have regular users who regularly return to their gambling sessions. And on top of that, the website comes with a valid padlock (SSL) and Cloudflare DDoS protection, which means that all the communication between the server and your computer will be encrypted.

Is Datdrop Safe

Unfortunately, many players equate Datdrop with random scam messages on Steam, after which they lost their entire inventory. 

And in fact, at one point, there was a surge of scammers who pretended to be Datdrop admins. Fortunately, Datdrop has addressed this problem in their "scam alert" section, which you can access by scrolling to the bottom of the website.

Datdrop Scam


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Provably Fair (4/5)

Datdrop runs on a provably fair system (like CSGO.Net and Hellcase and Rust case opening sites) that ensures that all case openings and battles are entirely random and coded so that no one can predict the outcome

They’re actually using the tickets system to generate a random string that is later used for all the gambling games available on the site. Having a provably such system is actually the foundation of a functioning gambling site and one of the few guarantees that everything is fair, and you are not scammed. You can check the authenticity of the randomness of each game precisely by verifying it in the website's "provably fair" section, which you can access by clicking here. In this section, you will also find additional information on the very basics of how the provably fair system works. 

Datdrop Provably Fair

One thing we will take away one rating point for is the lack of any gambling license. In fact, Datdrop claims that they are not a gambling website by law, but we all know how it really looks. 

Datdrop Gambling

They don't claim to be a gambling site, but on the other hand, the site has a lot of information about safe use and even a feature allowing you to take a break, just like all the other gambling services.


Reputation (4/5)

Datdrop boasts an excellent reputation for a case opening site; just look at the user reviews on sites like Trustpilot or their website traffic, which is a testament that people return there for their gambling sessions quite often. Users regularly mention the instant withdrawal options and the highly polished battle opening feature. 

Datdrop Reputation

However, as we have already mentioned, there are many scammers who impersonate the site's admins, which makes Datdrop lose its reputation. This is not their fault at all; the site owners do their best, but still, this is how stories that someone has been scammed on Datdrop are created. Still, Datdrop is just as trustworthy as any other great site such as CSGOFast, G2G, DaddySkins, and CSGO500.


Coin Exchange Rate (5/5)

Sometimes, some gambling sites use a fungible currency that makes it seem like we are spending less than we actually do. However, Datdrop, unlike other sites like FarmSkins or G4Skins, doesn't have that, and we just operate in dollars (like CSGOCases), and we personally love it! 

Datdrop Coin Exchange Rate

We know exactly how much we are spending, and we usually know how many dollars we can lose during our session to keep our gambling healthy, while virtual currencies are much harder to estimate.


Games Available (5/5)

Datdrop covers three games – opening cases, battle opening, and some sort of roulette or jackpot called "Upgrade". It may not seem like much, but remember that Datdrop is not a typical online casino, and the focus goes on opening cases. 

Datdrop Battle Opening

That said, we can't rate it like we would rate classic gambling sites; we have to compare it to other case opening websites, and here Datdrop compares really well. It meets all the standards, and every feature we would expect (like watching case battles) is polished to the highest level, so our rating cannot be different than 5/5.


User Experience (4/5)

The website has a straightforward and intuitive interface, making it very pleasant to use. The registration process is also incredibly accessible, as we can complete the process with just a few clicks in less than 30 seconds. Moreover, when writing this review, Datdrop supports up to 11 languages, making the interface clearer for a broader user base. 

Datdrop UI

Unlike other gambling sites, Datdrop is available in almost every country because... it does not identify itself as a gambling site. That said, it's an excellent website for people that want to open some cases but don't want to pay additional money for a VPN subscription! 

Datdrop Payment Methods

Speaking of money, we can't actually withdraw our Datdrop funds in any other way than Ethereum and CSGO skins, which might be a considerable thing for some users. However, we can safely deposit money using over 250 payment methods thanks to G2A Pay support!


Customer Support (4/5)

Datdrop Customer Support

The customer support aspect is probably Datdrop's weakest point. They have no live chat or ticket system; in fact, you can only contact them via email ([email protected]). We got our answer relatively fast, and most of the users also claim that they got their response in just several hours. Still, this is not what customer support should look like on a gambling website, even if the user interface is straightforward, so we cannot give a high rating here.


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