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DatHost Hosting Review [Tested]

We tested Dathost for you and reviewed whether it is suitable for your next server.
DatHost Hosting Review [Tested]

DatHost is a medium-sized hosting company providing game servers for video games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, ARK: Survival Evolved, and others. Additionally, they provide servers for Team Speak 3.

In this Dathost review, we rented a CS:GO server from DatHost and tested it for you so you do not have to. We made sure to play around with the CS server's settings to check its performance and ability to handle "heavy" gameplay, so we were able to tell whether this is one of the best server hosting providers.

Is DatHost Legit?

After extensive research and using it by ourselves, we have concluded that DatHost is a legitimate hosting provider company. Their services seem to be legit for a plethora of reasons, but the main points that indicate so are:

  • DatHost is a registered company in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • They are running under the name "Dathost AB"
  • Their Trust Score on the Scam Adviser website is 100/100.
  • There are no serious indications that DatHost is not legit, even though they have been running since around 2013.

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5/ 5

DatHost allows users to set up a server extremely quickly and is easy to use with an understandable interface, has a good support team, and has fair pricing.

User Experience
5/ 5
Ease of Setup
5/ 5
5/ 5
4.4/ 5
5/ 5
4.5/ 5
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User Experience and Ease of Setup (5/5)

The hosting service you will use must have custom settings for the game you will set up a server for, both for you and for the sake of your server. Dathost does this well for Ark: Survival Evolved, CS: GO, Team Fortress 2, TeamSpeak 3, V Rising, and Valheim servers.

Based on our Dathost reviews setting up a game server with Dathost is extremely simple, you can easily install mods as you like and when an update comes to the game, Dathost automatically adjusts your server to the latest installment. 

We rented a CS:GO Surf server with 14 slots and I can easily say that it is the easiest server I have ever set up in my life. Literally, in about 4-5 clicks the server was fully online.

How to Setup Server with Dathost

There are 3 simple steps to follow when setting up a server with Dathost.

  1. After selecting the server and package you are going to buy and making your payment, enter the App ID, for example, this will be CS:GO for us and its App ID is 730.
  2. You will then be asked to log in to Steam.
  3. Then your server will be fully set up, that's how simple it is to set up a server with Dathost.

Dathost gets full points from us here for easy server management and extremely easy setup. If you are looking for an easy setup service tailored to the game you play without much effort, Dathost is for you.

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Pricing (5/5)

When it comes to price, Shockbyte is the best option, not Dathost, Shockbyte provides everything that Dathost provides, but there is only a $1-2 difference between them, and in this case, the choice is up to your personal preference. As for Dathost's price, it is quite reasonable and has great options that will keep your money in your pocket. Thanks to the server performance, daily backup, friendly support, DDOS protection and most importantly ease of use that Dathost provides, these prices are quite affordable



Max Players

ARK: Survival Evolved

€ 10.32 - € 12.90



€ 7.92 - € 9.90


V Rising

€ 8.72 - € 10.90


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive€ 6.34 - € 7.928 - 20
Team Fortress 2€ 7.20 - € 9.0012 - 32
Team Speak 3€ 1.92 - € 2.408 - 30

When we looked at the pricing, we saw that Dathost has one of the most affordable pricing, even though it has few games, the interface, and ease of use it provides deserve its money to the fullest.

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Support (4/5)

Dathost is one of the rare companies that gives customer satisfaction the value it deserves. When you have a complaint or problem, they quickly seek a solution to your problem or complaint. Apart from the support email on their website, they also answer all of the positive, negative, or suggestions when you write on Trust Pilot and they really do their best.

The only missing part of the support portion is live support. Dathost only works through the ticket system, which prolongs the problems that you want to resolve quickly or that you can ask for and resolve immediately. It would be really good to have live support, if not for everyone who logs into the site, then at least for those who buy services and open a server.

Moreover, when a topic about Dathost was opened on Reddit, we observed that Dathost employees tried to help the user under this topic. So you can see that Dathost cares a lot about customer satisfaction and their support team is very good. For a good support team, you should definitely choose Dathost.

There are also "How-to" articles in the Support section of Dathost, which are good step-by-step guides that explain what to do and how to do it, so you can easily find solutions to your problems.

In general, their support is good and fast, but the lack of live chat is a big drawback because it's quite annoying to have to wait minutes to get an email for a minor issue.

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Features and Performance (5/5)

There are many nice features that Dathost provides to its users' servers. It is very simple to use the control panel and make the server configurations of our servers. Dathost provides its users with tournament-level server performance for CSGO, and they do it for real. Dathost has hosted many tournaments, leagues, pro teams, and matchmaking platforms. 

Most major hosting services use the same generic software called TC Admin. TC Admin is basically a simple web page where you can adjust your server settings, the problem with this is that many games do their configurations differently, and using the same generic software for every game will not result in a great user experience and will also result in performance degradation but it's not the same when it comes to Dathost.

Console Panel of Dathost

After opening our server, which we set up in 3 very simple clicks when we enter the settings, we are greeted by a beautiful and understandable interface. In this settings menu, we can easily change our server location and purchase extra player slots. 

When we navigate through the Mods and Plugins section, we can add plugins that should be available on every public server such as AFK Manager, Cheat Control, or Admin All Spectate to our server very easily and smoothly by simply selecting and saving them.

We haven't experienced any crashes or performance issues on our testing Dathost CS:GO server, and according to our research, we haven't found any users who have experienced any. If you are looking for the best hosting service for CS:GO, you can choose Dathost with your eyes closed. But if you're after a server hosting solution for other games like DayZBlackwake, CryoFall, Beasts of Bermuda, Barotruma, and Atlas, you'll have to resort to using other services.

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Dathost Reputation Amongst Gamers (3/5)

According to our research, Dathost is not the first company that comes to mind when it comes to server hosting (G-Portal and Nitrado for example are the big players), the service it provides is quite nice and it is quite simple to use even for people who have never opened a server before, but not many people know but the users who try it are very satisfied and love it.

You don't need any expertise to host a server for one of the games Dathost provides. Dathost automatically provides pre-built configurations for the games it covers, you can install the most popular plugins with just one click with Dathost's user-friendly interface and you can start playing on your server immediately.

When we look at Dathost's reviews, there are almost no negative reviews and users praise Dathost a lot, especially for CS:GO server hosting. When we look at the reviews of users and our own CS:GO servers that we host with Dathost, we can easily see that the reviews are correct, managing your server, tools you can use, and most importantly, pre-configured configurations created for different other games make it very easy to use.

Whether it is for the Valheim server or Teamspeak server, if you want to set up stable servers for all host options that Dathost provides, it will meet your needs very well with its support team, ease of use, and superior performance and that's why its users love Dathost. Dathost doesn't hassle you, it quickly sets up your server automatically, you can easily find what you are looking for with its smooth interface and most importantly you pay for what you use.

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