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Is DifMark Legit? [Complete DifMark Review]

We have tested DIfMark and reviewed its legitimacy and safefty!

Updated on Dec 28, 2022
Is DifMark Legit? [Complete DifMark Review]

Is DifMark Legit?

DifMark is a legit website, although shows many signs that it is full of scam artists and is selling you a stolen game or account. From our tests, not only is the user interface difficult to navigate, but it is very difficult to add money or let alone purchase a game. To add, there are many users who have claimed to have never received their game key, or they lost access. Reasons why we believe DifMark is legit but highly risky:

  • Difmark is owned by DIGITAL PRODUCTS TRADE PTE. LTD. which was created in 2021. 
  • DIGITAL PRODUCTS TRADE PTE. LTD. is located and founded in Singapore. 
  • Many reviews are negative, never found one that mentioned the website gave them game keys. 
  • The last "good" reviews were done in 2021, the same year the company was created (these could be fake reviews). 

There are many other websites such as Green Man Gaming and Instant Gaming that offer legitimate keys for much longer than DifMark, so we highly recommend using these alternatives.

However: our purchases went well and we had good experiences buying in-game currencies.
3.2 / 5

We recommend DifMark as a in-game currency marketplace but not as a site to go buy keys.

1 / 5
3 / 5
Item Variability
4 / 5
User Experience
4 / 5
2 / 5
Payment Options
2 / 5

Reputation (1.5/5)

From everywhere we have researched and tested, and there is only negativity facing this website. The DifMark platform looks extremely promising, along with the promise of instant delivery. Although when it comes to their reputation, this seems to not add up as the case. Not only do they claim they are the best website for game keys, but they also deliberately argue with customers and take away basic consumer rights.

DifMark Review

The only good review that we found was in 2021, which was dated a while ago already, with only one-star bad review responses since. Many users claim it is a total loss of time and the support responses are only fragmentary responses. Their license is also hard to find, with no support from the site to back up their positive reviews claim. Below is a more recent review

DifMark Review

There are many different kinds of game keys that are sold on the market nowadays. Unfortunately, most of these are black market keys. What does this mean? This means most keys are from hacked accounts that are sold by unauthorized organizations. This is the case with DifMark. There are plenty of other platforms such as Green Man Gaming that only sell game keys from authorized distributors. This makes a website safe. 


Prices (3/5)

Overall, prices on Difmark are very tempting. We found many games for under $10 that are popular or trending that is for a great deal. One of which we found was the DOOM series. As DOOM Eternal is only sold for $11 on PS4 and on PC $17 (or DOOM form 2016 for $6)

DifMark Review

According to their terms of service, customers are eligible for a refund within the 30-day guarantee. According to buyers, customer support takes hours to respond (if they do at all). 


Item Variability (4/5)

When it comes to item variability for this online shop, they offer more than just PC game keys which is a plus. Along with PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox (One, Series X). They also expand to Game Currencies (such as FUT coins and Mobile Legends diamonds) and Windows installations. You can locate all of these options at the top of the site when you first open the website. We also found it great that they offer Game Points for great games such as Apex or FIFA.

DifMark Review

So, for online gaming - marketplace, they have a lot of options and keysellers to go along with it. The Difmark Marketplace has a lot of traffic, but as the reviews start to roll, they have been steadily declining. Which is quite frustrating as it is still a legitimate website to purchase from. 


User Experience (4/5)

Overall, the frontal interface is pleasant. There are many options, and it is clearly organized for each item you are looking to purchase. Along with a live chat request option. It feels good when you are navigating, and everything is very well organized for this website. 

DifMark Review

This is probably the only positive comment we are introducing about this website. As we get more into it, there are a lot of caution signs to watch out for. In our opinion, if you are to sign up as we did, using a fake name or e-mail would be safe as you test the website yourself.


Support (3/5)

The Difmark Support Team is very fast to respond to the initial message you send to them. The rest of the conversation slowly started decreasing in value and response speed. Although we believe some of the buyer's lies are about support issues when writing a heated message, this can still very well be the case when it comes to serious issues or refunds. This is probably the only time they may be responsive, then continue with the bad trend of no response.

DifMark Review

According to how chat works, the chat transcripts ask for email and name, although they speak to you directly through the website.


Payment Options (2/5)

As the algorithms of the website couldn't be more frustrating, the payment options are not much different. The majority of payment options are cryptocurrencies. As we tested the payment of a game, we noticed a few things. No PayPal options, only MasterCard, and does not ask for the debit card information in any category option.

DifMark Review

As a new customer, you would think they would make their own website a bit more noob accessible. So, like above, we tried asking for support, but they stopped responding.


Overall, Difmark can be a sketchy but legit website with thousands worth of cd keys, although legitimate scammers, and possible theft which might tailor your experience.
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