Is Dmarket Legit? [Dmarket Review] & Promo Code

Let’s look a little deeper into DMarket, a popular online gaming and NFTs marketplaces. Stick around for an exclusive promo code.
Is Dmarket Legit? [Dmarket Review] & Promo Code

Is DMarket Legit?

Dmarket is a fully legit, legal and secure marketplace. It is listed on the independant CSGO Whitelist, which basically proves you that it's safe. It was formed by people like Trip Hawkins (first CEO of Electronic Arts), Vlad Panchenko (Skins.Cash founder), and Tamara Slanova (15+ years experience in the gaming industry) and it's a legal business registered in the UK. It's also safe for buying or selling NFTs.

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It’s also been featured in multiple online magazines like Forbes, Reuters, or VentureBeat. And on top of that, Dmarket runs on an encrypted SSL connection. Now that we know it's safe to trade, sell or buy your items on Dmarket, let's see if it's worth it.

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Reputation (5/5)

Dmarket has a great score on Trustpilot and has been used by trustworthy YouTube content creators (like BananaGaming). 

DMarket Legit

According to similarweb, DMarket has as over 2 million monthly visitors, which is an impressive number for an in-game item and NFT marketplace. In 4 years, Dmarket has built an excellent reputation, especially among CSGO, Rust 2, Team Fortress and Dota 2 traders, making it one of their most popular choices to trade their items at. 

Oh, and they also work with Natus Vincere (known as NaVi), a professional eSports organization. The website is definitely not a scam.

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Prices (5/5)

Prices are basically the same as on the Steam Market, but with a fee between 1% and 7% (for both sellers and buyers). Is that a lot? No! Actually, it is a norm for online marketplaces and trading platforms and it's still cheaper than on the Steam community market. 

Dmarket Prices

Moreover, some items come with discounts of up to 35%, but those are primarily costly and niche items. Another thing we like about Dmarket is that you can also make bids on any items, even if they’re not for sale yet. This way, you can get any item you want once someone decides to sell it for the price you offer. You also get relatively good prices when selling in-game items from your steam account.

If you are a big trader and want to buy/sell/trade a high volume, then you might want to conisder their subscription.

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Item Variability (5/5)

Dmarket is often the place where people will choose to sell or trade those rarest and most niche items. Because you can't withdraw real money on Steam, you can buy many more rare items for CSGO, Rust, or Dota 2 here than you could on the Steam Community Marketplace; it's simply more profitable for their holders. 

Dmarket Prices

If you are looking for a place to buy AWP Dragon Lore, then Dmarket is where you will have the best chance to find this item. Moreover, if you’re looking for an item with a specific pattern, you have an option to inspect it in-game to check if it matches your needs. So in our opinion, DMarket provides a lot of choice for CS:GO, Rust 2 and Dota 2 players.

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User Experience (5/5)

Dmarket's user experience is top-notch; the website looks really nice with that dark/light-green design. Trade offers Once you place your order, you will get a trade offer within seconds, meaning that you can grow your wallet or Steam inventory in 2-3 minutes. 

It's really that quick! It is also worth mentioning that Dmarket runs on Unity Engine, making the shopping process even faster. It also adds some credibility to the website, as Unity Technologies is a highly established company.

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Support (4/5)

Okay, we definitely won't give Dmarket support 5 stars, mainly because of the lack of live chat, which is standard nowadays. However, 4/5 is a fair score here. 

You can still contact them on social media (Facebook/Twitter) or via email ([email protected]), and they will respond within a few hours. So, there are options to contact them, they do it fast and well, but unfortunately, the lack of live chat is a considerable downside. We received our response quickly during our test, however our request was relatively easy. But in the past our experience with the DMarket suppot was good.

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Payment Options / Cashout Options (4/5)

Dmarket offers a variety of payment and cashout options — from PayPal, to credit cards, to cryptocurrencies (crypto). 

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In terms of online marketplaces and trading platforms, they are currently unmatched. The only downside is that almost every payment method has an individual fee assigned, but they're not too high (for example, it's 2% +$2 for PayPal).

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All in all we recommend DMarket as a buying, selling and trading marketplace for in-game items.