Is Duelbits Legit? [Duelbits Esports Review] | TGG

Is Duelbits Legit? [Duelbits Esports Review]

We thoroughly tested and reviewed Duelbits, an excellent online gambling site, and found the best bonus codes for You to use and grab extra rewards.
Is Duelbits Legit? [Duelbits Esports Review]

Is Duelbits Legit?

Duelbits is a legit and safe online esports betting site with a rich offer of esports betting markets and online casino games - a perfect place for any gambler. As a highly popular gambling website with a strong reputation, Duelbits is clearly doing something right, and we’ll touch on that later, but first, here are four key things you should know about Duelbits.

  • Duelbits is a legit online betting site, operated by Liquid Gaming N.V
  • Licensed by the Government of Curacao.
  • Duelbits was founded in 2020.

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5/ 5

Duelbits is a legit and safe esports betting & gambling site with an inviting welcome offer. We like them and use them sometimes by ourselves.

Duelbits Bonus & Promotions
4/ 5
Reputation & Safety
4/ 5
Esports Markets and Odds & Betting Features
4/ 5
User Experience
4/ 5
Customer Support
5/ 5
Deposits & Withdrawal Options
4/ 5
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Duelbits might be one of the youngest online gambling platforms in the industry, but despite its relatively young age, it has established itself as a major player in the online betting and gambling world. Founded in 2020, Duelbits achieved incredible success throughout the COVID crisis, which has helped it grow to become one of the world’s most visited betting sites.


Starting as a company with just ten employees, Duelbits exploded in popularity and size in just two years, now boasting over 700k monthly visitors, which is comparable to other esports betting giants such as GG.Bet and other prominent online casinos and betting providers.

Obviously, the site’s popularity alone does not guarantee that Duelbits is actually a solid online betting site, nor does it warrant our recommendation. However, through our thorough review of this online gambling site, we can confidently say that there isn’t much not to like about it.

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Welcome Bonus & Promo Codes

Like any online gambling and betting site, Dueblits has a welcome bonus, and you can grab it in just a few simple steps by using our promo code “TGG” for a free sign-up bonus! To claim our exclusive promotion:

  1. Visit Duelbits and register for a Duelbits account.
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  2. Verify your account, log into the website and navigate to the Cahier’s tab.
    Duelbits Cashier Tab
  3. Pick your preferred deposit method and use our bonus code “TGG”.

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Duelbits Bonus & Promotions (2/5)

Welcome bonuses and promotions are an important part of any betting site or online casino provider. Although more for the latter, no one can say no to a solid offer of promotions and offers, and it seems like Duelbits is well aware of that.

Duelbits has one of the most extensive and generous offer of bonuses and promotions we have come across in our reviews of online gambling and betting sites. Not only does it have the usual free bets and deposit bonuses, but also seasonal promotions such as Halloween Hunt and Halloween Cash Drop.

Duelbits Bonuses

Moreover, during our testing of the site, we have found nearly 30 different promotions and bonuses, which is seriously impressive. But the sheer number of promotions doesn’t help the fact that Duelbits has no esports betting-exclusive bonuses.

As it’s evident by its promotions, Duebits focuses mostly on casino games since most of its bonuses are casino related. So even though Dueblits promotions are significantly better than on other online casinos, those offer little to no value to esports bettors.

Duelbits Promos

If you’re after a solid online casino website with great bonuses or an online sports betting platform with betting promotions, Duelbits is a good choice. If you’re an esports bettor, however, you might want to consider looking for online betting sites with better offers, such as ThunderPick.

We can’t give Duelbits a one-star rating for its bonuses and promotions since it offers a deposit bonus. But, unfortunately, that’s about it.

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Reputation & Safety (4/5)

Duelbits might be a fairly young online betting site, but it didn’t need long to emerge as one of the most popular gambling platforms, with a surprisingly strong reputation. We inspected the website thoroughly and couldn’t find any suspicious activity, nor have we come across any serious accusations of Duelbits scamming its users.

Duelbits Licence

That isn’t that shocking to learn since Duebits is licensed to operate and offer online gambling operations by the Government of Curacao. Admittedly, not the strongest gambling license, but we couldn’t find anything wrong with Duelbits, it will do.

Moreover, Duelbits seems to have a very solid reputation among online gamblers, boasting a very impressive 4.3 rating on most Duelbits review sites. That figure is even more remarkable if we consider that most online reviews tend to be negative, so clearly, Duelbits is doing something right for its users to rank it that highly.

Duelbits Rating

All in all, we have found no issues with Duelbits and its safety, and according to online review sites, it has a very good reputation. However, since it holds a less-reliable online gambling license, we’re deducting one point from our overall rating.

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Esports Markets and Odds & Betting Features (4/5)

Duelbits is, first and foremost, an online casino focused mainly on casino gaming offer. However, it also does a fine job covering various esports titles, and it even has sports betting available.

Of the two, sports betting seems to get more attention than esports gambling, putting the latter in the last spot of importance. But even so, Duelbits does an excellent job offering esports betting markets, covering all of the biggest esports titles in League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege, Halo, and even Warcraft III, StarCraft 2, and Overwatch.

Duelbits Sports

Besides that, Duelbits also offers in-play betting with live streaming options available, rounding up a full offer you would expect from any esports betting site. However, it would deserve a perfect rating had Duelbit had a bit more betting options on lesser events, which are usually limited to moneyline and handicaps.

Nevertheless, since it has a solid betting offer on all major events and esports games, a 4/5 rating is more than fair.

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Dota 2 betting offer on Duelbits is not the best, but it’s good enough for any casual bettors. In reality, there isn’t much Duelbits did wrong with its Dota 2 betting offer. It offers betting markets on all major events and even lesser competitions. However, the latter is fairly poorly covered.

Duelbits Dota

While you can expect a plethora of betitng markets on important events such as The International, some lesser competitions will be limited to only monelyine, handicaps, and totals. The same thing holds true for betting on live games - with important matches receiving significantly better coverage.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive betting offer on Duelbits suffers a similar issue as Dota 2 - overall, Duelbits has solid coverage for this game, but lesser events and non-important matches receive significantly worse coverage.

Dueblits CSGO

Regardless, we must praise Duelbits for its extensive CS:GO betting offer. During our testing of the site, Duelbits had betting markets for all ongoing events, which ranged from WePlay Academy League to regional qualifiers, and future odds on the upcoming CS:GO Major.

Notably, even some lesser CS:GO events had a solid offer of betting options, with over 100 betting markets. Even more impressive - live betting on CS:GO with Duelbits is as good as it can get, offering more in-play markets than you could wish for.

If you’re a CS:GO bettor, you can’t go wrong with Duelbits.

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We couldn’t complete our Duelbits review without looking at how well it does covering League of Legends, and we weren’t disappointed. Admittedly, we reviewed Duelbits during the LoL World Championship, meaning that there was no league action, but the markets available looked fruitful and satisfying.

Duelbits LoL

Duebits’ coverage of LoL Worlds was exceptional, to say the least. We found over 160 markets on a single match, which in other words, means that Duelbits has more than enough betting options. Even some lesser regional leagues had a surprisingly solid betting offer, covering all the games, albeit not as extensive in-play options.

All in all, Duelbit’s LoL betting coverage can easily compare to some of the world’s best esports betting sites, such as Rivalry. It is not perfect, but it’s surprisingly good for a website that is technically an online casino.

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User Experience (4/5)

We tested Duelbits for a while, searching for anything that could be wrong with it, but we couldn’t fund many flaws. The website is highly responsive, well designed, and has all the features you would expect from a solid esports betting site.

Duelbits Languages

The green-black color scheme is pleasing to look at, and the overall layout is great, to say the least. Moreover, you can even use Duelbits in five different languages, including English, Italian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese, which is a positive. Evidently, there are some languages missing, but having the option to switch between five is more than enough.

Now for the things we didn’t like about Duelbits. Although it’s more of a personal preference, we would like to see Duelbits have a separate section for esports. As it stands now, esports games are mixed with other sports, making it a bit tedious to find the game you want to bet on.

Duelbits Esports

Although Duelbits’ solid website design makes it very simple to locate the esports game you intend to wager on, it could do a better job dividing sports betting from esports betting.

Another thing we missed on Duelbits is the availability of a mobile betting app. For a website that is as large as Duelbits, you would expect it to have a mobile app up and running - which, unfortunately, isn’t the case. You can still use the mobile website to place your bets, play blackjack, or any other casino games - but we all know that this is not the same experience.

Besides those minor hiccups, we couldn’t find anything wrong with Duelbits. But the lack of a mobile betting app warrants a one-point deduction.

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Customer Support (5/5)

Duelbits does many things right, and its customer support definitely belongs among the many things Duelbits excels in. If you encounter any issues, you can contact Duelbits customer support via either email or live chat by clicking on the icon in the bottom left corner of the website.

DuelBits Live Chat

Both options work well, but we would definitely advise the live chat. We tested Duelbits’ customer support agents’ responsiveness and knowledge, and we can’t say we were disappointed. We got in touch with a support agent within five seconds, which is very impressive considering we tested the function mid-week during busy hours.

Duelbits Support

Moreover, the agent was quick to respond to our inquiries and did so with a level of professionalism without responding with pre-written text. It might not sound like a big deal, but many betting sites fail to do basic things like hiring capable support agents.

Without overcomplicating things, Duelbits’ customer support is as good as it can get. A well-deserved five-star rating.

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Deposits & Withdrawal Options (4/5)

It’s important to know that Duelbits is a crypto gambling site, meaning that it mainly operates with crypto deposits, offering crypto games and everything you would expect from any crypto casino. So it’s only natural to learn that you will have to use cryptocurrencies to deposit money onto your Duelbits account. But there’s more.

Duelbits Deposits

Besides accepting crypto deposits (Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Colana, Ripple, Tether, and Binance Coin), Duelbits also accepts gift card (which you can buy from Kinguin) deposits from VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, PaySafeCard, and WebMoney. And if that is not enough, you can even deposit with skins - like you would on any CSGO skin gambling site.

However, if you intend to use your CS:GO skins to fund your Duelbits account, you’ll be required to link the betting account with your Steam account. That might sound like a nuisance, but any CSGO skin gambling site requires you to do the same.

Duelbits Withdraw

If you wish to withdraw money from Duelbits, your options will be limited to only crypto and Steam - since you can’t withdraw to a gift card. So if you intend to bet with skins or crypto, Dueblits is a solid choice, but for anyone intending to bet with any of the traditional payment methods, Duelbits might not be for you.

Due to that, we will deduct half a point from our rating. But honestly, if you join Duelbits, you should know that this is one of the crypto casinos, so you should expect most of its transactions to be done via crypto.

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Duelbits Casino (5/5)

Not surprisingly, Duelbits casino offer is exceptional - as you would expect from a site that was created to offer casino games. Whether it’s a perfect online casino is up for debate, but it definitely does many things right.

Most importantly, Duebits doesn’t hold back with its casino offer, as it has more casino games than you could wish for. From slots to live games, dice, blackjack, roulette, crash (Rust crash), dice duels, and even mines, and pinko - Duelbits has it all.

Duelbits Casino

And not only does Duelbits offer many different casino games, but it also has many games from each provider (including Pragmatic Play and Evolution Gaming) in each category, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. We tested some of the casino games, and can confidently say that the user experience is as close to perfect as it can get. The games work smoothly, there is no delay, and they all load very fast.

Duelbits RTP

The casino games even display RTP%, which is a nice addition, and there’s even a demo mode available, so you can test out the games before you risk your money. So as far as casino features are concerned, Duelbits has it all.

Dueblits Provably

But most importantly, Duelbits has a provably fair system in place, ensuring that all casino games are fair and that the site will not scam you out of your money. As one of the most important elements a solid casino website must have, the provably fair system, combined with Duelbits’ excellent casino offer, earns it a five-star rating!

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All in all, Dueblits is a legit, safe, and excellent online esports betting site and an even better casino. Even though it is a crypto site, which might not be the first choice for many gamblers, Duelbits does many things right, and its casino and betting offer is one of the best we’ve found.
We would recommend anyone to give Duelbits a try, and while you’re at it, remember to use our bonus code for an extra reward. And as always - remember to gamble responsibly!
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