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Is Legit? [Eldorado Review] Why We Don’t Like It…

Is it safe to sell/buy accounts on We have tested it for you in our review!

Updated on Dec 26, 2022
Is Legit? [Eldorado Review] Why We Don’t Like It…

Is Legit?

After testing, we wouldn't consider it a trustworthy website. Even though the website operates completely legally and is associated with a legitimate business, it is not protected against scammers.

3 / 5 is not a reliable gaming marketplace, and we wouldn’t recommend it.

1 / 5
2.5 / 5
Item Variability
4 / 5
User Experience
3 / 5
5 / 5
Payment & Cashout
2.5 / 5's trading protection for OSRS gold and other items is too low by current standards, and it's just not so hard to get scammed there. 

Still, don't get us wrong – it's possible to buy items from reliable sellers there, including Lost Ark and in-game gold, New World gold, Smite gems, Runescape and OSRS gold, robux, and Tarkov roubles, but you must realize that this won't always be the case, and shopping on always comes with a risk.

VISIT ELDORADO.GG Promo Code does not offer any welcome bonus or discount on any products; we searched the entire internet searching for this and found absolutely nothing. However, by clicking on the button below, you will be redirected to the best promotion/sale currently prevailing on the site or the code (if one appears).


Reputation (1/5) doesn't have the best reputation in the world. Even though it's not the only online marketplace where scammers can appear, even MMOGA (which we consider one of the worst sites of its kind) doesn't have such a bad reputation (Is MMOGA Legit?), but it can compare to Lolga or 4RS Gold. Reputation

Bad feedback and iffy trustpilot reviews come from both buyers and sellers and all the complaints seem to come from authentic reviews. The fact that someone didn't receive an item or money is "the bread and butter" of 

Is Legit

Theoretically, all items come from third-party sellers, so the website takes no responsibility for any scam that happens there. However, there is one more thing that users are mainly complaining about – in order to perform any action on, you have to provide your phone number and send a picture of your government ID. And let's be honest; these days, nobody wants to do that on the Internet, especially on a gaming marketplace, however it became very common these days like on PlayerAuctions or G2G. Unsurprisingly, Eldorado has a terrible online reputation - even worse than the 1Bet esports betting site we reviewed.


Prices (2.5/5)

Prices for Runescape gold and all other items are pretty average. The virtual currency offers don't even compete with the most "mainstream" gaming marketplaces like G2A or Kinguin. Even the account prices are not particularly attractive, and we much prefer websites like if you're looking to buy Runescape gold and Rocket League items (although it is still not perfect: is G2G legit?) And boosting, well, things are kind of better here, but this is also the section with the most scammers (after all, you give away all your account details).

However, there are other ways to earn Runescape gold, namely with Alchemy, and AlchMate can help you with that. Prices

Can you find any good discounts there, though? Yes, but considering what kind of reputation has, even the seemingly most attractive offers lose in our eyes. Plus, seller fees – 5% for currencies, 10% for everything else – are also pretty average, so they definitely don’t have an advantage over other marketplaces there. Fees


Item Variability (4/5) has an expansive range of items compared to other gaming marketplaces. Here is what you can find there:

  • Accounts
  • Virtual Currency (OSRS gold and more)
  • In-Game Items (Mostly cosmetics)
  • Boosting Services

And what games do they support? Almost all popular ones, regardless of platform or genre; including Apex Legends, Rocket League, WoW, Final Fantasy XIV, Valorant, Team Fortress 2Path of Exile, and many other games. Items

So, it's a really great offer on paper, especially for buying Runescape gold, Accounts, and Boosting services. However, would you want to buy an account or purchase a boosting service and give access to one of your own on a site that has virtually no protection from scammers? We wouldn’t and would be very skeptical about buying OSRS gold and all the items available on the site. But we must give it to, unlike most websites, it has everything you would like - you can purchase gold for WoW, OSRS gold, and much more.


User Experience (3/5)'s UI is pretty transparent, we'll give them that. Everything is ordered alphabetically, making it straightforward to find the service you are looking for. It's really hard to get lost there, but that's really where the pros end when it comes to the user experience aspect

Eldorado GG User Experience

As we mentioned earlier, in order to use you have to provide your government ID and phone number, which we would prefer to avoid. 

But wait, isn't that an excellent protection against scams? Not really, as you can basically send any ID or phone number, and it will go through, which is why it's so ineffective. User Experience

Even if you want to go through this process by providing false information, remember that this significantly delays your purchase, and anyone else (even the person you are buying from) could have done the same. Unfortunately, that’s it for the trading protection, which makes full of scammers.


Support (5/5) comes with a 24/7 live chat (like HellCase and MMOGAH) where you can contact support staff and get your answer almost instantly. Every time we texted them, we got a response in less than 1 minute from a very knowledgeable individual. 

Eldorado Customer Support

Besides the 24/7 live chat, you can also reach them by their support mail ([email protected]), where they may reply a little slower, but that’s for the more complex cases. Plus, comes with a FAQ section that you can access by going into their “Help Center”. Help Center

Even though has its downsides, we have to admit – their customer support is excellent especially its 24/7 live customer support, and many bigger gaming marketplaces could learn from them in this matter - including


Payment Options / Cashout Options (2.5/5)

Although Eldorado gg covered more payment methods in the past it doesn't have as many available options nowadays. During our review we found that you can deposit your money through credit/debit card (Visa/Mastercard) and niche methods like iDeal, Sofort, or cryptocurrencies. We are definitely missing methods like PayPal, Skrill (found on Z2U), or bank account deposits, which means we have to take away some points from our rating. Deposit

What about withdrawal methods on Well, here’s a little better, as you can additionally use Skrill, Payoneer, and SEPA, but from our experience, both of these methods are pretty slow, and you might wait up to 1 week for your money.

VISIT ELDORADO.GG has its upsides and downsides, but mostly those are the downsides. That said, even if you find a nice deal there, we would consider using another marketplace.
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