Is Eneba Legit? [Eneba Review] + Discount Codes?

We reviewed Eneba to see how good & safe of a gaming marketplace it is! We looked for some codes for You.

Is Eneba Legit? [Eneba Review] + Discount Codes?

Is Eneba Legit?

Eneba is a legit website that has been around since 2018. It’s actually one of the most popular CD key marketplaces on the internet, with nearly 10 million views per month (according to similarweb). Eneba is associated with a legitimate & transparent company registered in Lithuania (UAB Helis Play), which also adds up to its credibility.


However, please note that all CD keys on Eneba come from third-party sellers, meaning that the site owners are not responsible for the origin and content of your purchases. That said, there's always a window for getting scammed this way, but that's also the case on websites like eBay or Amazon, so you know how it is. 


To protect yourself from getting scammed, buy items from verified sellers and make sure to use the correct website URL, which you can do by clicking on the button below:

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Eneba Promo Code

As of now, there is no working Eneba bonus code online. We have searched all the places where we could find anything for you but, sadly, without any success. Still, if anything comes up, we'll update this part of the review as soon as possible.

However, we've managed to arrange an interesting option for you to track the best deals on Eneba! By clicking on the button below, you'll be redirected to the best deals and sales currently running on Eneba. 

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Reputation (5/5)

Eneba has a pretty good reputation for a CD key marketplace and, for example, much better than G2A, which is similar in popularity (as we wrote about in our G2A review: is G2A Legit?). Its Trustpilot profile and Reddit are filled with positive user reviews.

Users especially praise the quick transactions and helpful customer support. And trust us, maintaining such a reputation as a marketplace that relies on third-party sellers is not easy, and well, Eneba did that, so that's a 5/5 rating from us.

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Prices (4,5/5)

Although Eneba does not have any discount code available, we have to admit that the pricing looks excellent, and it is not hard to find an attractive deal. It's normal for these types of marketplaces to have prices that are usually much lower than on Steam or Epic Games stores, but Eneba also compares pretty well to the competition!

Eneba Prices

For example, we compared Eneba’s prices with Cdkeys, and their prices for popular games released over the last years were about cheaper in about 70% of the cases, and that's an outstanding result for them.

It is also worth mentioning that sellers do not pay any fees on Eneba! So, how does the site make money? Well, here is the catch...

Fees go down to the buyers, so, unfortunately, the price quoted in the store is never the final price. Still, these are not big fees; it will be something around 5% most of the time.

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Item Variability (5/5)

When it comes to CD keys, Eneba is one of the most developed online marketplaces in this regard. Eneba covers game keys, gift cards, software, and virtual currencies for really any gaming platform (even mobile).

You can even find game keys for really old games like Final Fantasy VII or first Tomb Raider games, which are often overpriced or unavailable in official stores.

Eneba Item Variability

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User Experience (4,5/5)

Eneba's User Interface is pretty basic; no fireworks here. However, it is super straightforward to understand with transactions happening exceptionally quickly. The site also supports 21 languages and 29 currencies, making it convenient for a wide range of users.

Eneba User Experience

You don't need to log in to purchase any items on Eneba, which is also a big plus. We usually just want to buy the key and come back to our daily tasks, rather than hassle with the registration process on some gaming marketplace.

Eneba How To Buy

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Eneba Support (4/5)

Although Eneba does not have a live chat support feature, their ticket system works really well. From our experience, you'll usually get your answer in less than an hour, regardless of the type of issue, and we consider that a good result. We would like to see a live-chat function which are common on betting sites such as 1bet, but tickets work well, so we can't complain.

Eneba Support

Eneba also covers a well-developed FAQ section, and there is one thing we truly appreciate – short guides on how to activate all types of gift cards. As gift cards are one of the most desired products on these marketplaces and their activation is often not so easy (for example, by regional restrictions), such guides can often come in handy for many.


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Payment Options / Cashout Options (4/5)

Eneba covers both the most popular payment methods such as PayPal, Credit Cards, or bank transfer and niche ones, such as Paysafecard, which are mainly used by gamers. 

Eneba Payment Options

It is also worth mentioning that the available payment methods vary for every country, but in most cases, this is a plus, and we end up with a wider choice. 

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All in all, we think that Eneba is one of the best marketplaces for game keys and in-game currency.In fact, we find all aspects we tested to be above the average standards found on these types of websites.