Is Ezy Legit? | Review | Promo Code | TGG

Is Ezy Legit? | Review | Promo Code

We checker and reviewed Ezy to see if it's good website to open some CSGO cases.
Is Ezy Legit? | Review | Promo Code

Is Ezy Legit?

Ezy is legit CS:GO case opening site, but we would not recommend it. The website has been in operation since 2018, and it is associated with a legitimate business registered in Cyprus. On top of that, Ezy also comes with a secure SSL-encrypted connection.

Ezy Logo
CODE: ezytgg
N/A/ 5

However, always make sure to use the right website URL to avoid getting scammed. You can easily do that by clicking on the button below:

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Ezy Promo Code

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Provably Fair (1/5)

Unfortunately, Ezy has no provably fair system (like FarmSkins), and here it loses outright to its competitors like Hellcase or DatDrop.

Ezy Provably Fair System

This is a giant minus because we have no guarantee that no third party has interfered with the outcome of our games, and this is an absolute must for any gambling website. That said, we are a bit disappointed, so let's see what users of this site think about its authenticity. 

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Reputation (2/5)

Ezy doesn't have many reviews online. However, the website has partnered with a couple of YouTubers who claim that the site is legit. 

ezy reputation

But that's pretty much all we have – couple of YouTube cooperations. Do we think that's proof enough that they have a good reputation? No, not necessarily, and when you add to that the fact that their social media profiles are not that developed at all, we can't give too high of a rating. 

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Coin Exchange Rate (5/5)

What we like about Ezy is that there's no weird currency – we use US dollars (like DaddySkins), and skin prices are very similar to those on the Steam Marketplace. 

ezy coin exchange rate

Of course, weapon skin prices are not perfect anywhere, but compared to sites such as Flamecases, Ezy comes out really well.

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Games Available (3/5)

Ezy offers just case openings, and that's pretty much it. 

ezy games available

Sure, it's a case opening website, not a pure gambling website like, say, Gamdom, but again, they could at least add some case battles or anything like that. Without that, many users will find the site simply boring after a while, especially since, in our opinion, the themed cases on Ezy compare poorly to the competition.

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User Experience (2/5)

The site's user interface is quite modern, and it looks nice; plus, we have to compliment Ezy for the "test spin" feature. However, that's all we can say good things about the site. We have repeatedly had problems logging in and sometimes even depositing/withdrawing our funds.

ezy user experience

The site definitely crashes too frequently when using various features, such as linking your Ezy account to your Steam account, which should never happen on any website of this kind. 

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Customer Support (1/5)

The customer support aspect on Ezy is close to non-existent. The site is running on an outdated ticket system that doesn’t really work. 

ezy customer support

We have texted them multiple times and have not received a response to any of our tickets. With all the problems we have experienced, and the multiple website crashes, customer support needs to work to give users a sense of fairness and security, especially since it does not have a provably fair system.

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Although Ezy has been around since 2018, we see no reason to use this site over its competitors. It's not terrible, but it definitely stands apart from other case opening sites. There are better CS:GO and Rust case opening sites out there.
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