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Is Farmskins Legit? [Farmskins Review] + Promo Code

We tested farmskins for you to see if it’s safe and discovered the best promo codes for You!
Is Farmskins Legit? [Farmskins Review] + Promo Code

Is Farmskins Legit?

Farmskins is a safe and legit CSGO case opening website. It's one of the most popular websites of its kind, as it's been operating since 2016. Plus, it’s also associated with a legitimate business called WiseAvant OÜ, which is registered in Estonia.

3.3 / 5

Farmskins may not be the best case opening websites out there, and it certainly loses to its competitors in some aspects, but you can still have some fun on it.

Provably Fair
1 / 5
2 / 5
Coin Exchange Rate
5 / 5
Games Available
5 / 5
User Experience
3 / 5
4 / 5

Farmskins also comes with multiple security features like an SSL Padlock or DDoS protection. However, always make sure to use the right website URL, which you can do by clicking on the button below:


Farmskins Promo Code

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Farmskins Promo Code


Provably Fair (1/5)

Let's start with perhaps the biggest downside of the Farmskins, which is the lack of any provably fair system. Without this feature, we can never be sure if the outcome of our games is 100% random or if we are victims of a scam. 

Farmskins Provably Fair

Even though Farmskins is a legit site, it doesn't preclude that they may have some of their own options that interfere with the RNG during case openings. 


Reputation (2/5)

Farmskins' reputation is not among the best either. Users heavily complain about the functionality of the site and about crashes occurring when depositing/withdrawing money or even logging in.

Farmskins Reputation

Don't get us wrong, Farmskins also has many good reviews, but still, they are overshadowed by the bad ones.

Coin Exchange Rate (5/5)

As for the coin exchange rate aspect, we have no complaints. You can use US dollars or their virtual currency called Bullets (1 US dollar = 1000 Bullets) - similar to how CSGOFast does it.

Farmskins Coin Exchange Rate

All the weapon skins prices are also quite attractive, maybe even better than on Hellcase, which is probably the biggest player in the CSGO case opening game.


Games Available (5/5)

Farmskins meets all the standards we would expect from a case-opening website regarding available game modes.

Farmskins Game Modes

In addition to classic case openings, we also have case battles and upgrades, so we can immediately say that we have a better offer than sites such as Ezy, and easily comparable to CSGO500.


User Experience (3/5)

As we mentioned earlier, website crashes on Farmskins are pretty frequent, and this is a huge downside to using this site. But other than that, it's really okay.

Farmskins User Experience

Farmskins’s user interface is pretty modern and that black & yellow theme looks quite premium. It's also super simple to navigate, so if you haven't used such websites before, it will be hard for you to get lost on the website. 

Farmskins payment options

What is more, the website supports G2A Pay, meaning that you have access to over 250 payment methods. Still, we have to take away some points from our rating for those frequent crashes, as they really ruin the user experience sometimes.


Customer Support (4/5)

Customer support on case opening websites is an increasingly rare feature, and on Farmskins, it even works with a live chat (which CSGOEmpire struggles with), so that's a big plus, especially since it's as good as on CSGOPolygon.

Farmskins customer support

However, we have one reservation – in our opinion, the person operating the live chat is not involved enough in our problem and answers in concise sentences, sometimes even hastily. Maybe it will be suitable for some, but we think that we generally prefer when the person we are writing to is involved in our issue. Or at the very least, we would like to see a solid ticket system, as on CSGOLive.


So, we wouldn't say Farmskins is a site you should avoid at all costs, but it's not the best option available on the internet. The lack of a provably fair system especially hurts – if Farmskins added only that, it would be much better.
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