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Is Fiverr Legit & Worth It? [Buyer and Seller Review]

We have tested to see its legitimacy and if it is worth it for you using the platform as a buyer and seller!

Updated on Dec 20, 2022
Is Fiverr Legit & Worth It? [Buyer and Seller Review]

Is Fiverr Legit?

Yes, Fiverr is a 100% legitimate website for buying or selling talent for technical SEO services, gaming, coaching, and writing. We have sold through Fiverr ourselves and experienced safe earnings, yet extremely high fees. Despite the positive reviews, Fiverr is not the best option for anyone new looking into selling talent online. Even buyers, they could pay too high for lower-quality items right under their noses. Luckily, Fiverr has a very trustworthy refund and cancellation policy.

A few reasons we know Fiverr is legitimate:

  • Fiverr International Ltd. is a company that is located in the United States
  • Fiverr has a huge fan base with millions of buyers and sellers who trust the website
  • We have tested the site ourselves, and all transactions were done professionally and safely. 

Along with this, Fiverr is one of the most trusted platforms for freelancers to use to expand their businesses. 

2.2 / 5

In our opinion, Fiverr is a great beginning location for new Freelancers but has horrible fees and I won't start about the Fiverr Customer Service.

2 / 5
Payout Options
3 / 5
3 / 5
Currency Fees
1 / 5
Methods For Earning
1 / 5
User Experience
1 / 5

Is Fiverr Worth It?

Depending on your type of business, Fiverr is not the best option for anyone new looking into buying talent online. Fiverr operates in a specific structure that can optimize the buyer's experience in an organized and efficient way. Although, there are more cons than pros from our perspective. A few reasons we believe Fiverr is not worth sticking to:

  • Bad Quality Gigs A lot of garbage gigs that are not professional and not ideal for education on how to do things
  • Prices are a Game. If you do not follow the guidelines of each gig, you will be charged for extra instructions. So, if a gig is $10, it will end up being $40.
  • Refunds are Improbable. Refunds and receiving money out of Fiverr are extremely difficult and they make it purposely this way, so you still spend the money on Fiverr
  • Lack of Value. Freelancers are charging really high for less value

A few examples of YouTube reviews on Fiverr would be this video review or this logo buyer review

Time/Money (2/5)

Fees and fees are the keywords here. If you have an online business looking to get the best progress with the least amount of money spent, Fiverr is not your friend. The same goes for sellers as well. A client could pay $5 for an article but you will end up with $4. Or if you are selling something worth $180, you will only receive $144 for your gig. (Including taxes for specific countries) Along with this, the buyer will have both a fee for using Fiverr and an additional service fee to transfer money. 

Fiverr Review

So yes, a $5 gig can end up being $15 to $20 at the end of the day. Not to mention the quality of gigs are low and unorganized. Unless you spend well over $50 for a decent completed product. For how much time you have to spend on Fiverr to get some quality work done, the price is extremely high, and not worth the patience.

Fiverr Review

Also, looking at Fiverr from an experienced writer, the algorithm changed when they added the premium and basic options. Meaning, once a gig was $10 for 2,000 words, JPEG or PNG download, SEO, and revisions. Now it is $10 just for 500 words and one photo.PNG. If you want JPEG, Revisions, etc. they will want you to use the higher-paying package (premium). Overall, you are paying more for lower-quality of work.


Payout Options (3/5)

There are great general options to use for payout on Fiverr. Such as Visa and MasterCard. Along with PayPal also being an option. Although, in order to receive the money, you only have the option of Direct Deposit into your Bank Account, PayPal, or Fiverr Credit. 

Fiverr Review

This makes it especially difficult for people who are issuing refunds. Fiverr Refunds are incredibly difficult to receive from Fiverr. They will push for the Fiverr Credits instead of a full refund. So, let's say for example you are looking to get back a refund from a huge project of $300-400. Instead of receiving the refund immediately, it takes weeks for it to be processed. This is extremely poor professionalism especially if someone needs the money for any reason. 


Reputation (3/5)

When it comes to gaming and coaching options, Fiverr is cheaper compared to other sites like gamersensei, although much sketchier when it comes to value, especially compared to Gamezclass where you can find coaches for Dota 2, League of Legends, and CS:GO. Along with having much less options. Gamersensei offers professionals and fees are much less. Making gamers more inclined toward their products.

Fiverr Review

The reputation of Fiverr is mixed. Some find Fiverr extremely helpful, especially new Freelancers or gamers who are looking to start their careers and need assistance in growing their skills. Although as you grow, staying on platforms like Fiverr makes you just lose money and time. Other companies like Upwork, Guru, and 99Designs, all offer a similar platform and have much more options for new Freelancers. 

As Fiverr only offers projects by a single product (or 3), they have a huge variety of products and a lot of gamers do not really go to Fiverr for professional guidance. Other platforms such as offer professionals and is all encompassed for gamers only. Making it much more ideal for gamers who are looking to gain legitimate courses.


Currency Fees (1/5)

The currency fees are extremely high. The conversion fee for transferring currencies makes the exchange very difficult in other countries besides that of the US. Many have complained about these extra charges, on top of all of the other fees that are included. 

Withdraw Option


Service Fee Per PurchaseCurrency Fees


Fiverr Revenue Card$1-35.5%1-9%
Local Bank Transfer$3 per transfer5.5%1-15%
Direct Deposit$15.5%1-9%

Even if you are using PayPal, you cannot avoid its fees. Everything is sent in USD, regardless of where you are located. So, if you are using EUR in PayPal, you will be charged a fee for Fiverr converting the currency. This is unfortunate and ultimately makes sellers lose money, and of course, charge buyers even more for what they are trying to receive. 


Methods For Earning Money Available (1/5)

As mentioned before, Fiverr has only one method of earning money, which is short-term small projects. The only way to make money is to produce hundreds of small $10 gigs in multiple different Niches, which is unrealistic for those who are more one-talent focused. If you are a gamer, this niche is not as professionally portrayed on Fiverr as it could be on Metafy or gamersensei

Fiverr Review

Fiverr takes away the authenticity of what you are selling, which can ultimately hurt the online marketplace for those who actually try to make a living on coaching. Making quality cheaper just invites people who are not really into the gig to make money as well, thus overall making the quality less. Not to mention fake reviews are very popular among Fiverr sellers and have been a consistent issue. 


User Experience (1/5)

Overall, the user experience on Fiverr as a seller or a buyer is not very user-friendly. Fiverr customer support is also not very accessible. For example, if you have a problem, they make it extremely difficult to get past their general policies using a bot. You have to click through multiple short questions to get to your issue. 

Fiverr Review

Along with the Fiverr customer support being difficult, withdrawing money is also another story. Besides having the money available within a few days, you won't receive the $10 gig you got paid for within 2-3 weeks. This is a bit unnecessary. If it was above $1,000 this would maybe make more sense, as it is very valuable and needs reviewing. When it comes to a few dollars, this becomes annoying. 

Besides Fiverr Support and Withdrawing, you also have the issue of how Fiverr gigs work. From our experience, many sellers try to charge for extra work (that is a basic requirement typically). Along with sellers experiencing extremely slow deadlines and really strange requests that are very specific to the company the client controls. Thus, the client asks the seller to customize an order to what they want. Going completely off from what the original gig was offering. 

Fiverr Review

Fiverr gigs are all over the place, for this reason, causing a lot of confusion for everyone involved. So, if you have a bunch of small orders with a lot of different instructions, it comes out really unorganized, and a mess to handle. 


Is Fiverr Safe for Buyers?

Overall, Fiverr is deemed relatively safe for buyers. Although there are a lot of sellers who generate fake Fiverr reviews and some people are scammed on Fiverr not by the website itself, but by the seller that is being portrayed. As long as the buyer is paying through the Fiverr system and stays inside the Fiverr policies, money will be returned in case of scammer issues. 

When it comes to even legitimate sellers, be wary of the selling scheme that a lot of the top sellers try to trick the buyers into. As mentioned before, they can very well charge higher for even the most basic offers, due to Fiverr's "basic" and "premium" selling schemes. 


Is Fiverr Safe for Sellers?

As long as the seller is within Fiverr and receiving money through the Fiverr platform, it is 100% safe to work and sell products. As a Fiverr seller, we do advise you to keep watch for scammers who constantly will try to contact you. Along with how slow it is to get clients; it can become frustrating as a seller. 

It does feel as if you are scammed on Fiverr not just from how cheap it wants you to place your gigs to start, but also from all of the fees included. So, although it is safe to sell, consider the pros and cons before selling. 


To join Fiverr is a great beginning location for new Freelancers in gaming who want to offer coaching, boosting or other gaming related stuff but has horrible fees and I won't start about the Fiverr Customer Service.

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