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Is Freecash Legit? [Freecash Review] + Bonus Code

Is Freecash a viable option to earn some extra money? We’ve tested extensively it for You!

Updated on Dec 29, 2022
Is Freecash Legit? [Freecash Review] + Bonus Code

Freecash (formerly known as Freeskins or is one of the most popular offer wall and get-paid-to websites out there and an option to earn a good amount of free money. It offers variable withdrawal options and many surveys to help you farm cash. But let’s be honest — usually, easy cash comes with a high risk.

We use the site since 2021 regularly and have already earned a lot of free money with it. All statements come from actual tests with the site.

4.8 / 5

Freecash is an entirely safe and legal offer wall and get-paid-to site that offers various payout options and a really attractive coin exchange rate compared to its competitors.

Payout Options
5 / 5
5 / 5
Coin Exchange Rate
5 / 5
Methods for Earning Money Available
4.5 / 5
User Experience
5 / 5

Is Freecash Legit?

Freecash is the most legit offer wall & get-paid-to website on the market. Although it has only been running since April 2020, it is registered as a legitimate business in Germany (and England but it's from Germany) and has millions of users. 

Here is a screenshot of our payout which worked very smooth and instantly:

paypal freecash legit cashout

However we normally cashout our Freecash coins in Bitcoin because the fees are better.

freecash free paypal free bitcoin

It is also worth mentioning that Freecash runs on Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypted connection, uses trusted payment providers and has thousands of positive ratings on Trustpilot, unlike most other gpt sites

Is Freecash Safe

The main reason for bad ratings on Trustpilot are the so-called "bans for nothing", but they're primarily for abusing VPN software. Using a VPN may give an advantage over other users by providing access to more surveys. That said, Freecash is entirely safe and legit; just don't use a VPN with it, and you should be fine.


Freecash Promo Codes & Bonuses

Freecash Bonus

Freecash also offers the opportunity to enjoy free bonuses like a chance to get up to $250 for free using our promo code “TGG”, 50 coins for following them on Twitter, and 150 coins for downloading their Android App. All you need to claim your reward with our code is :

  1. Go to and sign up
  2. Verify your email
  3. A PopUp will appear
  4. Enter the code "TGG"
  5. Get the chance to get up to $250 for free

You are welcome to use promo code “TGG” for a free chance to get up to 250 000 coins (the equivalent of $250) as a bonus. This is currently the best Freecash referral code you can get, and well, it saves you from doing one boring survey to reach your payout goal, so there is really no reason not to try the referral link.


Payout Options (5/5)

So, Freecash is the absolute king of all the offer walls when it comes to withdrawal options, as you can withdraw your cash in almost any way possible. You can get paid in cash, giftcards, crypto, or skins (for various games, including H1Z1 and Halo Infinite) - much like on Idle Empire.

Freecash Withdrawal Options

There's a total of 22 withdrawal options on Freecash (5 in cash, 12 in giftcards, 5 in skins) to get free coins. That said, you can do pretty much anything you want with your Freecash funds, even transfer them to your bank account if you have a debit card from Visa or to your PayPal account (like on Gain.GG).

However, note that the minimum amount of money you can withdraw is different for each of these options.


Reputation (5/5)

As we mentioned earlier, Freecash has a high user rate on Trustpilot. This is a pretty good indication, looking at the fact that it's all about doing surveys, which are often associated with scams, unwanted commercials, or a waste of time. Moreover, Freecash also has an app (the free cash app) on Google Play, where it has an even better score than on Trustpilot.

Free Cash App


Coin Exchange Rate (5/5)

When it comes to coin exchange rates, here the offer is really attractive. The system itself is super straightforward; 1000 coins equals one dollar ($1) - like on CSGOPoints. For a start, you'll get numerous easy tasks like "install the app and use it" for 100-500 coins, but the higher your Freecash profile level gets, the more rewarding tasks you will get. The most attractive surveys are provided by RevenueWall, and you can access them after reaching level 10.

Freecash Surveys

And how much cash per day can you realistically earn with Freecash? 

It depends on how much time you have, but if you're doing it full time, we still wouldn't expect you to make more than $20 a day at first (and usually, it will be even less). Still, for an offer wall website, this is a pretty good number. 

Some people even make $50 a day, but those are the veterans. You can keep track of how much other users are earning by following Freecash leaderboards.


Methods for Earning Money Available (4.5/5)

Freecash supports 7 Offer Walls sites and 4 Survey sites (at the time this article was updated) where you have hundreds of tasks you can get money for. And really, there are countless ways to increase your Freecash capital, and we would give 5 stars if it weren't for the fact that quite a few tasks and paid surveys are region-locked like on every other money earning site. 

Freecash Offers

That's also why so many people get banned for using a VPN on this website — they try to do as many valuable tasks as possible and complete offers from survey providers that are not available in their region. Completing offers like that is pretty much the only downside, with users from CIS and Eastern European countries reportedly complaining about it the most. Still, they'll likely experience the same problem if they complete surveys not available to them with other gpt sites.

Freecash allows several ways for players to cash out their earnings and get a reward. Thanks to the wide selection of cards and e-wallets accepted, users will find that Freecash offers more versatility than most competing websites. Here is a quick list of all our favorite cash out options:

  • CryptoCurrency Cashout: users who have earned as little as $0.01 will be able to use this method. This allows users to take their earnings and convert them to the equivalent amount of a selected cryptocurrency. Freecash currently cashes out into Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • PayPal Cashout: For players to cash out and earn real cash on Paypal, users will have to earn 5,000 coins or $5 minimum.
  • Steam Cash out: If a Freecash user has earned at least $6 or 6,000 coins, they will be eligible to convert their earnings into steam credits.
  • Fortnite V-Bucks Cashout: For anyone that is crazy about Fortnite, you can also cash out your Freecash earnings straight to your fortnite account into V-Bucks. You will need to earn 10,000 coins or $10 minimum to do this. As a side note: don't use a free V Bucks generator out there, they don't work and are a scam. This however is a legit alternative
  • CSGO Skin Cashout: Then lastly, you will be able to redeem CSGO skins for the equivalent value of the coins you have earned. This makes so unique.

What we like about Freecash are the various cashout option related to gaming like free RPs (like on vLoot), V-Bucks, WoW subscription, WoW gold, or money you can use to grab Rust skins.

Moreover, the offer payouts on Freecash are very sizeable (comparable to, with their new unlimited survey completions paying out at $1,00 exclusively on Freecash (the other sites are only using surveys from 3rd party providers), as well as many offers paying out in the thousands of coins (1000 coins = $1).


User Experience (5/5)

We have to tell you that the very process of earning cash was incredibly easy and enjoyable for us. Usually, online surveys are associated with some strange pop-ups, but this is not the case with Freecash. You can really feel the professionalism of the creators of this service and notice their care about making the user feel safe.

Freecash User Experience

Overall, we recommend reading the Terms of Service before using the site, as there are some things you can get banned for, and they are pretty unintuitive (like VPN and doing multiple tasks at once). However, we still rate the user experience at 5 stars. We can't blame Freecash for having its own rules, and you will have an outstanding offer wall website experience and some extra cash if you follow them.


Support (5/5)

Okay, but what if you have any problems, such as withdrawing your cash? You have nothing to worry about because Freecash support has you covered! 

Their live support works 24/7, and you can contact a real human being, not a bot like other gpt sites. If you have problems getting help via a live chat, you can always reach them out on their email at [email protected] or Discord. We got our questions answered in not more than 5 minutes.


All in all, we think that Freecash is the best offer wall and get-paid-to website and we would definitely recommend it to you!
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