Is legit? [Freecash Review]

Freecash is a legitimate website where users are rewarded for completing simple tasks.

Is legit? [Freecash Review]

Is Freecash Legit?

This website launched in 2020 and operates within the EU, specifically in Germany and is a reliable service that will provide you with your rewards when you cash out. We took the time to test this service and we received our skins with no issue whatsoever.


Just be sure to enter the right URL to avoid getting scammed. Here is why we like over other offer wall websites:

  • The offer payouts on Freecash are sizeable, with their new unlimited survey completions paying out at $1 exclusively on Freecash (the other sites are only using surveys from 3rd party providers), as well as many offers paying out in the thousands of coins (1000 coins = $1)
  • The offers are very straightforward in our opinion and easy to complete
  • Leaderboard bonuses incentivize earning against other users on the site
  • The redemption process is very rapid - your redemption arrives within a matter of minutes, versus having to wait hours - even days on other sites
  • A support staff (a human individual, not a bot) is ready to help you. We found the support quick and helpful (far better than the other sites).
  • It's easy to navigate and sign up for

However, don't expect to make big money with Freecash as the tasks are quite time-consuming (but the time-money ratio is still better than comparable sites). Promo Code

Get started with the promo code "TGG" to get 100 coins for free on the website (best Promo you can get). It's a good way to get started.

Is Freecash Safe to Use?

Yes, Freecash is completely safe to use. The tasks that the user is being asked to complete have been verified and checked by the team at Freecash. So there is no concern that any of the surveys you complete are scams. Plus, there is no concern that you will not get paid for your efforts. As long as you complete the criteria the task asks for, you will receive cash into your account, guaranteed.

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What Cashout Methods Do Freecash Offer?

Freecash allows several ways for players to cash out their earnings and get a reward.

Thanks to the wide selection of cards and e-wallets accepted, users will find that Freecash offers more versatility than most competing websites. Here is a quick list of all the cash out options on offer:

  • CryptoCurrency Cashout: users who have earned as little as $0.01 will be able to use this method. This allows users to take their earnings and convert them to the equivalent amount of a selected cryptocurrency. Freecash currently cashes out into Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • PayPal Cashout: For players to cash out and earn real cash on Paypal, users will have to earn 5,000 coins or $5 minimum.
  • Steam Cash out: If a Freecash user has earned at least $6 or 6,000 coins, they will be eligible to convert their earnings into steam credits.
  • Fortnite V-Bucks Cashout: For anyone that is crazy about Fortnite, you can also cash out your Freecash earnings straight to your fortnite account into V-Bucks. You will need to earn 10,000 coins or $10 minimum to do this. As a sidenote: don't use a free V Bucks generator out there, they don't work and are a scam. This however is a legit alternative
  • CSGO Skin Cashout: Then lastly, you will be able to redeem CSGO skins for the equivalent value of the coins you have earned. This makes so unique.

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How to Make Money on Freecash

While there are thousands of methods to earn coins and rewards on Freecash, they all boil down to one type of task. The user will be completing a series of surveys and at the end of the survey, the player receives their bouns. Different surveys will provide different rewards depending on their length, complexity and if there are additional tasks you must complete in order to finish the survey. These surveys tend to range from a few minutes to anywhere up to a quarter of an hour.

Freecash UI and Design

As for the UI and general design of Freecash, we have to say, we are impressed. The navigation and ease of access to all the content the website has to offer are superb. Plus, the clean and crisp green and black design contrasts excellently on screen for a very appealing standout design.

Freecash Customer Support

Then we move on to the customer support for this site. It would be easy to think that this site would offer a service but not necessarily be accountable when things went wrong. Well, that’s not the case with Freecash. They have a 24/7 live chat support team, email service and their social media presence is great as well, so you can also use this method. Whichever you choose, you’ll be greeted by a knowledgeable and polite agent who will deal with your query in rapid time.

The Verdict

Overall, Freecash offers a stylish website, a versatile service with multiple cash out options to suit everyone, they have a great support network and best of all, Freecash is legit and surely no scam. It’s our offerwall website of choice. Websites like this can often be scams but we can confirm that Freecash is the real deal. So if you want to make some easy money, Freecash is here to help. Just know that - if you want to earn big - you have to invest time in doing the task.

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