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G-Portal Hosting Review [Tested]

We have tested G-Portal for you, come and find out if G-Portal is suitable for the server you are about to start.

Updated on Dec 27, 2022
G-Portal Hosting Review [Tested]

Is G-Portal Legit?

G-Portal is one of the few hosting companies that are perfectly legit and leaves its customers satisfied with the service it provides. G-Portal is a highly reliable service based in Germany und the company name OCIRIS GmbH, operating under the name Ociris GmbH since 2003.

4.4 / 5

G-Portal is in our opnion the best hosting service where you can host high performance gaming servers with unlimited slots although it's not the cheapest.

User Experience & Ease of Setup
5 / 5
4 / 5
4 / 5
Features & Performance
5 / 5
4 / 5

User Experience & Ease of Setup (5/5)

G-Portal is a clear and straightforward-to-use provider with a very understandable interface, even for beginners who have never hosted a server before. Once you log in to the site and select the game you want to open a server for, you can immediately see the slot quantity and prices, and below that, you can see the benefits of opening a server on G-Portal. But is it one of the best server hosting providers?

We rented a server to test G-Portal for you and we had no problems whatsoever, our G-Portal server worked very performance and was stable. When we entered the interface of our server, we had no difficulty in understanding which tab does what because the interface was very user-friendly.

The best part is the great and smooth user-friendly interface as we mentioned before and you can start your own server in about 3 minutes.


Pricing (4/5)

When it comes to pricing, G-Portal provides more advantages than many other hosting providers while keeping its pricing average. When you consider the advantages and ease of use you will have, the money you will pay will even seem cheap.

When we look at some of the more well-known and famous companies in this field, such as Nitrado, we can see that the prices are very high and the number of slots is very little, but G-Portal offers you average pricing and also provides you with plenty of player slots.

One of the most beautiful features of G-Portal is that there is no RAM limitation. Even if you have a 10-slot server, you can use as much RAM as a 50-slot server without any extra cost.





Ark Survival Evolved

No RAM Limitation

40 Slot

$26.53 / per month

V Rising

No RAM Limitation

40 Slot

$26.53 / per month


No RAM Limitation

50 Slot

$29.91 / per month


Support (4/5)

When it comes to support, we didn't have a problem that required us to use the support section, but when we sent a ticket to ask a few questions, they responded very quickly and when we examine their reviews, we can say that they solve pretty fast their customers' problems.

Ticket support is available 24/7 and phone support is available on weekdays from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM CST. Although telephone support is an outdated but very effective way to solve your problems quickly. However, it would be better to have live chat instead of this feature.


Features & Performance (5/5)

G-Portal offers its users many nice and useful features and privileges. For example, you can install mods on the servers of many games that allow it, without any limits. In addition, it supports DLCs if they are available, provides DDOS protection, provides a Live Console feature so you can track events on your server, and most importantly, it gives you a huge 50GB backup space, which most hosting providers do not provide for freeThe only company that can compete with G-Portal in terms of performance is Nitrado.

This 50GB backup space is very important for you and your players not to be victimized if something unexpected happens on your server, you can prevent possible data loss by backing up your server frequently.

Let us remind you again that we did not encounter any errors while testing our server rented from G-Portal and the server performance is extremely stable and high performance. Your servers are definitely in safe hands with the state-of-the-art high-tech equipment they use.


Reputation Amongst Gamers (4/5)

When it comes to G-Portal's reputation, it is a well-established company with a good reputation in the industry, known by players and server owners. Anyone who has hosted a server before has surely heard of G-Portal.

For example, while providers such as BiSect Hosting and ScalaCube have made a name for themselves thanks to the Minecraft server hosting, G-Portal has managed to make a name for itself with its overall quality in this field.


How to Host Server with G-Portal

Hosting a server with G-Portal is super easy, just a few simple clicks and you'll be up and running and playing on your server in no time.

For example, let's say you created an Ark Survival Evolved server with 30 slots, but we accidentally created it for PS4 instead of PC, no problem, you can delete your server and create an Ark Survival Evolved server for PC instead.

Even better, if you want to host a server in a different game, you can also delete your current server and spend your slots comfortably in the other game you want in a quick way without taking hours and you can enjoy your server.

Here are the simple steps to set up your server:

  1. When you click on your server you will be transferred to the Status section and you should see a progress bar at the top indicating that your server is being set up, after a few minutes it will fill up and your server will be ready.
  2. In the Basic Setting section, you can make simple settings such as your Server Name, Map, and Server Password. As you scroll down in this section, there are game settings that are specific to the game you have opened your server for, and you can easily make these adjustments at the bottom of the Basic Settings section.
  3. After the installation of your server is complete, press this button and your server will go Online you can automatically join your server by clicking Join Server right next to it. That's how easy it is to host a server on G-Portal.


Hosting Minecraft Server with G-Portal

One of G-Portal's main games is Minecraft, so Minecraft servers are extra high quality and customizable. G-Portal's Minecraft servers are extremely performant and stable, normally if you are playing modded Minecraft with your friends and you are hosting the server on your own machine, there is a very high probability that your server will experience lags, performance drops, and very high probability of crashes

G-Portal has customized hosting options for many modpacks that allow you to customize your mods and your server have no RAM cap so you can play on a highly performant and stable Minecraft-modded server.


Hosting Ark Survival Evolved Server with G-Portal

Another of G-Portal's main games is Ark Survival Evolved. Just like Minecraft, Ark Survival Evolved servers are specially prepared for this game and you can make a lot of special adjustments and you can install the mods you want from Steam Workshop to your server the best part is that they do not limit you to installing mods, you have an unlimited mod storage area.

When you host an Ark Survival Evolved server with G-Portal, you get much more performance than if you were hosting it on your own machine or other gaming hosting providers. For example, if you are playing on a local server with a friend, Ark Survival Evolved will not allow too much distance between you and your friend because the server will start to struggle and it will teleport other players to the Host to prevent the server from crashing and warn them not to move away from the Host because your machine is not as powerful and performant as the G-Portals

Also, when you create a local server, you cannot install mods and configure server settings as easily and smoothly as with G-Portal's interface.

Know that Ark Survival: Evolved and Minecraft are not the only supported games by G-Portal. This service offers server hosting for a wide range of other titles, including Stardew ValleySquadSatisfactory, ScumEmpyrion Galactic Survival, ARMA, Atlas, Avorion, Barotrauma, Blackwake, Beasts of Bermuda, CryoFall, Factorio, Farming Simulator, and Astroneer. But if you don't find G-Portal Hosting appealing, you might want to check our reviews of Aternos and Apex Hosting.


Overall, G-Portal is easy to use, fast to open servers, fast to transfer servers and a very performant hosting provider. Moreover, the support they provide is fast and very active, if you are thinking of opening a server on G-Portal for any game, there is no need to have too many questions in your mind, if there is a package that meets your needs, go ahead.
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