Is G2G Legit? [ Review]

Is G2G safe to use, and if it is — is it worth it? We tested the site for You!

If you've ever been interested in services such as account selling, in-game items buying, boosting, or coaching, then you've undoubtedly stumbled upon G2G.

Is G2G Legit?

G2G is a legit marketplace to buy, sell or trade your in-game items. Here is why:

  • already operates since 2015 and still has a relatively good reputation
  • it is a legal registered company in Singapour named Gamer2Gamer Global Pte. Ltd.
  • Used by trustworthy Youtubers
  • millions of visitors according to similarweb

This all speaks for itself — G2G has nothing to do with a scam and is a safe website to use.


G2G Discount Code

If you are looking for G2G discount or promo codes, save yourself the hustle. We did a lot of research and didn’t find any working code. Be sure to check the official G2G channels like their social media especially on special days like on Easter, Christmas or Black Friday. If there is a special event we will update the link down below so that you can grab yourself the best deal.

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Fees (4/5)

When it comes to buying items or services, G2G has no hidden fees, which is a huge plus. The quoted price is always the final one, which is not so obvious on online marketplaces (we are looking at you Aoeah...). However, when it comes to selling, each service has a specific fee attached to it, and those numbers aren't so bad after all.

G2G Fees

Most importantly, if you decide to sell an item on G2G, you'll only pay the fee when the service is actually purchased. We like this solution very much and think it is very fair when the range of offered services is so broad and niche at the same time. 

g2g cheap items

Is G2G really the place to get items and services related to video games for cheap?

Sometimes, yes! However be sure to compare the prices of the specific item you want to purchase on other game specific marketplaces like RL.Exchange (read our RL.Exchange review), odealo (read our odealo review), playerauctions (read our playerauctions review), playerup (read our playerup review), igvault (read our igvault review), mmoga (read our mmoga review), Eldorado (read our Eldorado review), G2A (read our G2A review), Gameflip (read our Gameflip review), traderflip (read our traderflip review), waxpeer (read our waxpeer review), or Skinport (read our Skinport review).

g2g price purchase wow gold

That means: might be the cheapest place to buy WOW gold, final fantasy xiv Gil, a Valorant Account, New World Coins or Diablo 2 Resurrected Items with better prices than other sites but you always need to compare.

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Reputation (5/5)

During all the years of its operation, G2G has managed to build an excellent reputation among many gaming communities worldwide. Just look at their user score and reviews on websites like Trustpilot or scamadviser. 

G2G Reputation

Moreover, it has been used many times by verified YouTube content creators like Kelvin Gaming, which also adds up to its credibility. For a good amount of time, G2G was super popular among the Diablo, New World, PUBG and Rocket League community as one of the most legit marketplaces to buy RL accounts, items, and skins at. For you as an user you need to be careful to choose a reputable seller since you don't trade with G2G itself but with other 3rd party sellers. But since G2G stipulates strict rules for seller, it's very uncommon to meet a scammer.

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Item Variability (4/5)

On G2G, you will find items and services for virtually every popular online game. 

And even for the less popular ones! So, if you can call yourself a gamer, you should definitely keep the existence of this site in the back of your head. Surprisingly, skins have probably the poorest offering of all services on G2G, as only 3 games are supported here (CSGO, Dota 2, Killing Floor 2). 

However, you can find some really rare CSGO skins here for reasonable prices, so we can’t complain about that too much.

G2G Item Variability

However, is G2G the best marketplace for the games it covers? Not necessarily. You'll usually find a broader range of items with better prices on marketplaces dedicated to those specific games. Still, we can't say that you can't find good deals on G2G. It may not be the best CSGO/Dota 2 marketplace, but it is worth having it in the back of your head.

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User Experience (4,5/5)

G2G comes with a modern and easy-to-navigate interface. While reviewing this site, we have encountered absolutely no technical glitches, bugs, or lags. Even if you do not use such sites daily, you should not have much trouble finding and purchasing the desired service. 

We can tell you that we actually used G2G a few years ago as well, and it didn't always work and look so great. With the way the site looks right now, we can see a considerable improvement and care for the best user experience, and we’re truly impressed by it. The fast delivery we got for our WOW Gold was also a huge plus.

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Support (3/5)

It's hard to call customer support a strong point of G2G. In fact, the lack of contact with support is often the main reason for negative user reviews on their site from our fellow gamers. There is no live chat, which is now a standard on online marketplaces; instead, there is a ticket system. 

G2G Support

Sure, it's a cheaper option to maintain but much less effective. However, we certainly have to appreciate G2G for their FAQ section that covers a wide range of cases. It features several good articles that describe the most common problems, along with various solutions, and that can really save you sometimes.

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Withdrawal/ Payment Options (5/5)

As for the payment options on G2G, we are sure that everyone will find the right payment method for themselves. 

G2G Payment Methods

The website supports G2A Pay, which means we have over 200 payment options available! There is literally everything: credit cards, e-wallets, PayPal, Skrill cryptocurrencies, online banking, and wire transfers. More importantly, G2G prioritizes customer satisfaction and safety, so all payments are encrypted and fully secure. If you are a seller, the withdrawal options to get real money are quite extensive as well.

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All in all, we think that G2G is a very good virtual gaming item marketplace. However we recommend you to use a more game specific marketplace if it's available for the game you choose.