Is G4skins Legit? [G4skin Review] + Code | TGG

Is G4skins Legit? [G4skin Review] + Code

Is G4Skins safe ? Find out in our review! We’ve tested the website for you!
Is G4skins Legit? [G4skin Review] + Code

Is G4skins Legit?

G4skins is a safe CS:GO case opening website that has been operating since 2018. It is associated with a legitimate business that is registered in Poland.

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5/ 5

Because there is often no option to withdraw skins, we do not consider G4skins to be a reliable website.

Provably Fair
2.5/ 5
2.5/ 5
Coin Exchange Rate
5/ 5
Games Available
5/ 5
User Experience
1.9/ 5
3/ 5
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However, there are many scam websites with a similar domain name, so make sure to always use the right URL. You can also do it by clicking on the button below:

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All you have to do to claim it is:

  1. Click on the yellow "Promo code" button in the top-right corner of the site
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Provably Fair (1/5)

Unfortunately, G4skins has absolutely no provably fair system, and so the website loses outright to its competitors like Hellcase

g4skins provably fair

That said, even though we consider G4skins a legit website, we virtually have no proof if no third parties interfere with the outcome of our rolls. We pretty much need to depend on trust, and that’s often not enough on a website with cases that can get super expensive.

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Reputation (2,5/5)

It's hard to judge if G4skins has a good reputation. The site has partnered with numerous Polish YouTubers, but we all know that those videos were sponsored, so that's not really a good indicator. 

g4skins reputation

Moreover, the website has poorly developed social media profiles, especially when compared to the biggest CSGO gambling websites like CSGOEmpire or CSGO500. The only thing that saves them here is really their website traffic, which is actually not so bad for a case opening website.

G4skins Reputation

So, there isn't really anything to indicate that the site is legit, but there is nothing against it either. That said, we'll just go for a safe 2,5/5 rating, but we'll watch how the website does and update this section in the future.

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Coin Exchange Rate (5/5)

There’s no complex coin exchange rate on G4skins, which we absolutely love; we pay for everything in US dollars

G4skins Coin Exchange Rate

Moreover, all the skin prices are super similar to the ones on the Steam Marketplace, which makes things a lot easier. 

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Games Available (5/5)

Apart from the classic case opening, we also have access to contract and skin upgrade game modes, which is really worth appreciating. 

g4skins game modes

Sure, there is no access to roulette and coinflip like on Gamdom and Rust coinflip sites, but this is alright because it allows the site to operate in a good number of countries legally. The number of available cases is also quite satisfying, so we’ll go for a 5/5 rating in this aspect.

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User Experience (1,9/5)

When it comes to things like user interface and ease of use, everything is just top-notch. It is also worth mentioning that the website is available in 4 different languages – English, Spanish, Turkish and Polish. However, there is one thing that we are a little worried about.

g4skins user interface

The skins you drop from your cases are often out of stock, meaning that you cannot withdraw them. And hey, we want to avoid spending tens of dollars on skins we can't get any use out of.

And honestly, this is the biggest downside to this site because it makes it just unreliable. Despite the many features we like on G4skins, we are forced to give it an extremely low rating. If this changes, we will raise the rating, but for now, it stays as it is.

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Customer Support (3/5)

Customer support on the website may not be the worst, but we think it could be much better. First of all, the website operates on a ticket system, which is a bit of an outdated solution. 

G4skins customer support

And second, it’s just not that fast. From our experience, you’ll wait from 2 to 3 days for any answer, and that’s just not good enough for the current standards.

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Maybe the site is of good quality, but we do not consider it reliable. Everything would be fine if it weren't because skins are often out of stock, which is simply unacceptable. If not for this, G4skins could really compete with other big case opening websites.
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