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Is Legit? | Review | Promo Code

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Is Legit? | Review | Promo Code

Is Legit? is a legit offer wall website with many earning opportunities. The website has been in operation since 2018 and is registered as a legitimate business in Northern Ireland.

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5/ 5 is a decent and reliable offer wall website.

Payout Options
4/ 5
4/ 5
Coin Exchange Rate
4/ 5
Methods for earn
5/ 5
User Experience
3.9/ 5
5/ 5

The website also runs on a secure SSL-encrypted connection and features Cloudflare DDoS protection. Now that we know that it’s safe let’s check if it’s worth your time!

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Before starting your adventure with, make sure to sign up through our refferal link. You will get 100 free coins for it, which you can withdraw right away. 

Moreover, to get redirected to the best promotions and deals on the site, click on the button below:

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Payout options (3.9/5)

Let's start with the payout options. First of all, we appreciate the availability of PayPal, which is not the case on sites like Idle-Empire, vLoot, CSGOPoints, or ClickLoot. payout options

But besides that, it doesn't look so super attractive. We're mainly missing gift cards for Steam,, and Epic. However, with PayPal and Visa gift cards alone, most of you should be satisfied, so we will still give a relatively high rating.

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Reputation (4/5) has a pretty good reputation. Besides numerous positive user reviews on the internet, the website boasts a very high number of visits per month, confirming its reliability. 

gaingg reputation

However, there are also many negative reviews for so-called "bans for nothing". Let us explain what's going on there. If you don't want to be frustrated while using this site, make sure that you're not using any VPN software, as you can actually get banned for it.

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Coin Exchange Rate (4/5)

The coin exchange rate system is identical to Freecash1000 coins equals $1. For completing most of the relatively easy tasks (ones you can finish in less than an hour), you will receive something around 1000 coins

coin exchange rate

Well, if you do the math, you will see that you do not get the best hourly rate in the world. Still, it is worth mentioning that you can do most of these tasks without paying much attention to them, so we consider it good.

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Methods for earning money available (5/5) guarantees us access to 7 Offer Walls sites and 4 Survey sites. There is also the option to watch videos provided by, which is actually quite profitable (up to 1000 coins per video). methods for making money

There are plenty of options to make money on, and you can even do several things at once, like watching a video and downloading a game simultaneously, and it is not bannable.

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User Experience (3.9/5)

As far as user experience is concerned, it's not bad, but it could be much better. All the features are pretty easy to find, so you are not likely to get lost even if you have not used offer walls sites before. User Experience

However, we have noticed that sometimes we get coins for tasks a few days after we complete them, and we would expect to get them right away. Plus, the user interface definitely needs some update or at least a dark mode

But again, it's not super bad, and it meets the standards we would expect from an offer wall website, so we'll still give a relatively high rating. We're just saying that they could improve some stuff.

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Customer Support (5/5)

Customer support on meets the highest standards. Not only do we have access to live chat support, where you usually get an answer in less than a minute, but also to 4 other contact options and an extensive FAQ section Customer Support

Honestly, this might be the best customer support experience we have ever had on an offer wall website.

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All in all, we consider to be a decent offer wall website, and it's definitely worth giving a shot. 
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