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Gamerzclass Review: league of legends | Is it worth it?

Is the GamerzClass worth it? Let's find out in this review!
Gamerzclass Review: league of legends | Is it worth it?

They currently cover League Of Legends, Dota 2, CSGO, and even FIFA 21, with this particular review focusing on League of Legends.Now, have you ever wondered how Froggen did so well throughout his League of Legends career? Maybe you wanted to use his knowledge the next time you jump into a game - GamezClass manages to allow exactly that.

What is it and how does it work?

The way the site works is through providing a gaming master-class from some of the best players in the League of Legends eSports scene. Whether you’re looking to master top-lane, mid, support, or just there to learn some new tips about how to communicate properly with your team, you can find it here.On top of the video content that the professionals bring to the table, there is also a Discord server that is only accessible to those that subscribe monthly. Inside that Discord server, you’re free to ask others questions that the master-classes may not have touched upon specifically and are an unexpectedly great way of supporting the user.There is also the added benefit of being in a Discord server that’s filled with other like-minded individuals. It’s a great aspect of the subscription that ensures that you can interact with others, and even find new teammates who are looking to get even better at the game, just like you.

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Another great feature of the website is the inclusion of a “continue watching” section. Other prominent AAA streaming services have these and it’s for one good reason and one good reason only: they work incredibly well.With this inclusion, you can start learning about how to master Top lane in-between your next game of League, close the window you’re watching said video in, only to re-open your browser to find the exact place you stopped watching. It’s a great, quality of life addition to the site that saves the pain of having to remember exactly where you were every time you close out of the site.

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What's inside the LOL Masterclass and how it’s built?

Exactly what does the service provide you as a customer? With the League of Legends service for GamerzClass, there are currently 6 different video courses for you to watch at your leisure. Each course has plenty of videos of varying length and it covers multiple different topics. On top of that, each course is taught by a different professional from the League of Legends eSports scene.The courses and their respective teachers cover these 6 topics:

  • Teaches Mid Lane - By Froggen
  • Teaches AD Carry - By Forg1ven
  • Teaches Mid Lane - By Jensen
  • Teaches How to Master Top Lane - By Soaz
  • Teaches the Basics of League of Legends - By NicoThePico
  • Teaches Top Lane - By Odoamne

As above, these are the 6 current video courses that GamerzClass has covered on their website as of right now and their respective teachers for each of them. In due time, GamerzClass should be expanding the number of course and course presenters as well, so that’s something to look forward to.Arguably one of their best videos for someone just starting out is learning the basics of League of Legends. There is a lot of nuance when it comes to League, so it can be pretty difficult to know where to start with the game and what you should be focusing on.NiocThePico - the teacher for the course - breaks down pretty much everything you could ever really need to get to grips with League right from the very start.

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He explains how to play each role in good, generalised detail, how to communicate with your team efficiently, and so much more.In terms of what you learn generally for the game, it just has so much to offer and it’s really going to help streamline the learning process in a game that doesn’t always have the simplest of learning curves. They also offer an app for android and IOS so that you can enjoy your online lessons everywhere on your phone.Unfortunately, there currently aren’t any particular courses on learning Jungle or Support in League and hopefully that’s something the owners of Gamerzclass are looking to rectify. Give it a couple of months and they should hopefully have a new pro looking to teach subscribers.

Pricing and Free Trial

With it being a paid service, you will be required to pay a monthly cost of $9.99 each month, depending on how long you use the service. This subscription is separated from the courses about CS:GO and Dota 2. Find out if we think the Gamerzclass Counter-Strike: Global Offensive course is worth it or if the Gamerzclass Dota 2 masterclass is worth it.What you get for that price is as follows:

  • 6 Different Video Courses (Each From a Different Pro Player)
  • Over 18+ Hours of Content
  • Access to a Premium Discord Server

Thankfully, if you’re not sure on whether or not you’d actually like to pay for the service, there is a 3-day free trial to gain access to all of the site’s free services before it takes any form of payment. If you decide it’s not for you, you are free to cancel any time before the auto-renew payment goes through.You don’t even need to sign-up for the 3-day free trial to see if the online video courses are for you or not. On the site, there are several free videos you can watch from start to finish to give you an incentive to try out the full-range of videos that the website offers.

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When it comes to that 3-day free trial, you can cancel it at any time and without any hassle from the site. After a clicking a couple of buttons, the free-trial is cancelled, alongside your auto-renew. It honestly couldn’t be less of a hassle if it tried, which is great.

Should you subscribe to this service?

GamerzClass manages to bring a lot to the table in terms of content for those that are looking to improve every aspect of their League of Legends knowledge. Regardless of whether you’re looking to become the next best thing in eSports or you’re simply looking for a way to improve your top-lane, the subscription provides enough content for either individual.

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Even those that are just starting out in the game or have never even touched a MOBA before and are looking to learn the ropes quickly, this is the course exactly for you. It manages to be a little something for everybody, regardless of skill level, champion preference or wherever you wish to end up by the end of these courses.

Is the LOL Masterclass from Gamerzclass worth it?

Yes - but with some caveats attached to it. Admittedly, if you’re just starting out, it isn’t exactly necessary to commit to a monthly subscription, just to learn how to play a game you are completely new at. You’re not exactly going to need to learn from the pros the optimal way to play the game from the beginning. If you already know you want to invest your time into the game right from the word go, however, it’s good to have the option there, though.For those that only play League of Legends from a casual perspective and are just looking to have fun with the game, I’d argue that it isn’t a necessary service to commit your money to - but the free-trial may still surprise you.

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In terms of what you actually get, though, GamerzClass brings plenty of content for those that are looking for it or feel as if they can make good use of it.The addition of the Discord is a great inclusion to the overall package and personally took me by surprise when I realised it had come with the monthly subscription.Being able to interact and converse with others who are looking to essentially get better at the game manages to create a positive environment for them all to improve together, with a healthy dose of competitiveness to go along with it.

What are other users online saying about it?

Other users of the service that were found on Twitter stated that they were "really excited" to make a start with the subscription after hearing about NicoThePico's video course.Still, there's no reason the free-trial can't be put to good use before making a more permanent decision.

Final Verdict

By taking everything into consideration when choosing GamerzClass in regards to upping your gameplay in League of Legends, you could definitely do a lot worse than this service. After all, top-tier eSports personalities wouldn’t be putting their time and effort into teaching these classes if they didn’t think it was all worth it in the end.

With that, and thanks to everything this product provides, and especially down to its ease-of-use and its simple nature, it makes for one very easy service to recommend!

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