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Is GG.Bet Legit? [GG.Bet Esports Review]

We tested GG.Bet and found the best Bonus Codes for esports bettors to use on their betting journey.

Updated on Dec 27, 2022
Is GG.Bet Legit? [GG.Bet Esports Review]

Is GGBet legit?

GGBet is an entirely legitimate and safe betting platform. The site has been operating since 2016, and over those 5 years, it has gathered a pretty decent number of users, which is confirmed by sites like similarweb that analyze website traffic. It is one of the most popular esports betting sites on the market, especially for CSGO match betting. Moreover, GGBet was one of the official partners of the PGL Stockholm 2021 Major, one of the most significant tournaments for Counter-Strike this year. It’s definitely not a scam.

Is GGBet Safe

If you take a closer look at the picture, you can see that the NaVi player (S1mple) also has the GGBet logo on his shirt, and not without a good reason. The service constantly cooperates with organizations such as Natus Vincere or Starladder (one of the biggest tournament organizers in the CIS region). GGBet uses the Curacao Egaming license, one of the more popular licenses used by esports gambling sites such as CSGOEmpire, Hellcase, or Gamdom. On top of that, the website comes with a Padlock (SSL), which ensures that the connection is encrypted.


With all that being said, it's clear that GGBet ( is an entirely legitimate bookmaker, and you don't have to worry about being scammed when placing your bet. Just make sure you are spelling the URL the right way.

GGBet has recently been one of the more popular betting services among esports bettors. But esports betting is not all that this site offers! It's also a place for classic sports betting and online casino enthusiasts. What is GGBet really about? Is it safe to use? And if it is, is it worth it? You'll find that out in our very in-depth GGBet review, where we will focus mainly on the esports betting aspect, which is the main reason this website is so popular.

4.5 / 5

GG.Bet is the perfect place for esports enthusiasts who feel like betting on some matches with attractive odds.

Bonus System
5 / 5
Reputation & Safety
4 / 5
Esports Odds & Features
5 / 5
User Experience
4.5 / 5
Customer Support
5 / 5

GGBet Bonus System (5/5)

GGBet has a well-developed bonus system that is constantly updated. The site developers know how important bonuses are in retaining and collecting new users, so they have a whole tab dedicated to bonuses in the top-right corner of the website.

GGBet Bonus

GGBet's bonus offer is constantly changing, especially in sports & eSports betting. However, when it comes to the casino feature, there's a different story; here, the main focus of all kinds of bonuses is free spins and pretty much nothing else. Still, a broad and constantly updated bonus offer is one of GGBet's signatures, and they really deserve that 5/5 rating here. They have developed this system almost to perfection; it really makes you want to come back to the site from time to time to see what rewards you can collect, even if you don't plan to place any specific bet.

GGBet Welcome Bonus

GGBet also offers a welcome bonus; at the time of writing this review, it is a 150% deposit bonus. However, as we've mentioned before, GGBet's bonus offer is constantly updated, so we can't promise that you'll get the same bonus (it's very often free bets instead of extra funds). 


How to use the GGBet promo code?

If you want to take advantage of our exclusive promo code "TGGBET" for a 200% deposit bonus and a 50€ free bet, you only need to follow five simple steps.

  1. Click on the "MY BONUSES" tab in the top-right corner of the website.
  2. Select "My Sports Bonuses".
  3. Type our promo code "TGGBET" in the "Activate promo code" tab.
  4. Click "Apply".
  5. Enjoy your bonus funds!

Reputation & Safety (4/5)

As we mentioned earlier, GG.Bet has gained the trust of PGL, Natus Vincere, or StarLadder; and we all know how big these organizations are in the esports world. We even confirm the authenticity of GGBet ourselves; the site assigned to the legitimate business "Brivio Limited" operating in Cyprus. And like we've mentioned before, it also has superb website traffic for a betting site. However, when browsing the internet, especially sites like Trustpilot, you will come across many negative reviews of GGBet suggesting that it is a scam. Why? Well, there is one reason... 

GGBet Scam

There are dozens (if not hundreds) of scam sites that try to claim to be GGBet. What's scarier is that many of these sites look incredibly similar to the original GGBet and offer similar login methods and bets. And sure, it's an easy way to lose real money, but you need to remember just logging into such a site or assigning any payment method can end badly for you. So, if you want to be sure you're not risking more than a potential bet loss, use the website address!


GGBet Esports Odds & Features (5/5)

GGBet is one of the better betting sites when it comes to CSGO, Halo, Smite, or Dota. When it comes to other games, it's still doing well, but maybe not as well as some competitors (Betway or Unikrn). However, GGBet has a very well-developed live betting system where the odds change in real-time, and it's really working. It's worth mentioning that you often have to hurry up with placing your live bets, as this feature is so popular, and the odds can change in seconds. 

GGBet Live Bets

GGBet has a total of 11 esports games in their betting offer (far more than CSGOPositive), but we know that you are probably only interested in 1 or 2 of them. That said, we will take a closer look at the most important ones and those that have the best chance of getting you interested. We will skip games that do not have too many events, such as Starcraft, Heroes of the Storm, or Warcraft and focus on those where the esports scene is much more developed.

All in all, GG.Bet has a solid esports betting offer, and can easily compare to the likes of and 22bet.


CSGO Betting

GGBet CSGO Betting

Let's start with the main betting section on GGBet — Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. There's no denying it; this is the most developed category in every aspect, and it's hard to complain about anything. You can be sure that you will find options to bet during the biggest tournaments, but not only! GGBet also covers more minor leagues and especially for CIS teams. So, if you are a CSGO player who has been following the global esports scene for years for this specific game, this could be the place where you make some profit.


League of Legends Betting

GGBet League of Legends Betting

Unfortunately, when it comes to League of Legends, there are days when there are no bets to place. Although you can be sure of the presence of tournaments such as LCS or Worlds, the more minor leagues are not as supported. But still, if you are only interested in betting on League of Legends tournaments with the biggest names, you are likely to find them on GGBet.


Valorant Betting

GGBet Valorant Betting

Valorant is actually just getting started in the esports scene; it's hard to say that the game is as developed in this regard as CSGO or LoL. After all, it has only been on the market for a fairly short time. However, it is surprising how well GGBet has taken care of its Valorant betting section. GGBet covers significant tournaments as well as minor leagues, along with live bets and live streaming features! It's truly worth checking out if you're a Valorant esports enthusiast.


Dota 2 Betting

GGBet Dota Betting

Okay, so the GGBet Dota betting section is almost as developed as CSGO. Sure, there are fewer tournaments in Dota, but you can bet on them here if there are any. You can also be sure of coverage for tournaments like The International, both live bets and traditional. Nothing to add; you have a wide choice, now just find some attractive odds, and that's it! Fun fact, GGBet is also the official sponsor of NaVi's Dota 2 roster.


Rainbow Six Siege Betting

GGBet Rainbow Six Betting

The Rainbow Six betting section has been here for practically no time and was probably added because of the Six Sweden major, one of the more important R6S tournaments this year. However, the site was quite popular during this major. Moreover, it covered pretty much all the matches and tended to offer some super attractive odds. Alright, but that major is over, so what will Rainbow Six's future on GGBet? We already see support for some smaller leagues, so it is definitely worth keeping an eye on.


User Experience (4.5/5)

When it comes to website design, it is very similar to all other betting sites, but it is kind of "simplified". Most features are available right at hand, and the user interface is super clear and accessible. Why is this important? Well, many esports spectators haven't had much experience with betting before, so making it as easy as possible for them to access all the desired features is crucial. And there's no denying that GGBet has achieved this. The only downside is that you have to wait up to a few days for a payout, and some users complain that it can take up to a month. However, unfortunately, fast withdrawals are not yet a standard feature of betting sites, so we will only deduct half a point for this.

GGBet User Experience

It's also worth mentioning that GGBet offers access to a mobile app, where it also boasts a straightforward and eye-pleasing interface. You can do pretty much everything there that you can do in the browser version of the site, no exceptions. The GGBet mobile app is available on both Android and iOS for free. 


Customer Support (5/5)

GGBet Customer Support

GGBet's customer support meets all standards; it's tough to complain about anything. We have access to 24/7 live chat, as well as a contact email for more complicated issues. When you open the customer support chatbox, you also get a list of frequently asked questions with ready answers and step-by-step guides. And if you don't find a ready-made guide that would help you, you can always count on the assistance of a GGBet worker who happens to have a shift on the customer support chat. The typical wait time for a response from support is several minutes, although we got one in less than 20 seconds when reviewing the site.

All in all, GG.Bet belongs in the category of websites - alongside, Rivalry, Parimatch and Marathonbet - with great customer support.


Deposit & Withdrawal Options (3.5/5)

GGBet Payment Options

When it comes to payment options on GGBet, the choice is unfortunately quite limited. The good news is that they support credit cards and Paysafecard (Noxwin, BetHard), which is a pretty popular payment option among the gaming community. The bad news is the lack of support for PayPal, Skrill, and Trustly, for which we have to take away some rating points. We must also mention that there is no support for any cryptocurrencies (like on Cyber.betDafabet, and CloudBet), which is also a considerable downside. Moreover, the offer we've got wasn't so bad, as we reviewed it using a German IP. However, withdrawal and deposit options are even more limited for countries like Russia, Poland, or Romania. It's probably the weakest point of GGBet, and that's why we give it a 3.5/5 rating.  


GGBet Casino & Gambling Features

GGBet Casino Slots

Finally, let's look at GGBet's Live Casino feature. Usually, betting platforms treat casino games as an extra feature that doesn't add virtually anything to the site's performance, so we didn't expect much. However, when we tested it, we found it to be a brilliant place for slots enthusiasts! For real, there are more varieties of slots machines here than at many full-fledged online casinos, and this is not the only thing GGBet has in its casino games offer. We also have an extensive table games section with classics such as Poker, Blackjack, Keno, Baccarat, and Dice. 


GGBet Dice

It is also worth mentioning that each of these casino games offers a demo, which means you can play some risk-free games (without an option to profit from them, of course). This is a great option to find out if you like a particular game mode or warm-up before your next gambling session. We are genuinely surprised by this feature and think it is worth checking out. And sure, it's hard to call it a full-fledged online casino yet, but who knows, maybe GGBet will decide to develop the feature to the point where it can compete with other gambling giants? If you want to access GGBet's Casino, select "CASINO" on the top bar of the website or click here.


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