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Is Green Man Gaming Legit? [GreenManGaming Review]

We have tested and reviewed the game key marketplace Green Man Gaming for you!

Updated on Dec 28, 2022
Is Green Man Gaming Legit? [GreenManGaming Review]

Is Green Man Gaming Legit?

Yes, Green Man Gaming is a legit and reliable website selling game keys and other discounts on gaming products. Not only are they safe and legitimate to purchase from, but they also sell games for a great price and offer great deals on many different games directly from the publishers. A few reasons we believe Green Man Gaming is legit:

  • Green Man Gaming Limited is located in the United Kingdom as an official business.
  • Founded in 2009, making it a long-standing website is known by millions of gamers.
  • Buy directly from the game's authorized distributors, to guarantee a legitimate game key.
  • We have purchased from Green Man Gaming, and everything went smoothly. 
Green Man Gaming
4.2 / 5

We think that GMG is one of the best marketplace for discounted game keys and other gaming items. We oftentimes use it personally as well.

4 / 5
4 / 5
Item Variability
4 / 5
User Experience
4 / 5
4 / 5
Payment Options
5 / 5

Reputation (4/5)

There are many who purchase from GMG not only for the discounts but also for its "XP" loyalty program. Buying games will earn users XP allowing them to level up the account. This will give you extra discounts or even free games as you continue to purchase. Along with this, users just love how GMG is safe and actually reliable compared to other sites like G2A

Green Man Gaming Review

Although Green Man Gaming was sued a few years ago, they changed their policy of selling game keys from cheap unauthorized sellers to legitimate sellers who publish the game directly. The reputation of GMG grew significantly for this reason, making it one of the safest websites for purchasing game keys. 


Prices (4/5)

Overall, the prices are pretty great when it comes to PC games or any other platforms. From Xbox to PlayStation, for a third-party the Green Man Gaming website has some great prices.

Green Man Gaming Review

Let's give the example of the Elden Ring game codes. Elden Ring is sold at $52 which controversies with other authorized third parties who also sell Elden Ring. Not only does G2A sell it for more than GMG, but GMG gives more discounts for a VIP membership which gives us a much more positive opinion of this website.


Although in our opinion, this is a great opportunity to earn more XP and ultimately, exclusive discounts or any additional discounts you can earn for games you want as loyal customers.


Item Variability (4/5)

There are many different categories and genres of games to choose from on Green Man Gaming. The website records well over 7,000 different games to choose from. Not to mention 7 different platforms to buy for. This makes GMG one of the largest marketplaces for game keys.

Green Man Gaming Review

According to CEO Paul Sulyok in 2015, GMG gets their keys only from authorized parties. With that, keep in mind the three different types of game keys:

  • White Market Keys
  • Black Market Keys
  • Gray Market Keys

Since according to the CEO there are over 400 developers with white to gray keys, it can be a risk to still receive a black-market key, which is typically a stolen key. So, although having a huge item variability, it can be possible to come across bad key sellers from time to time. With Green Man Gaming, this is not the case. Unlike Kinguin and G2A who have been known to sell risky game keys, GMG stays with only authorized representatives. Making all items available legit and a huge pool to choose from!


User Experience (4/5)

As many are worried about game key sites being legit, users can rest assured that GMG is a legit site. Along with this, they have a rather easy navigation system that makes the website easy to flow through. Along with a great search option that filters the game very well, one of the greatest perks of Green Man Gaming.

Green Man Gaming Review

On other game key websites, there is always the issue of privacy and security of personal details. Green Man Gaming is a very secure website, to the point you need to verify your identity before making a purchase.


Support (4/5)

We tested the support of Green Man Gaming, and they are extremely responsive! We sent them an email, then 8 minutes later, we received their response. Although they do not provide an online chat option, the email is just as quick, which is even greater so your issues can be resolved easily and to the point.

Green Man Gaming Review

Although Green Man Gaming has received some negativity for its customer support, this is usually due to new game key buyers who do not 100% understand the security process of buying game keys. GMG has other ways of contact besides an email in case of any problems, including a forum area through Discord and other community platforms!


Payment Options (5/5)

Green Man Gaming has many great payment options such as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and many others. PayPal and Visa being the most used payment options, this makes GMG again one of the better marketplaces to purchase from. We have personally used PayPal with Green Man Gaming, and there were no issues or added fees to the purchase. We even asked the support before payment to make sure there were no fees.

Green Man Gaming Review

Along with these options, they even expand to Google Pay, Discover, and even Amazon Pay. 


Overall, Green Man Gaming is a great website to purchase Game Keys for a great discount, along with great customer support.
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