Is Hellcase Legit? [Hellcase Review]

Let's review one of the most popular case opening sites out there — Hellcase.

Is Hellcase Legit? [Hellcase Review]

Is Hellcase legit?

Hellcase is a safe CS:GO case opening site. It has been operating since 2016 and is registered as a fully legal business in Singapore. Moreover, according to similarweb, it has over 1 million views per month, and that’s a good number for a CSGO gambling site. 


Moreover, every case opening is backed up by a provably fair system, which we'll talk about a little later in this review. All payment methods available are also well-known to be safe; there’s nothing shady going on there. Hellcase also runs on a secure SSL-encrypted connection, which is another reason why you shouldn't worry about security when using this site. 

Is Hellcase Safe

With all that being said, you can use Hellcase without worrying that it might be a scam. 

Hellcase Bonus & Promos

If you want to claim a bonus of $0.30 (which is pretty much a free case), you’re welcome to use your Hellcase Promo Code "TGGCASE" by signing up from here

Furthermore, you can also use our "TGGCASE" code to claim a bonus of 10% on your first deposit. All you have to do is

  1. Click on the green "Refill" button located in the upper-right corner of the website
  2. Enter our Hellcase promo code in the box marked on the screenshot below before
  3.  Click "Apply".
Hellcase Promo Code

They also offer a daily bonus (random item or a few cents to your account balance) that requires you to use the Hellcase avatar on your Steam profile and add a minimum of $5 to your account balance. Once you have done this, you must report it here and give the site some time to verify everything to claim your daily free drop. However, your Steam profile needs to meet three requirements:

  • Your Steam account has level 2 or higher
  • You’ve played a minimum of 12 hours in CSGO or Dota
  • Your profile and game data are public

Hellcase Premium

If you want more bonuses and free cases, you might be interested in upgrading your account with a Hellcase Premium plan.

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Provably Fair (5/5)

The site didn't have a provably fair system for a long time, but that's not the case anymore. They changed it in early 2021, and Hellcase is now using a publicly available and provably fair system. Everything is purely random and coded in such a way that no one can predict the outcome. 

Hellcase Provably Fair

Every single random action on Hellcase has a game ID, which you can later compare in a "provably fair" tab after clicking on your avatar in the upper-right corner of the site. You can also check the exact odds of getting a specific drop from a case. 

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Reputation (5/5)

Hellcase has been around for half a decade now, as it was founded in 2016. What kind of reputation has the site managed to gain in that time? Well, not so bad after all. It’s been used by thousands of CSGO players and content creators (like Izak, who worked closely with Valve many times).

Streamers Using Hellcase

Moreover, take a look at their fantastic user score on Trustpilot or activity on social media profiles like Twitter. This all speaks for itself; Hellcase has built up an excellent reputation over its 5 years of its operation, and they own the game when it comes to case opening websites.

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Coin Exchange Rate (4/5)

Hellcase doesn't have any tokens system, and we actually use real money, which, thanks to G2A Pay support, can be deposited in 200+ ways. 

Hellcase Payment Options

What is crucial is that the only withdrawal option on Hellcase is CSGO skins! You cannot withdraw real money even if you sell your skin on the site, so keep that in mind. And that’s why we decided to rate this particular aspect 4/5 instead of 5/5, as the lack of an option of other withdrawal methods strongly affects the actual value of our funds on Hellcase. 

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Games Available (5/5)

Theoretically, Hellcase supports two games — Counter Strike Global Offensive and Dota 2, but it’s clear that CSGO is much more developed and has tens of thousands of users, where Dota usually has no more than 100 online users ever. 

Hellcase is not a typical online casino; the focus goes on case openings. So, we can't complain about the lack of games like roulette because that's not what this site is about. However, when it comes to case openings, the site works great! Opening cases and Trade ups should be familiar to all CSGO players, but one exciting gambling game available on Hellcase is Case Battles. It consists of several players opening the same cases simultaneously, and the player with the most valuable drop takes ALL the skins

Moreover, you can not only participate in these battles and open cases but also watch other people compete against each other in this mode!

Hellcase Case Battles

As for the stakes we can play on, some cheap cases cost as little as 10 cents, so there is no problem even if you do not have the most prominent capital at the moment. The most expensive cases can cost even a few hundred dollars.

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User Experience (4/5)

As for the case opening process itself, it is quite interestingly designed. If you are not interested in the skin you dropped, you can always exchange it for money, which you can use to open more cases. 

This is a truly great option, as skins are the only "currency" you can cash out. However, before selling a skin, you might want to check its value on some in-game marketplaces, as the prices of some rare skins are not updated on Hellcase, and you can gain a good amount of real money that way.

Hellcase Sell Skins

Hellcase’s User Interface is super easy to use. It's not crowded, and everything runs smoothly without any lags. Whenever you want to withdraw your skin, an offer from Hellcase's trading bot will come within seconds. 

However, one bug we've noticed when using the site is that the site forces you to use specific language depending on your IP. For example, when your IP is Spanish, and you want to use the site in English, then even after changing the language in the settings, Hellcase will force the Spanish language. 

Hellcase Support

And that's pretty much the only reason why there's a 4/5 rating here instead of 5/5; it's a minor bug, but it can be very annoying for some users (especially those using VPNs).

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Support (4/5)

That little circle at the bottom right of the page suggests that Hellcase has 24/7 customer support running. It may be true, but we expect a live chat when we see something like that, and that's not the case here. 

Hellcase operates on a ticket system, and that's a bit outdated solution these days. However, we can't give a rate lower than 4 because when you actually make a ticket, you get an answer relatively fast (2-3 hours), just like on other sites of this type. Hellcase has also prepared quite an extensive list of FAQs (frequently asked questions), which is also worth appreciating.

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All in all, Hellcase is one of the best Case Opening sites out there. Just don’t forget to be aware of the risk associated with gambling.