Hellcase Review | Legit | Promo Code | Alternatives

Review of the case opening site Hellcase: we check if this site is safe, if there are better alternatives and even source exclusive promo codes!

Hellcase Review | Legit | Promo Code | Alternatives

Is Hellcase legit?

Hellcase has been around for more than 4 years and this period is long enough to know if the website is a scam or not. After our testing and after reading a lot of reviews on the Steam Community and on Reddit, we can say that Hellcase is a fully functional and legit CS:GO skin opening website.[elementor-template id="84410"]Popular YouTubers such as “Juicy”, who has more than 300,000 followers on YouTube, has featured Hellcase in his videos. We also found many videos from other streamers as well who feature Hellcase on their channels. Hellcase also has its own channel on YouTube and they have more than 500k followers on YouTube.


Hellcase Promo Code

If you are interested in case opening you can use our Promo Code “TGGCASE” to get $0,45 of balance for free that will help you get started with a free case on the hellcase.com. Just copy the coupon code “TGGCASE” and use it on the platform.

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Number of cases opened

Hellcase features cases for the video games CS:GO & Dota 2. The official website doesn’t offer the exact number of cases in its inventory but it shows some stats. At the time of writing this guide, the company has more than 163 million case opened.

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User interface

Hellcase official website comes with a very colorful and enthusiastic theme. The User Interface is also well-optimized and it is not crowded. Overall, we are impressed by the UI and one can use the website without any issues.

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Which payment options does it have?

Hellcase offers a wide range of payment options and the company uses G2A Pay. G2A Pay is a popular payment gateway that supports more than 200+ global payment methods.

Is Hellcase safe to use?

Hellcase is a completely safe website. The official website has a Valid Padlock (SSL) which shows that all communication between your browser and the web-server is encrypted. It means that no one can snoop into your connection to know what you are using. Moreover, the website also uses Cloudflare protection against DDoS attacks. Moreover, G2A offers the most up to date security features of a payment provider. Considering these security measures, we can say that your payments should be safe and Hellcase is safe to use.

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Refund policy

Hellcase comes with a very clear refund policy, which is that you won’t get any refunds. The company’s Terms of Service clearly states that “…By topping up an amount to your hellcase.com wallet, you accept that the credits received (labeled by the $-sign) are not worth real money and not subject to any refunds.”[

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Best way to reach the customer support

The social media team of Hellcase is pretty active on social media platforms but it is not very responsive to sub-tweets or comments. The best thing you can do is to inbox them on their social media handles and they may respond to your query. You can also contact them by using the support icon on the bottom-right corner or write to support@hellcase.com. In our research, we found that customer support is responsive but there is room for improvement.

Final Thoughts

Hellcase is surely completely legit and safe to use platform. It's definitely not a scam (just don't write the URL in the wrong way). The company also has a huge following on social media platforms which shows that it is a trusted platform. If you are looking for a trusted Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Case opening website then Hellcase is the most solid option for you. Furthermore, by redeeming the CSGO Hellcase Promo Code / Coupon Code “TGGCASE” you get $0.45 at no cost that will help you get started.Our review of hellcase.com is aimed exclusively at visitors to whose current location it is legal to play online games of chance or online casinos and does not violate the current legal situation. All games of chance are prohibited for children and young people under the age of 18.

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