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HostHorde Hosting Review [TESTED]

If you're thinking of hosting a server on HostHorde, be sure to check out this article, we've tested HostHorde for you.

Published on Jan 11, 2023
HostHorde Hosting Review [TESTED]

Is HostHorde Legit?

HostHorde is a company founded in Texas, United States in 2012 and has a lot of reviews on websites like TrustPilot, so it's definitely a legit service, but is it worth it? Let's find out together.

HostHorde is a very legitimate company known for its Minecraft server hosting service. Although it is not among the best Minecraft server hosting services, it is a provider you can choose. At HostHorde, pricing is usually as much as you use, so we can say that it is a very price-performance company, and their best feature is that they have a 7-day return guarantee.

2.5 / 5

HostHorde is a service that provides Minecraft server hosting with Multicraft control panel.

User Experience & Ease of Setup
3 / 5
3 / 5
1 / 5
Features & Performance
2 / 5
1 / 5

User Experience and Ease of Setup (3/5)

HostHorde is not by far the best hosting company among game hosting providers, but it may be suitable for some people. This is because while their prices used to be unreasonably high, they have recently dropped considerably and are cheaper than most hosting providers.

The website is likewise not the best and not very easy to navigate, but at least it loads fast. As they use Multicraft as their control panel, it will be very easy for you to manage your server, but one downside of HostHorde is that you can't install ready-made mod packs. While many Minecraft server hosting providers like G-Portal make it easy to install mod packs, this can be a bit annoying and difficult with HostHorde. If you are considering a modded Minecraft server, you may want to consider another provider. Because we had a hard time trying to install mods from the server we rented from HostHorde.


Pricing (3/5)

When it comes to pricing, it has more affordable pricing than many other popular Minecraft hosting services. Although their quality and performance were not very high when they first came out, their pricing is very high, fortunately, they have gotten wiser. It would not be wrong to say that you pay as much as you use on HostHorde.

There is no limit to the slots, but the fact that there is no slot limit is actually not a great privilege, after all, the more players there are, the more rares you will need. The lowest package starts at $4.99 per month with 4GB of ram and the most expensive package is 32GB of ram for $39.99.






4 GB

Unlimited Slots

$4.99 / per month


8 GB

Unlimited Slots

$9.99 / per month


16 GB

Unlimited Slots

$19.99 / per month


24 GB

Unlimited Slots

$29.99 / per month


32 GB

Unlimited Slots

$39.99 / per month

One of the biggest reasons to choose HostHorde is that they offer a 7-day refund guarantee, which most hosting companies do not.


Support (1/5)

When it comes to support, to be frank, HostHorde has shitty support. There is live support on the site, but we didn't see it online. When we needed help installing mods on our server from HostHorde, we wanted to reach Live Chat, but it was offline.

According to our research, support tickets are also slow to respond, and according to our research, the customer representatives are not very good at their job. As you can see, HostHorde fails in terms of support.


Features and Performance (2/5)

They say that they use Intel Xeon processors on their servers, but we can't say that the performance of the servers is perfect. On our test server that we rented from HostHorde, we didn't have a lag-free experience, there were occasional delays and lag backs. Probably if the number of players or mods increased, it could even crash.

We searched online to see if this was only happening to our server and found that many people were complaining about server performance and lags. Apparently not much has changed with this hosting service since 2014.


GameServers' Reputation Amongst Gamers (1/5)

HostHorde is a company without a reputation among gamers. We asked many Minecraft server owners and Minecraft players about HostHorde, but they said they had never heard of it before, so it is a company that is not well-known among players. Finally, HostHorde, unfortunately, does not provide hosting services for widely played games such as Ark: Survival Evolved, Rust, and Project Zomboid.


To rent a Minecraft server or a game server, you need a good hosting provider. Especially if it requires high system quality like Minecraft. The provider you choose is vital, it should have a support team that can help you immediately if there are any problems, offer you good performance and pricing, and make things like installing mods easy for you. Unfortunately, HostHorde lacks most of these features and is not a good hosting provider in our opinion. We were not at satisfied with HostHorde's support and performance and would not recommend it.
If you're just looking to host a vanilla Minecraft server with a couple of friends and the pricing is reasonable you can choose HostHorde. On the other hand, if you're looking to host a community server or a modded Minecraft server, this is not the provider for you.
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