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Is IGVault Legit? [IGVault Review after buying and selling on the site]

We have tested IGVault for you and have reviewed its safety and legitimacy (for both buyers and sellers)!

Updated on Dec 27, 2022
Is IGVault Legit? [IGVault Review after buying and selling on the site]

Is IGVault Legit?

IGVault is a legit website, with sellers for game accounts (for Dota 2, Genshin Impact, Smite, WoW, and PUBG) and in-game gold purchases, although (in our opinion) not the most recommended. IGVault from what we have tested is full of many scam sellers who rip off many buyers. Along with this, IGVault has very slow customer support, making many customers believe this is not the best website for buying accounts. A few reasons why we still believe IGVault is considered legit:

  • IGVAULT LIMITED was founded in 2006, with headquarters located in the United Kingdom.
  • Customers have claimed to actually receive items despite the bad and faulty sales. 
  • After we tested the site ourselves, we received our items and can confirm it is legit.

Although they have a very shaky foundation, who you purchase an account from will depend on how legit the account will be when purchased. A more credible website with better reputation we would recommend would be G2A or GreenManGaming.

2.4 / 5

In our opinion, IGVault (or IGV) is a good but not the best marketplace for gaming accounts and in-game items.

2 / 5
4 / 5
Item Variability
3 / 5
User Experience
1 / 5
1 / 5
Payment Options
3 / 5

Reputation (2/5)

There are few and far between reviews that give IGVault a good rating. Most players run into an issue at one point or another with League of Legends accounts, a Fortnite account, FIFA Coins, or even WOW Gold. Although, we have noticed most issues come with purchasing accounts. This is an action that will always come with risks, as the account still has a link to the previous owner. 

IGVault Review

The seller and their rating all should be taken into account when purchasing. IGVault is a scam website, along with some scam artists who hacked accounts and sell them. With this, many users have had to deal with losing their account forever, being banned, and many other issues. 

When it comes to refunds, IGVault has many protection policies for buyers because they are aware of these issues. Although according to many buyers, the support hardly ever gives a refund. A more credible website with better reputation may be G2A.


Prices (4/5)

Overall, the pricing is not that bad compared to other sites. You can purchase a LOL account for $7. This would be helpful if you want already an account that is a bit used in another region, or just looking to start over. Compared to other competing marketplaces for account selling like AccKings, IGVault gives a cheaper option. 

IGVault Review

When purchasing an expensive website, heed the warning as it can be pretty obvious if you will be scammed. If a seller has better reviews, they are more trustworthy. Also, we advise you to test with a cheaper account to make sure you trust the seller before purchasing a more expensive one. Many hackers sell hacked accounts that will eventually be recovered or deleted. 


Item Variability (3/5)

The item variability was surprisingly good, although unfortunately most of them are either scams or will be recovered from the buyer. Of course, you can still purchase an account, but we advise you don't waste your time or money buying a bunch of accounts from here. 

IGVault Review

When it comes to gold and in-game purchases, there is unfortunately a very low variety of sellers, we found maybe 4 or 5 sellers in each category. Other websites like ChicksGold have a higher variety or 4rsgold for those rs3 fans. 

Still, IGVault does sell a nice variety of in-game currencies, including Mobile Legends diamonds, FIFA FUT coinsWoW gold, Lost Ark and in-game gold, New World gold, Smite gems, Runescape and OSRS gold, Robux, Tarkov roubles, and many more.


User Experience (1/5)

When you first try to sign up, it will ask you to place an email and a password, along with sending a verification code to your email before signing up. This is rather easy, and not extremely protected compared to other platforms. There is also no way of regulating the age of buyers meaning a lot of sellers can trick younger adolescence into purchasing fake accounts. 

IGVault Review

This is extremely concerning as for a company that has been around since 2006, and does not have a safety measurement of scammers, and personal information. 


Support (1/5)

From our experience, Support was the worst and honestly, scariest experience. IGVault support is probably the biggest scam even compared to the sellers themselves. We tested the live chat about generic information on their issues with login info and scam issues. Take a look at what we received from the "live agent".

IGVault Review

As you can see, the "live agent" is not responding as an average person would, and give high alert being fake support. After we waited about 15 minutes, we received a chat from a different "agent" named Eva, immediately ending the chat.

IGVault Review


Payment Options (3/5)

The payment options are overall average for most countries. Although they do not give an option to any kind of third-party payment provider such as PayPal. PayPal is the best option when wanting to purchase items from a website like this. Connecting your MasterCard or Visa is highly discouraged, as the information can be put in a database that can be just as bad as the support. Below are the payment options and their fees. 

IGVault Review

Overall, we do not recommend using IGVault. Although you can actually receive accounts and Gold through this website, there are more issues than being worth trying to use. It would be best to stick with a more credible website such as G2A. Otherwise, sellers may fully scam you with no instant delivery.


IGVault is a very low-rating gaming account-selling platform with a lot of variety with great deals but awful support.
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