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Is Aternos Legit? (Aternos Server Hosting review)

We tested Aternos and checked if it’s a legit and safe Minecraft hosting server provider.

Updated on Jan 01, 2023
Is Aternos Legit? (Aternos Server Hosting review)

If you have played Minecraft, then you have probably wanted to create your own server. Aternos is a hosting company that can help you play Minecraft with your friends for free. They can run both Bedrock and Java edition servers, as well as, support your favourite Mods. Additionally, they support Bukkit & Paper servers.

Is Aternos Legit?

Aternos is a legit and safe Minecraft Hosting server Provider.

Main reasons Aternos seems to be a legit company:

  • They are a registered Company in Germany called Aternos GmbH

  • They have been running since 2013

  • Never been exposed as a scam

  • After testing them ourselves, they seem safe and secure

Additionally, they have no paying options as the platform is completely free to use. This means that they cannot scam any of your personal information, such as, your credit card number.

Their online reviews are only 2.7/5, but that has more to do with their mediocre services as a hosting company and less with how trustworthy they are. Moreover, Aternos is registered as a company in Germany (Aternos GmbH). After testing their platform, they seem like a safe and secure company.

4 / 5

A great free minecraft server hosting company for small sized servers.

5 / 5
2.5 / 5
4.5 / 5
3 / 5

So, how does Aternos earn money?

While free server hosting sounds ideal, the truth is Aternos needs to somehow keep the business running. That is why, when you visit their website, you will see a great number of advertisements. Their main source of income is advertisements. Those advertisements do not ruin the user experience as there are no annoying pop-ups and they have to be there to offer cheap(er) or, in this case, free Minecraft hosting price.

Pros and Cons of Aternos

On the one hand, Aternos hosting sounds like the perfect server hosting company. They provide great features for completely free. You can highly customize your server and add plugins or Mods to enhance the experience (like on Apex Hosting)

They automatically back up your world for you, so you do not lose your progress. Moreover, they provide DDOS protection to make sure your server will not have lag issues. Aternos also provides you with the server's console which can be used to further modify the server and make it unique.

On the other hand, as with any free service, Aternos has many issues to solve. The servers are limited, which means they are not available all the time. When you boot your server, you will have to wait for a few minutes before you find one that is available.

That is also why your server will not run 24/7. If the server is not in use for a couple of minutes, it will automatically shut down in order to save resources. This makes Aternos a terrible host for Minecraft servers that function as a business and need to be running 24 hours a day.

Additionally, they do not allow you to use your own custom plugins or mods. This makes it harder for anyone to customize their server as the allowed plugins and mods are somewhat limited.

Lastly, Aternos will completely delete your server if it has been inactive for months, while world corruption issues have also been reported sporadically.

All in all, Aternos hosting is great for a couple of people that would like to play Minecraft together for free. They provide a plethora of options to make your server interesting and fun to play on. The servers are easy to set up and boot in just a few seconds. However, if someone would like to run their servers 24/7 for hundreds of people to play on, then Aternos is not for them.

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