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Is Kinguin Legit? [Kinguin Review] We tested it and bought Keys

We tested for You to see if it is a safe website to buy game keys!
Is Kinguin Legit? [Kinguin Review] We tested it and bought Keys

Is Kinguin Legit?

Yes, Kinguin is 100% legit as a CD and Game Key Marketplace. Kinguin is one of the more popular sights among gamers who try to find the cheapest deals on games. Here is why we know Kinguin is legit:

  • Trusted by millions of gamers
  • Established in 2013 with a legalized company in Hong Kong name known as Kinguin Digital Limited
  • Reviews by thousands of experienced users.
  • We have purchased from Kinguin, and everything worked out well and stands as legitimate.

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5/ 5

We like and use Kinguin privatly from time to time. It has a large variety of games, but expensive for what it is worth sometimes.

4/ 5
4/ 5
Item Variability
4/ 5
User Experience
4/ 5
2/ 5
Payment Options
4/ 5
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Reputation 4/5

Based on reviews and experience, the reputation amongst gamers of Kinguin is mostly positive. There are instances when a game code may not work, but Kinguin has been known to help users with any issues. One thing a lot of people are skeptical of is the third-party part in which Kinguin sits as. So do not be surprised if you buy 20 game keys and maybe one or two did not work.

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Just because a game key doesn't work, it does not make the website a scam. Sometimes sellers do not have really good reviews, and if you purchase from a seller with a bad reputation, well, you will need to contact Kinguin. There are people who also claim to never once have an issue for years, with millions of keys sold. And with the amount of time Kinguin has been a company, they hold true to this statement.

Along with this, Kinguin has buyer protection policies that allow the buyer to receive a refund if needed. Buyer protection in important for any legitimate site. You can find more information about their privacy policies as well on their license page.

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Prices 4/5

After we tested this site, Kinguin is one of the more expensive prices compared to other game key websites such as Instant Gaming, IGVault, PlayerAuctions or G2A. For example, the D2 Lightfall annual pass is $121 on Kinguin opposed to the cheapest you can find on Instant Gaming for $68. You can even go to Steam for less than $100.

Overall, Kinguin is not the cheapest option, but they can sometimes have good deals on specific games, so if Kinguin happens to be the cheapest, rest assured it is a good place to purchase from!

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Item Variability 4/5

From our testing of this site, we know that Kinguin sells a quite large variety of Game Codes and CD Keys for games and even Windows installation software. Although Kinguin is great for Game Codes, that is really the only item they focus on. For example, G2A sells Game Codes, Software, Gift Cards, Subscriptions, etc. So, there are competitive websites with much more to offer.


When it comes to Game Keys and Software, Kinguin has a large variety of items. They have an endless number of game codes to choose from and it is a great place to go if you are really searching for something specific. The vast majority of the business model is the best deals on pc games and cd keys. You also do not have to worry about duplicate key issues, as a buyer cannot deliver more than one through the system.

User Experience 4/5

Overall, the user experience is a basic UI structure that is simple to follow and easy to navigate for anyone who has never used the website before. In order to Sign Up you simply have to go to the top right of the screen and click "Sign In"


From here you will select to register a new account and sign up using your email and full name. Once completed you must verify your email. There are a lot of security measures taken place through Kinguin, which is a nice feature for a third-party website to have. You can also apply two-factor authentication.

Kinguin exp

When it comes to purchasing a game code, not only is it easy to navigate, but they also have the ability to customize your checkout based on the region you are located. Making payment options available. Once purchasing the game, you are given a game code, which you use to apply to Steam or wherever you can insert the key.

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Support 2/5

Kinguin Customer Service is first followed up with a Chatbot but makes it very difficult to reach a live agent. We tried contacting a live agent, yet the bot says none are available. Which is very odd and sort of alarming at first. They proceed to ask you to create a ticket via email or try to contact you through Reddit or Twitter. Which is also a bit strange.

Kinguin Support

There is no promise of 24/7 support, so we cannot expect them to respond immediately, but they did take up to 8 hours to respond to our email. Which was a bit alarming. Keep this in mind when using this site, it might be difficult to resolve an issue if you can never reach a live support.

The Eset internet security also does not make the customer support team any more trustworthy, and we recommend creating a support ticket for good service. Although it is through email, the customer contact Kinguins support team responds the fastest through this method. From our tests, this took within 24 hours of response.

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Payment Options 4/5

The payment options are more or less generic depending on the country of origin. Overall, the Mastercard and PayPal options are always a great sight to see for the majority of users. But they also have alternatives for people who pay through other providers.

Kinguin Payment Options

There does not seem to be an option for cryptocurrencies or anything of that nature to purchase Game Keys, so this will not be available if you are looking to use Crypto.

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How Does Kinguin Have Such Cheap Prices?

Kinguin's Marketplace is possible through the developer's purchase of wholesale and retail products that are cheaper than the average primary selling marketplaces (Steam, Epic Games, etc). Prices also can fluctuate between nationals and territories with different price conversions. For example, the US and UK could sell for more than Turkey or Russia. This way, Kinguin offers the very cheapest licenses for product keys as legitimate sellers with positive reviews. As the buyer pays less while also being covered by buyers' protection.

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Kinguin overall has a large variety of Game Keys and a reputation, but they are really expensive for a third-party website.

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