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Is Lolga Legit? [Lolga Review] | Why we don't like it...

Is Lolga a scam or a legit marketplace to buy or sell your in-game items? We tested it for you!

Updated on Dec 20, 2022
Is Lolga Legit? [Lolga Review] | Why we don't like it...

Is Lolga legit?

We wouldn’t call it a “scam”, but Lolga is definitely not a reliable website. For many years, Lolga was a popular website where every player (regardless of what game) could find a good deal and count on fast delivery and the lowest prices, especially for Rocket League Credits, Diablo Gold, Animal Crossing, New World Coins and FIFA Coins. And how does it look like now? Well, quite differently.

1.5 / 5

Lolga is a safe and legit Rocket League marketplace that has great user reviews, multi-platform support, strong UI and multiple payment options.

1 / 5
2 / 5
Item Variability
1.5 / 5
User Experience
1.5 / 5
Customer Support
1 / 5
Payment Options
2 / 5

These are just some of the numerous negative comments on their social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter) which makes you wonder is Lolga safe? For some time now, Lolga is a website where it's not hard to come across a scammer. Why? Because Lolga for some time now seems not to verify its sellers at all and neglects any problems related to the platform.

Is LOLGA Legit

Its users mainly complain about poor customer support and not getting an order, so promises of fast professional delivery should be taken with a grain of salt.


So, maybe we wouldn't use such big words as “scam” in our Lolga review, but Lolga is definitely not a reliable site,falls into the same category as MMOGA, and we wouldn’t spend our money there. 

Reputation (1/5)

Lolga's latest (real) ratings on websites like Trustpilot and their social media profiles are primarily negative. The issue of not receiving their order, bad customer support, and not the fastest delivery in the world are the main reasons users advise against using this website. Representatives of this website theoretically respond to negative comments, but in practice, they simply refer them to their email and close the topic.


Lolga Reputation

It used to have a good reputation back in 2019, where it was one of the most popular Rocket League trading websites, but that's not the case anymore. Even its website traffic went super low over the years compared to its competitors (like RL.Exchange and RL Garage), which shows that people rather don't like going back there to buy their virtual currency. 


Price (2/5)

The prices on Lolga are either standard or slightly inflated. Lolga used to be known as a great site to buy items mainly for its low prices for Rocket League items, but since users started to be scammed and didn't get the goods delivery due to questionable sellers more and more often, then, well... 

LOLGA Prices

Market liquidity on Lolga has dropped significantly over the years, and it's hard to find any bargains there. And with the website's current reputation, any significant discounts can seem suspicious. We recommend you check out other (game specific websites) like RL.Exchange (very good for Rocket League in-game items like decals, goal explosions and all sorts of tradable gameitems), Gameflip, Aoeah, Eldorado, Skinport or G2G.


Item Variability (1.5/5)

As you look at the image above, you might think that Lolga offers support for many titles, so any gamer should find something to enjoy regardless of their main game. Well, no. Most of these sections are almost empty. The only areas with any in-game items are those marked as "hot," but it's still not what we'd expect from an online marketplace. 

Lolga Game Items

One of the most popular items on online marketplaces is gift cards boosting your account with specific in-game currency or real money, and we could not find such a product on Lolga for a fair price.


User Experience (1.5/5)

In theory, the user interface is pretty straightforward to use, but it is also super laggy. And we really mean it; these lags take away any pleasure of using the website, and they occur on both the PC and mobile versions. Some images tend to blur randomly, which is another weird thing we've encountered when using Loga. 

Lolga User Experience

Another thing we don't like about Lolga is having to give out your phone number and email address even when doing things like using customer support (which we'll get to in a moment because it's also interesting). Moreover, some users reported that since providing their data to Lolga, they started getting spam emails regularly.


Customer Support (1/5)

So, in theory, Lolga offers 24/7 live chat support. Moreover, they also promise instant contact from a professional service team; so, sounds good, doesn't it? But is it really that good? We tested the live chat and asked them a simple question — how we can withdraw money for selling a digital good on Lolga and how high the seller fees are. Then we asked them about payment methods available. And well, look for yourself:

Lolga Customer Support

And that’s it for the conversation we had on the live chat. Honestly, we don’t even know if chat is handled by a real person or a bad AI. One thing is for sure — That’s not what helpful customer support looks like, and we can’t give any other rating than 1/5. Lolga could learn from sites like MMOGAH.

We still have an unanswered question from them concerning our account. We are not pleased...


Payment Options / Cashout Options (2/5)

The only way to withdraw your money to Lolga is through PayPal, which will cost you an additional 5% fee. Lolga claims to support G2A Pay, but as it turns out, it doesn't. The website promises much more than it actually offers. In theory, we can pay for our purchases through PayPal and Master Card/Visa cards, and that's not so much if we look at the current standards. We're incredibly disappointed, and a rating of 2/5 is as much as we can give.


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